How to Care for Outdoor Wood Furniture by lfsmj2010


									How to Care for Outdoor Wood Furniture
Sure, your outdoor furniture looks great now, but without proper care
what will the look like in a few months? You won't have to find out If
you follow this guide.

1Paint a element-proof primer on your furniture. This may seem hard but
it really only takes a few minutes. And is well worth the time<
2Buy a plastic tarp. Put it over the furniture when you are not using it.
This many seem like an necessary expense but it is far less expensive
than the new furniture set you will be needing if you don't complete this
3Thoroughly wash and carefully dry your furniture 3-5 times a year. The
cleaning helps rid the furniture of dirt and cobwebs. Dirty furniture
breaks apart much faster.
4Dry your furniture after each rainstorm. This can mean toweling it down
or setting it out in the sun. The rain (if not dried off) can essentially
rot the furniture.
5Oil the furniture every other month or as necessary. The oil not only
erases past damage it protects against future damage.
6Perform a hardware check every few months. Active use can loosen bolts
and also make screws come loose. Flip over the furniture and make sure
that everything is where it should be. Replace hardware if needed. This
is also the time to replace anything that is broken.mdiv class='wh_ad'><

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