How to Do Your Part to Stop Bullying at Middle School by lfsmj2010


									How to Do Your Part to Stop Bullying at Middle School
Hi everyone! People have been bullied for a long time and now is the time
for it to stop. This is an act that should have been done with years ago.
The only reason bullying is still here is because people think its cool
and not always can a teacher or adult can catch it.

1Start by doing clubs that support bulling. In my school there is Anti-
Bullying Club. This is a very good clubs there are tons of parades and
fun stuff like that.<
2For those ex- bullies. If your a former bully learn to forgive yourself,
and start from the new perspective. Think about how you can stop what you
once were.If you were a recent former bully, make sure you destroyed your
"group", even know your not there doesn't mean that they cant go on!

3If you are the victim: Go to a TRUSTED adult. Do not walk up to some
stranger and say I'm getting bullied, believe it or not most adults don't
care about what happens in your life. So look for an adult that you
know!If this keeps happening: Go to your parents. But do not do so unless
you are left without any other options, because if you do it by yourself
they will think of you as more independent.

4Do not be quiet. If you are being bullied or see bullying TELL SOMEONE,
if someone else is getting bullied get up on that stage its you time to
shine! Tell that bully off, and don't be afraid to do it because no
matter what you do you cant get in trouble. Fight back and keep
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