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									IA Tools to Inform
IA Summit 2003 Madonnalisa G. Chan

Tools to Inform IA
• Search Engine • Taxonomy • XML

What is a Search Engine?
• Information retrieval software application that facilitates the indexing of distributed networked information.

Search Engine: Factors to Consider
• • • • How soon do you need it? (time) What resources are available? (financial, hardware, & technical skills) Will this be for an intranet, file system, or internet sites? (scope) Identify requirements(business, technical, user interface).

More information on factors for consideration:

Search Engine: Vendors & Industry
Search Tools

XML Search

Industry Reports from Forrester, Gartner, and Jupiter can provide you more information about the industry and market leaders.

Search Query Logs Analysis
• Search can be used as an IA tool to inform the structuring and labeling of sites. • Encourages a dialogue between end-users and site owners. • Log analysis can help optimize the search engine and bridge the gap of content availability and user needs.
More information during Rich Wiggins’ presentation at this conference.

What is a Taxonomy?
• Structured hierarchical information of a given subject or topic area. • The theory and practice of classification.

Taxonomy: Factors to Consider
• •

How soon do you need it? (time)
How many terms in it? How big is it? (scope) How will it be used at your organization? (indexing, controlled vocabulary, search/browse) How will this be implemented? (search engine, content management system, database system) What types of tools and specialists will you need at what part of the process?

• •

Taxonomy Process
• Text Mining Kea Freeware:
• Structuring (next slide) • Integration/Publishing Export and transformation capabilities into XML or XHTML.

Taxonomy: Vendor List
IA Wiki

Montague Institute (membership required)

Search Tools

Thesaurus Design Tools Web Thesaurus Compendium

Willpower Information – Thesaurus Management Software

XML Editor: Factors to Consider
• How large are the files? • Will the XML documents represent full text or meta-information? • Do you need the XML structure to be modeled to a particular database or application? • Will you need the capability to create XSL or XSLT?

XML Editors
Free XML tools XML Spy

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