Unit 4 Practice Test #3 (Percents)

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Unit 4 Practice Test #3 (Percents)

   1   The percentage discount at a store is determined          6    Bea bought a car for $3400 and later sold it for
       using the table below.                                         a 40% profit. How much profit did Bea make?

                     Sale Discounts
         Total Purchases         Discount
          less than $50             25%                          7    Louise works in a clothing store and is paid 11%
           $50 to $100              30%
                                                                      commission on sales. In August the total sales
            over $100               35%                               were $4480. To the nearest dollar, how much did
                                                                      Louise earn in commission for August?
       Georgina bought 6 items that cost $12 each
       before the discount. What was her total after the

                                                                 8    Steve borrowed $800 at 21% simple interest for
                                                                      one year. If he makes no payments that year, how
                                                                      much interest will he owe at the end of the year.
   2   Coco bought a t-shirt on sale for 50% off the
       original price and another 10% off the discounted
       price. If the t-shirt originally cost $60, what was
       the final price that Coco paid for the t-shirt?
                                                                 9    At a garage sale, Mr. Tannenbaum bought a
                                                                      computer for $250. Later, he sold it for a 40%
                                                                      profit. How much did Mr. Tannenbaum sell the
   3   **In Whittier, the sales tax is 10% of the total               computer for?
       sales. How much tax would you pay in Whittier
       if your total purchases were $250?

                                                                 10   A flash drive that is regularly priced $50.00 is on
                                                                      sale for 40% off. What is the sale price of the
   4   Kobe is buying a stereo that regularly costs $20.              flash drive?
       It is on sale for 50% off. If the tax rate is 6%,
       what is the sale price of the stereo including tax?

   5   A blouse originally cost $21.00. Last week,
       Mr. Jones bought it at 40% off. How much was
       deducted from the original price?

                                         ID: A

Unit 4 Practice Test #3 (Percents)
Answer Section

   1    $50.40
   2    $27.00
   3    **$25.00
   4    $10.60
   5    $8.40
   6    $1360
   7    $493
   8    $168.00
   9    $350
   10   $30.00


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