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					European Monarchs: Relationships between Queen Elizabeth II and other European sovereigns
Anne m. Willem IV Prince of Orange Princess Royal of Great Britain 1711–51 1709–59

Jan Willem Prince of Orange 1687–1711

Anna Charlotte m. Friedrich 1710–77 Hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach 1703–32

Willem V Prince of Orange 1748–1806

Caroline m. Karl 1743–1787 Prince of Nassau–Weilburg 1735–88 Henriette m. Ludwig 1780–1857 Duke of Wurttemberg 1756–1817 Victoria Queen of Great Britain 1819–1901 Alexander 1804–85 Karl Friedrich Grand Duke of Baden 1728–1811

Willem I King of The Netherlands 1772–1848

Karl Hereditary Prince of Baden 1755–1801

Willem II King of The Netherlands 1792–1849

Frederik 1797–1881

Francis m. Mary Adelaide Duke of Teck 1833–97 1837–1900

Karl Grand Duke of Baden 1786–1818 Marie m. William Douglas-Hamilton 1817–1888 11th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon 1811–63 Mary 1850–1922

Louise m. Carl XV 1828–71 King of Sweden 1826–72 Willem III King of The Netherlands 1817–90 Louise m. Frederik VIII 1851–1926 King of Denmark 1843–1912 Wilhelmina Queen of The Netherlands 1880–1962

Christian IX King of Denmark 1818–1906

Alexandra m. Edward VII 1844–1925 King of Great Britain 1841–1910

Beatrice m. Henry of Battenburg 1857–1944 1858–96

m. Albert I Prince of Monaco 1848–1922

Christian X King of Denmark 1870–1947 Frederik IX King of Denmark 1899–1972

Ingeborg m. Carl 1878–1958 Prince of Sweden 1861–1951 Astrid 1905–35

Haakon VII m. Maud 1869–1938 King of Norway 1872–1957

m. Mary of Teck George V King of Great Britain 1867–1953 1865–1936

Victoria Eugenia m. Alfonso XIII King of Spain 1887–1969 1886–1941

Louis II Prince of Monaco 1870–1949 Charlotte m. Pierre 1898–1977 Comte de Polignac 1895–1964

Juliana Queen of The Netherlands b.1909

m. Leopold III King of the Belgians 1901–83

Märtha m. Olav V King of Norway 1901–54 1903–91

George VI King of Great Britain 1895–1952

Juan Count of Barcelona b.1913

Beatrix Queen of The Netherlands b.1938

Margrethe II Queen of Denmark b.1940

Baudouin King of the Belgians Joséphine- m. Jean Albert II 1930–93 Grand Duke of King of the Belgians Charlotte b.1927 Luxembourg b.1934 b.1921

Harald V King of Norway b.1937

Elizabeth II Queen of Great Britain b.1926

Juan Carlos King of Spain b.1938

Rainier III Prince of Monaco b.1923

Description: Queen Elizabeth II is the beloved monarch of England and is known for having "the heart and stomach of a man"; which I guess means a courage and a good appetite.
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