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September 2011                       FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF SAN ANSELMO
                                                              An Inclusive Community
From the Pastor
                                                              First Presbyterian Church
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
September means back to school and
                                                       Annual Homecoming Barbeque
back to routines, and for many people
who spend the summer away from
Marin County, back to church. We
celebrate this return to business as
usual with our annual Homecoming
Barbeque and JazzFest. Worship is
lively, with the musical stylings of Al
                                                                     September 11th
Flood and his Barrelhouse Jazz Band.
Following worship we share a meal.
                                                             Please join us following worship
We see people we haven’t seen since
May or June; we catch up across the                            for Food, Fun and Fellowship
table with old friends; we welcome
people who are new to the community,                         All are welcome -- bring your friends!
including the new seminary students,                                 (no sign-ups required)
with some First Friendly hospitality.
                                                                         Menu --hamburgers,
This year, our Homecoming Celebra-                              veggie burgers, chicken apple sausages
tion falls on the 10th anniversary of
the destruction of the World Trade                                  side dishes, cookies, lemonade
Center. It’s one of those events that is
seared into the memories of those who               Live Music by the Barrelhouse Jazz Band!
were alive in 2001. I remember where
I was when I heard about the attacks;
I remember watching the news cover-
age in disbelief. I was an associate pas-
tor at Calvary Presbyterian Church in
San Francisco at the time, and another
associate pastor was starting work in                            Sunday Worship, September 11th
the congregation that very day. First
                                                         10th Anniversary Remembrance of the 9/11 attacks
thing that morning, the three pastors
gathered, including our new colleague,             Members of the San Francisco and Marin Girls Choruses,
and we prayerfully discerned that we                 the Marin Ballet and the Marin School for the Arts
needed to phone everyone in the con-                             as Guest Liturgical Artists
gregation to check in and make sure                                          for
they and their loved ones were OK,                                    Morning Prayers
and that we needed to put together a
worship service for that evening. We        Pie Jesu, (from Webber's Requiem), Interpretive Dance, Dramatic Readings

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Come Meet Intern Chris Schilling, Sunday, September 4             Library of Congress in Washington, DC. During my time
                                                                  at Slippery Rock University, I served as a journalist for over
San Francisco Theological Seminary student Chris Schilling        two years on my school newspaper, The Rocket, writing news
will be our seminary intern for academic year 2011-2012.          and feature stories, and worked as an intern at a local broad-
He began working with our congregation on August 24. On           casting station.
Christian Vocation Sunday, September 4, Chris will be one
of the three preachers who tell us briefly how they live out      Despite having a love for writing and electronic media, I de-
their Christian discipleship in the workplace.                    cided to pursue a calling in ministry after I graduated col-
                                                                  lege in 2008. This was a calling I have felt since I was a small
                                                                  child. And this calling brought me all the way out here to
The following is a letter of introduction by Chris, originally
                                                                  San Anselmo, California.
addressed to the Session.
                                                                                        During the 2009-2010 school year, I
Dear Members and Friends of First                                                       had the pleasure of serving as a stu-
Presbyterian Church,                                                                    dent assistant in the seminary’s enroll-
                                                                                        ment department, under the super-
My name is Christopher Schilling and
                                                                                        vision of the Rev. Beverly Brewster.
I am a third-year student at San Fran-
                                                                                        Just this past year, I served a year as a
cisco Theological Seminary. This fall
                                                                                        worship assistant in the Chaplain Of-
I will begin an internship with your
                                                                                        fice. In this position, I was one of four
                                                                                        students responsible for coordinating
I came to SFTS in 2008 from the rural                                                   and leading weekly worship services
community of Hookstown, Pennsylva-                                                      writing liturgy, working with differ-
nia, located 30 miles west of Pittsburgh,                                               ent guest preachers, and providing
along the most northern borders of                                                      pastoral care. This was a tremendous
West Virginia and Ohio.                                           opportunity for me to learn about ministry and the skills it
                                                                  takes to serve a congregation.
As a youth, I grew up in a small, rural PCUSA church called
Mill Creek United Presbyterian Church of Hookstown. My            In the midst of my seminary studies, I continue trying to dis-
introduction into the church happened early in my life when       cern more clearly my call to ministry. Right now, I discern a
a friend of my mother’s, who was involved in the church, took     possible call to chaplaincy, either in the military or through
me to Sunday school every week. As I grew older, I became         different non-profit agencies. On the other hand, new church
actively involved in my congregation. In my senior year of        development also interests me; in this setting, I would be in-
high school, I renovated a 200-year-old cemetery, which be-       terested in exploring the many ways of proclaiming God’s
longed to my church, as part of my Eagle Scout project. I         word through writing, media, and other electronic art forms.
earned my Eagle Scout Award in 2002.
                                                                  As a member of the SFTS community, I know firsthand how
Following high school, I enrolled in a local community col-       warm and welcoming your congregation has been, not only
lege. While there, I started an on-campus ministry for stu-       for SFTS students, faculty, and their families, but also for
dents. In 2005, I transferred to Slippery Rock University,        many of my friends who call your church home. Your congre-
where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication (with         gation is an inspiration to all of us future pastors at SFTS—as
an emphasis in Journalism) in 2008. While at Slippery Rock        a type of church we hope to someday serve, and so I thank
University, I served in the AmeriCorps program for two years,     you for the opportunity to serve as your intern for the 2011-
coordinating and leading service projects in the Pittsburgh       2012 school year.
area. A couple of the projects included a computer class for
                                                                  All of you, your outreach ministries, and your vibrant wor-
older adults and leading recreational activities at a local VA
                                                                  ship services, have allowed God’s spirit to move in the lives
hospital for long-term care patients. I also had the opportuni-
                                                                  of those in our local community and throughout the world. I
ty to lead college students to Atlanta, Georgia, where we spent
                                                                  am very excited about all the amazing things God has in store
our spring break working with the city’s homeless population
                                                                  for the both of us in the coming year, and I look forward to
and AIDS victims. My final project with AmeriCorps was a
                                                                  learning about ministry from the Reverends Whitt and Bell,
book project I coordinated: along with 12 other students, we
                                                                  church leaders, and members and friends alike.
interviewed local World War II veterans about their military
experience. This project generated not only local media at-       Sincerely,
tention, but resulted in a book that has been submitted to the
                                                                  Christopher L. Schilling

Kensington Press                                             Page 2                                          September 2011
 Families, Children & Youth
"I'm definitely coming next week!"
These words were uttered from one of our own children
                                                                  Middle School Youth Group!!!
in August as a response to our new Sunday School cur-
                                                                  Yes, that’s correct, we’re going to have a regularly sched-
riculum, Godly Play. Wow!
                                                                  uled opportunity for middle school youth to hang out,
Some of us taught The Meeting Tent a few years ago, which         play!, do mission, and create a community, where we will
was a Godly Play-style curriculum. Others may be familiar         ask questions, nurture faith, and form identities.
with the name because it is so much beloved by other
                                                                  •	 When? Every Sunday after the service. (11:30AM-
congregations across the country. Here’s a little informa-
tion about Godly Play:
                                                                  •	 What? We’ll gather, bring a sack lunch, and play games
What is Godly Play?                                                    until about noon. Then we’ll play some more, learn
Godly Play teaches children the art of using Christian lan-            about cool mission, sing, energizers, talk…and we’ll
guage - parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action           be done by 1pm.
—helping them become more fully aware of the mystery              •	 Who? All middle school aged youth (6-8th grades) are
of God’s presence in their lives.                                      welcome (even if you can’t make it to the 10am ser-
Each lesson is a story told with opportunity for explor-
                                                                  •	 Friends can come along, too!
ing through “I wonder” questions and lots of wooden and
felt materials. Godly Play encourages participants to make
meaning for themselves by inviting them into stories and          CALENDAR
providing the opportunity for them to connect the stories
with their personal experience.                                   9/11
                                                                      BBQ after church (yum) Want to help flip burgers?
Godly Play is a way of preparing children to join in the wor-         Let Diana know.
ship and life of their congregations as they develop a                Lots of games and fun!
deeper understanding of stories, symbols and rites.
For more information, please visit:   9/18
                                                                      Kick’in off Sunday School for the fall with our new cur-
Teacher Training is coming up in late September (date                 riculum, Godly Play
tba pending trainer approval). Please contact Diana if you
would like more information about becoming a Story Teller.            Middle School Youth Group will meet for the first time
                                                                      at 11:30am.
Calling all THIRD Graders!
Are you about to enter the 3rd grade? Congratulations!             Parade…let’s all come to church early (9am) so we can
Please let Diana know so that we can honor you (and your           march in the San Anselmo Parade together! Middle
reading ability) on Sunday, September 11th. Parents, it’s our      School Youth Group…let’s lead the parade silliness, yes?
tradition to give Bibles to our third graders with a dedica-
tion inside. Please send Diana your child’s full name and         10/3 Blessing of the Animals
mark your calendars:                   Bring your animal with you to our special service at 4:00,
                                                                      Bouick Field. All critters are welcome!
                                                                      Middle School Youth Group at 11:30am.

CDH bAP                                                           BkRY8l{"
September 2011                                               Page 3                                     Kensington Press
Church & Society                                                                                                                                                 Hurricane Katrina Rebuilding Trip
The Best New Thing:                                                                                        project says, “This is a great way for the            Please join us on our next trip to Gulf-
The Community Supported Agriculture                                                                        church to interface with the surround-                port, Mississippi, on Oct. 15-22, 2011.
Initiative                                                                                                 ing community and support healthy                     Lisa Cosby, the trip organizer, received
                                                                                                           living and the environment”. Nick will                the following note in an email from
First Presbyterian Church of San An-                                                                       be doing a Minute for Mission during                  Hope CDA in August: "Ms. Cosby, your
selmo has agreed to be a drop-site for                                                                     the September 11th service and have a                 group from San Anselmo First Presby-
Full Belly Farm’s Community Sup-                                                                           table set up after worship for sign-ups.              terian Church has been such a colossal
ported Agriculture Program (CSA).                                                                                                                                help to our clients and our agency in the
There are several SFTS students and                                                                        Check out to                    past. I hope that, with God’s help, we
administrators who receive a veggie                                                                        learn more about the CSA including                    can host your group again, here in the
box each week filled with fresh organic                                                                    prices and special events.                            very near future. Your group’s generos-
fruit and vegetables from Full Belly                                                                       If you have questions or are interest-                ity and continued support has been im-
who want to share the bounty of local                                                                      ed in being added to the sign-up list,                mensely appreciated. Your noble action
organic agriculture with the church                                                                        please contact Nick:                                  of self-sacrifice is the fuel that keeps Hope
and surrounding community. Here’s                                                                                                                                CDA’s mission alive. For Hope CDA, it

why they love it -                                                                                         or call him at (415) 302-6915.                        has been a privilege and an honor to bear
                                                                                                                                                                 witness firsthand the altruistic nature of
•	 It tastes great!!!
                                                                                                                                                                 humanity in the wake of Hurricane Ka-
•	 It’s healthy eating in-sync with the
                                                                                                                                                                 trina. With your help, we pray we can
                                                                                                                                                                 continue to participate in this miracle."
•	 It’s local and sustainable.
•	 It’s cost-effective (box feeds 2-4                                                                                                                            Please contact Lisa Cosby for more in-
    persons for around $17 per week)                                                                                                                             formation about the trip:
The goal is to sign-up enough people
                                                                                                                                                                 All skill levels and new friends are wel-
(30 Boxes) to launch the new site in
                                                                                                                                                                 come. Thank you.
the month of September. Nick Morris,
a seminary student who has worked                                                                          Who wouldn't want a box of yummy-deliciousness like   Katrina Mission Fund Donations
with Church and Society to launch the                                                                      this every week?
                                                                                                                                                                 We established the Katrina mission
                                                                                                                                                                 budget with part of the mission funds
Increase in Garbage Fees                                                                                   strive to educate all of us, including                raised in our capital campaign for our
Inspires Going Green                                                                                       our community groups, about recy-                     sanctuary renovation in 2003. During
                                                                                                           cling and composting. They will also                  our past mission trips to Gulfport, Mis-
The Session Resources Committee
                                                                                                           help us make sure that the recycling                  sissippi, money from this fund was used
learned in August that the fees for the
                                                                                                           and compost containers are handy and                  to help families furnish their homes.
dumpster which regularly sits on the
                                                                                                           easy to use, and properly maintained                  This year, we have provided monetary
Mariposa Street side of the church
                                                                                                           to prevent infestations by vermin.                    assistance to four needy families.
have been increased by 31% to over
$700 a month. This increase has in-                                                                        Watch for these containers, which will                As you may remember, last November
spired the rebirth of our Green Team                                                                       be available soon.                                    we contributed $2,800 from the Ka-
which will be taking on the project                                                                        Many thanks to Dave Jones, who is                     trina mission budget towards Ms. Rosie
of helping us to recycle and compost                                                                       taking on this Green Team challenge!                  Newson’s replacement mobile home
more of our trash. Many of us have                                                                         Please help us be good stewards of                    near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Ms.
found in our homes that recycling and                                                                      both our planet and the church budget                 Newson needed to replace her moldy
composting has allowed us to reduce                                                                        by using the recycling and composting                 and heavily damaged mobile home,
our trash to almost nothing.                                                                               containers!                                           where she had been living since be-
                                                                                                                                                                 fore Hurricane Katrina. A nonprofit in
We share the dumpster with the San
                                                                                                                                                                 Mississippi contributed the rest of the

Anselmo Preschool and the Cedars.
                                                                                                                                                                 funds needed for the mobile home, and
The many community groups using
                                                                                                                                                                 in May, we contributed $600 for her
our buildings during the week add
to our trash. So the Green Team will                                                                                                                                                   Continued on Page 5

Kensington Press                                                                                                               Page 4                                                   September 2011
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county permit and $3,000 for her furniture. In June, we received word that “Ms.            "Because Jesus identified
Newsom is in her new home! Thanks of course to many hands, but yours in par-
ticular were much appreciated by everyone in the greater Pinebelt community.”              himself with the
In April, we donated $2,000 for the kitchen cabinets of Ms. Ethel Brown, an elderly        needy and exploited, the
woman who lives on Freret Street in New Orleans. Ms. Brown’s house is being                cause of the world’s poor
rebuilt by Project Homecoming, an affiliate of the Presbytery of South Louisiana,
about which we saw the DVD at our Mardi Gras Party.                                        is the cause of his
In June, we donated $2,000 for Ms. Dung Nguyen’s house and $2,000 for Ms. Nancy
                                                                                           disciples. "
Tauzin’s house in Biloxi, Mississippi. Their houses are being rebuilt by Hope Com-                          (Confession of 1967)
munity Development Agency (CDA). Our mission trip group volunteered with Hope
CDA in the fall of 2010. Ms. Dung Nguyen is 44 and has three children, ages 15, 20,      Christmas in Palestine and Israel
and 23. Their home was completely destroyed in hurricane Katrina, leaving nothing        Polly and David Johnson, members of
more than an empty slab. Ms. Nguyen works as a cashier at a local gas station and        the Israel Palestine Mission Network
rents a small home. The rental home is quite small, and she feels as though she and      and veterans of the Keep Hope Alive
her family have outstayed their welcome, as they are renting from a family member.       Project, are leading a trip to Israel/
Ms. Nancy Tauzin is 68 years old, and she and her late husband had lived in their        Palestine to experience the Orthodox
home for 43 years. The house was completely washed away by a 15 foot wave of             Church celebration of Christmas. The
water on August 29, 2005. Nancy stayed with her daughter shortly after the storm         group will visit with Israeli and Pales-
and then began renting a small home with her son. She is living on a limited fixed       tinian peace groups and spend time in
income and dreams of returning home and having a home where her children and             Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, He-
grandchildren can visit. Additional funding is being obtained for their houses, and      bron and on the Mediterranean Coast.
Hope CDA will use volunteer labor as much as possible in their rebuilding.               They will leave on January 2nd and re-
                                                                                         turn on the 10th. The cost of the trip
With our donations of $12,400 since December 2010, we have about $700 remain-            from Louisville, KY will be approxi-
ing in our Katrina mission fund. We are grateful that God’s love, through the gen-       mately $2500, which includes lodging,
erosity of our church community, has been able to touch the lives of so many. This       2 meals a day, entrance fees and gratu-
natural disaster affected many people who were unable to recover on their own, and       ities. They will fly from Newark to Tel
our help has been needed and deeply appreciated.                       ~Lisa Cosby       Aviv. If you would like more informa-
                                                                                         tion about the trip, please give them a
Keeping Hope Alive in the Holy Land
                                                                                         call at 502-473-8435.
Our Bay Area olive tree mission project in partnership with the YMCA of East Jerusa-
lem and the YWCA of Palestine continues to expand, reaching out to people all over
the U.S. The following groups are now being organized:
•	 October 14-29, 2011
    Joint Keep Hope Alive and Sacramento-Bethlehem Sister City Olive Harvest trip
    Leader: Patricia Daughterty of Sacramento, one of the founders of this sister-city
•	 February 3-18, 2012
    Keep Hope Alive Olive Tree Planting trip
    Leader: Rev. Dr. Ronald Shive, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
    Burlington, NC, and Chair of 2008-2010 Middle East Study Committee of the
•	 October 12-27, 2012
    Keep Hope Alive Olive Harvest trip
    Leader: Rev. Will McGarvey, Pastor, Pittsburg Community Presbyterian Church,
    Pittsburg, CA
Those interested in learning more about this mission project should contact Dave
Jones (435-2709) or Walt Davis (453-1875)                                                Bethlehem Today, by Palestinian Artist Zaki Baboun

September 2011                                               Page 5                                         Kensington Press
                             Membership & Outreach                      Welcome New Members!
                             Joanne Jones                                              Patty Sempell
                         Joanne Elliott Jones was born in Tsingtao, China because      Patty has lived in Marin all her life, having been born and
                         her father was the Asian manager of the Robert Dollar         raised in San Rafael. She attended San Rafael High School and
                         Steamship Company. They lived in Tsingtao until they          upon graduation, attended UC Berkeley for a while. Eventu-
                         were evacuated during the Sino/Japanese war. After a          ally she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in
                         brief stay in the U.S. they returned to China and moved       Environmental Science. During the 70’s and the 80’s she was
                         to the International Settlement of Shanghai. They lived       on a spiritual quest, investigating various forms of medita-
                         there until they were once again evacuated just before the    tion and Eastern religion, eventually returning to the church
                         start of World War II. Her father remained but was in-        through her love of music and by learning to play the organ.
                         terned by the Japanese. Joanne and her mother, sister, and    The influences of her quest still inform her personal beliefs.
                         brother settled in Mill Valley. While living there she met
                                                                                       Her family tells a story that since the time she was 5 years old
                         and became best friends with Phyllis Ongaro.
                                                                                       she begged for a piano, so music has been a part of Patty’s life
                         Life in Mill Valley was very different from the life led in   from a very young age. She sang with Byron Jones in the chil-
                         China, as you can imagine. Joanne went to Tamalpais           dren’s and high school choirs at 1st Pres. San Rafael and also
                         High School, to the College of Marin for a year and then      played piano and tympani in the SR High School Band, Or-
                         transferred to Cal, graduating in 1954. After graduation,     chestra, and the Marin Youth Symphony. She has been a music
                         she became an airline hostess for TWA and traveled the        teacher, choir director, church organist and singer in various
                         world. She says she thinks she got the travel bug from her    community churches. Her day job, however, the one where she
                         father and from all those ocean crossings in her youth.       earns a living, is as a science teacher at the high school level.
                                                                                       With her children grown, Patty finds herself wanting a church
                         In 1960 Joanne married John Hummer and had two girls:
                                                                                       community to belong to – a place such as this one where al-
                         Katie and Dede. They lived in Piedmont until the girls
                                                                                       ready she has felt so accepted, appreciated and welcomed.
                         grew up and went off to college. In 1985 she moved to
                         Marin and married Phil Jones. They have lived in Kent-

                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Mary Waetjen
                         field for the past 26 years. In 1989 they bought vineyard
                         property in Dry Creek Valley outside Healdsburg and built
                         a home where they have enjoyed wine-making and sharing
                         time with their children, seven grandchildren, and many
                         friends. Joanne and her husband love to ski the Rockies,
                         sail the bay and cruise the Delta on their 40 foot Nordic.
                         Joanne says, "I am a baseball grandma and love it."
                         "I am happy to be a new member of First Presbyterian,"
                         says Joanne, "and look forward to many years of meeting
                         and greeting and being of service."

                                                                                       Ruth Sempell (photo on opposite page)
                                                                                       Ruth was born the youngest of 11 children, and raised on a
                                                                                       small farm near Akron, Ohio. However she has lived in Marin
                                                                                       County most of her life. Ruth’s husband, Bob, passed away
                                                                                       14 years ago; their three daughters all live nearby. They fre-
                                                                                       quently get together for family celebrations on holidays and
                                                                                       other significant occasions.
                                                                                       Ruth is a retired teacher who taught school in the San Rafael
Photo by Richard Schlobohm

                                                                                       City School district for many years, and still helps out in the
                                                                                       classroom on occasion. She loves the outdoors and hiking,
                                                                                       both in Marin as well as in Switzerland. She recently returned
                                                                                       from a trip to Alaska. Ruth keeps busy with her gardening
                                                                                       and her many other interests, including square dancing.

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                                  We seek to become a beacon of hope,                      Buildings and Grounds
                              a lamp for the heart and a light for the feet.               Crow Abatement in Duncan Hall
                             We learn, year by year, to let love shine through
                               until we see Christ in each person we meet.                 One day during August, a crow flew into Duncan Hall through
                                                                                           the wide-open sliding glass doors that were open to the warm
                                                                                           evening air. A 10,000 Victories class (a local Kung Fu and Tai
                                                                                           Chi school that uses Duncan Hall) was in progress and Elder
                                                                                           Carl Basore was on the grounds taking care of some Resources
                                                                                           Committee business. The martial arts students, most of whom
                                                                                           are youngsters, couldn’t continue their exercises with the
                                                                                           crow flying around. Carl and Scott Jensen, the 10,000 Victories
                                                                                           teacher or “Sifu,” attempted to chase it out. Nothing worked,
                                                                                           however, until Sifu Jensen found some cheese in the refrigera-
                                                                                           tor and made a trail of cheese from Duncan Hall out through
                                                                                           the sliding glass doors onto the patio. The crow followed the
Photo by Audrey Mahler

                                                                                           trail and ate his way out of Duncan Hall.

                        Sione Ilolahia
                        Sione was born in Tonga, the fifth child of the family of six
                        children. He has always been a happy person. He went to
                        boarding school for a little while when he was young, but it
                        didn’t suit him. He was homesick and eventually the teach-
                        ers allowed him to return to his home. After some tests and
                        family discussion, it was determined that it would be better
                        if he could find a job. His sister found work for him at the       "That cheese they lured me with was pretty good, but I'll tell
                        superior court where he delivered papers to the various of-        you what, these garlic fries are AWESOME!"
                        fices. He did that work for about three years.
                                                                                            Community Announcement
                        Sione liked to go to church every Sunday when he lived in
                        Tonga. He even helped teach Sunday School. When his par-                                        Spend a morning hiking or run-
                        ents died, he lived with his sister-in-law and her children.                                    ning the spectacular Dipsea trail
                        Unfortunately Sione met with an accident that caused him                                        on Mount Tamalpais and support
                        to lose the sight in his eye. His sister Va brought him to Cali-                                a great cause at the same time!
                        fornia, and he lives here now with her. He is currently ap-                                     On Saturday, September 17 from
                                                                                                                        8 am - 1:00 pm, Zero Breast Can-
                        plying for citizenship.
                                                                                                                        cer, a Marin-based breast cancer
                                                                                                                        research and advocacy organiza-
                                                                                                                        tion, is holding their annual Dipsea
                                                                                                                        Lite Hike/Run.
                                                                                           The 6-mile trail on Mount Tamalpais begins and ends in Old Mill
                                                                                           Park in Mill Valley.
                                                                                           Registration opens at 8:00 am and the event starts at 9:00 am.
                                                                                           At the end of the trail, lunch and free massages will meet the
                                                                                           intrepid hikers.
Photo by Richard Schlobohm

                                                                                           To register, please go to
                                                                                           events.html. The events page also contains links to informa-
                                                                                           tion on team registration and forms for individuals and teams
                                                                                           to raise funds for Zero Beast Cancer.
                                                                                           All Pledge Donations are tax-deductible.

                        September 2011                                                Page 7                                      Kensington Press
Adult Education                                                    SFTS Auxiliary Presents
                                                                   Horizons Bible Study Author Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer
Horizons Bible Study 2011-2012: Confessing the Beatitudes          Saturday, September 10
                          This year’s Horizon’s Bible Study,       Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer will intro-
                          led by Pastor Joanne Whitt, takes        duce the 2011-12 Horizons Bible
                          an in-depth look at the Beatitudes.      Study, Confessing the Beatitudes.
                          The Beatitudes are in Chapter 5 of       Dr. Aymer’s study offers new in-
                          Matthew’s Gospel, at the begin-          sights into these familiar Scrip-
                          ning of the Sermon on the Mount,         tures and what they have to say to
                          and are some of the most beloved         difficult issues facing our world.
                          teachings of Jesus, yet they may
                          well be some of the most chal-           Dr. Aymer is Associate Professor of New Testament and Chair
                          lenging. We may miss their point,        of Biblical Studies at the Interdenominational Theological
                          however, if we do not study them         Center in Atlanta. She is author of First Pure, Then Peaceable:
                          within their literary, historical,       Frederick Douglass, Darkness and the Epistle of James, as well
                          and cultural contexts. Margaret          as various academic and liturgical articles along with other
Aymer, the author of this year’s study, invites us to consider     resources.
the Beatitudes as they might have been heard when Jesus
                                                                   Dr. Aymer is a member of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta,
spoke them — during the time of the Roman Empire, which,
                                                                   and serves as chair of the board of AIDS Alliance of Faith
though great in many respects, was also cruel and brutal.
                                                                   and Health, an Atlanta-based nonprofit whose mission is to
Confessing the Beatitudes is aptly named, as we are invited        enhance the quality of life and extend long–term survival
at the end of each lesson to enter into a process of confes-       for any individual who is living with HIV disease.
sion. The ancient practice of confession marks Christians
                                                                   Schedule for the Day:
as a people who recognize the truth, learn about the truth,
                                                                   •	 Registration (Alexander Hall)       8:45 am
and speak the truth — both about God and about ourselves.
                                                                   •	 Welcome & Devotions                 9:30 am
Rita Boyer writes, “Confession in this heartfelt manner is a
                                                                   •	 Session One                         10 am
concrete way for us to make the Beatitudes part of our jour-
                                                                   •	 Lunch                               Noon
ney of discipleship as we move from confession to action.”
                                                                   •	 Reconvene                           1:15 pm
Men and women are invited to take part in this study of            •	 Session Two                         1:30 pm
these cherished passages. The Horizons Bible study meets in        •	 Closing Prayer                      3:15 pm
the Fireside Room on first and third Tuesday mornings from
                                                                   Please register by September 2nd. The registration fee, which
10:00 to 11:30 a.m. The study begins Tuesday, September 20.
                                                                   includes lunch. Forms are available in the church office and
                                                                   the narthex.

Feasting on the Word:
Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study
9:00 a.m., Room 203
This year’s adult Sunday morning Bible study begins on Sunday, September 18, with a new Bible study curriculum called Feasting
on the Word. This curriculum, like Seasons of the Spirit (which we have used for the past few years,) follows the Revised Common
Lectionary, the biblical texts assigned for use in worship each Sunday and holy day. It is published by Westminster/John Knox
Press, and the editors of these resources are from a wide variety of disciplines and religious traditions. The Feasting on the Word
website reports that the authors of the study “teach in colleges and seminaries. They lead congregations by preaching or teach-
ing. They write scholarly books as well as columns for newspapers and journals. They oversee denominations. In all of these
capacities and more, they serve God’s Word, joining in the ongoing challenge of bringing that Word to life.”
Pastor Joanne Whitt leads the Sunday morning adult Bible study, which meets in Room 203 in the Education Building at
9:00am, and lasts about 40 minutes, ending in time for worship. Child care is provided. All are welcome.

Kensington Press                                             Page 8                                            September 2011
     Nurture                                                                            Ex Libris
Synch or Swim?!!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW: The Date is September
25th, and the San Anselmo Country Fair Day Parade is count-
ing on us to be there! If you missed the announcement last
month, this year we are participating as the first ever FCPSA                           Recent Additions to the Church Library
On-Land Synchronized Swimming Team. Rehearsal times
                                                                                        The Case for God, by Karen Armstrong - "A nuanced explo-
T.B.A. in the Sunday Bulletins. Watch for it!
                                                                                        ration of the part that religion plays in human life".
REMEMBER: You don't have to know how to swim, but you
                                                                                        Introduction to Christian Worship, by James F. White - "A
DO need to love a parade ... and be willing to "suit up" to be
                                                                                        survey of worship in the various Christian churches".
on the Swim Team! Here are some wardrobe ideas. We're
betting you can come up with one or two of the following                                The Sense of a People, by Lewis Mudge, former Dean of the
(and if you can't, someone else will lend you something ...                             Seminary and Professor of Theology at SFTS.
trust me!):
                                                                                        Smoke on the Mountain, by Joy Davidman - An interpreta-
•	 Swim Caps - any type, any era: Speedo, Gussied-Up w/                                 tion of the Ten Commandments.
      plastic flowers, or your Shower Cap (rumor has it that
                                                                                        Exploring Our Faith as Presbyterians, by J. Randolph Taylor,
      Chris Francisco has some extras that may be available to
                                                                                        former President of SFTS.
      "gussy up").
•	    Flotation devices - inner tubes, water wings, life jackets.                       Selected Sermons,by Charles Adams Eaton, former pastor of
•	    Goggles - the real deal, or safety glasses, or??                                  our church.
•	    Nose Clips - professional or ??
•	    a snorkle?                                                                        Worth a Pat on the Back...
•	    Now that you're getting the picture, let your imagina-
      tion be your guide!                                                               We at FPCSA are a loving, giving community:
                                                                                        •	 We host the REST rotating homeless shelter program
As to actual clothing, no swimwear is required (or allowed),                               during the winter months.
unless it's over your street clothes. Having said that, we                              •	 We prepare meals for the emergency shelter.
think it makes sense for folks to wear something vaguely re-                            •	 We providing energy and/or funds for various Canal Al-
sembling workout clothes or yoga chic or casual beachwear                                  liance projects.
... something comfortable, yet easy to walk in and not too                              •	 We support the Ross Valley Ecumenical Housing Asso-
distracting. Hint: We'll be marching to ZZ-Top ... can you                                 ciation.
name that tune?                                                                         •	 We provide ongoing financial and physical support
                                                                                           through the Katrina Project in Mississippi.
                                                                                        •	 We plant olive trees and harvest olives in Israel/Pales-
                                                                                           tine with Keep Hope Alive.
                                                                                        •	 We plant various types of trees in Afghanistan with the
                                                                                           Bare Roots Project.
                                                                                        •	 We also support other projects on a regular basis.
                                                                                        Letters expressing thanks, as well as photo displays of vari-

                                                                                        ous projects are posted in Duncan Hall from time to time.
                                                                                        Check them out!

Last year's parade participants showed the San Anselmo a lot of love! (Original photo
by E. Bond Francisco, effects photoshopped by V. Thibeaux.)
                                                                                                              ...Or maybe a scratch on the belly?

September 2011                                                                    Page 9                                            Kensington Press
            Worship in September 2011                               Nominating Committee
                        September 4
                23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time                        What is a Deacon?
              My Labor, My Work, My Ministry                        Deacons are often called the heart of the congregation, as-
                1 Corinthians 12:14-19, 26-27                       sisting those who have needs, both within and beyond the
                                                                    community of faith. They may be called upon to provide
Three people who are part of our community will describe how they
                                                                    transportation to and from worship and/or short-term food
      live out their Christian discipleship in the workplace:       assistance when necessary. They also provide receptions
                 Craig Maretzki, Veterinarian                       for memorial services, assist pastors in serving communion
Erica Heath, Consultant, Protection of Human Research Subjects      to those who cannot attend worship, contact those on the
               Chris Schilling, Seminary Intern                     church prayer list, visit people on their care lists, provide
                                                                    flowers to shut-ins at Christmas and Easter. Not all deacons
                        September 7                                 are called on to do all things.
           The Service for Wholeness and Healing
                   Wednesday, 7:00 pm                               In addition to regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every
                  Prayer and Taizé Music                            month, plus very occasional special meetings, deacons par-
                                                                    ticipate in two annual events: The Officers Retreat (together
                       September 11                                 with elders), and Meet Your Deacon Sunday (Sept. 18th).
               24th Sunday in Ordinary Time                         Please let the Nominating Committee (Nan Harle 456-4008,
             Homecoming Sunday and Jazz Fest                        Jennifer Holm 456-2117, or Herman Waetjen 456-8783)
                           God Is                                   know of members who you feel would be qualified for this
                      Romans 14:1-12                                ministry, and, if you are asked to be a deacon, please con-
            The Rev. Dr. Joanne Whitt, preaching                    sider the request carefully and prayerfully.
                       September 18                                 Those who answer the call to service tend to be rewarded by
               25th Sunday in Ordinary Time                         making some new friends and feeling a greater sense of be-
                 Meet Your Deacon Sunday                            ing a part of the church community.
                   Manna from Heaven
                      Exodus 16:2-15                                 Older Adults
               The Rev. Diana Bell, preaching
                       September 25                                 Sonoma Picnic
                26th Sunday in Ordinary Time                        September 14th
               San Anselmo Country Faire Day
                                                                    The Older Adult Commit-
        ***Worship begins at 9:00 am***
                                                                    tee has planned a picnic
                 Is God With Us or Not?
                                                                    to Sonoma for Wednes-
                      Exodus 17:1-7                                 day, Sept. 14th. We plan to
            The Rev. Dr. Joanne Whitt, preaching                    meet in front of the church
                                                                    at 10:30am to carpool to
                                                                    Sonoma. We will picnic in
                      In Memoriam                                   the square and have time
                                                                    for strolling and shopping
       The Rev. Robert Gillespie, August 5th, 2011                  before returning to Marin.
         Georgette Butarescu, August 9th, 2011                      Please mark your calen-
           No eye has seen, no ear has heard,                       dars and join us for this
              and no mind has imagined                              fun event. Please call Mar-
      what God has prepared for those who love God.                 tha Spears at 459-02676
                                                                    to reserve your spot. If      Fountain, Sonoma Plaza (watercolor)
                                     1 Corinthians 2:9b             you are available to drive,   by Michael Reardon
                                                                    please let Martha know.

Kensington Press                                              Page 10                                          September 2011
Continued from Page 1
jelled as a staff more quickly because of the intensity of the day, and each of us                                             First Presbyterian
had the sense that both our planning and the service itself were holy opportunities.                                                 Church
About 600 people came to worship that night, thanks to email and phone calls.                                                   of San Anselmo
Our worship on September 11 here at First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo                                                   an inclusive community
this year will include both the joy of celebrating community, which September 11,
                                                                                                                                  72 Kensington Road
2001 reminded us we all so desperately need. It will also allow us to remember and
take seriously the way things have changed for our nation and our world in the                                                       415.456.3713
past ten years. Our music director, Martha Wall and our summer music director                                                            e-mail:
Barbara Bacon, are putting together a musical time of prayer that will include voices                                 
from the Marin Girls Chorus and Barbara’s daughter, Paige Shaw, doing a liturgical
dance to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Pie Jesu from Requiem. Our worship will move                                                    Adult Bible Study
from the joy of reunion, to the sharing of our sorrow, to gratitude and renewed joy                                                  9:00 a.m.
and celebration in community.
                                                                                                                               Sunday Worship
I am grateful to be part of this community, and I look forward to worshiping with                                              & Sunday School
you and breaking bread with you on September 11th.                                                                                  10:00 a.m.
Together We Serve,                                                                                                                    (Nursery Care)
                                                                                                                                The Rev. Dr. Joanne Whitt
                                                                                                                                  Pastor and Head of Staff
 Keep Your Directory Up-To-Date!                                                                                                    The Rev. Diana Bell
LECLAIRE, Sharon                                                                                                               Associate Pastor for Families,
                                                                                                                                      Children & Youth
Apartment Number is 301. (Correction to last month's entry)
                                                                                                                                    The Rev. Julie Love
STECCONE, Juliana                                                                                                                      Parish Associate
Montreat College Box 142                                                                                                            The Rev. Doug Olds
PO Box 1209                                                                                                                            Parish Associate
Montreat, NC 28757-1209                                                                        Photo by Richard Schlobohm           J. Carolyn Johnston
                                                                                                                                     Business Manager
                                                                                                                                        Tom Lannert
Georgette Butarescu (Oct. 19, 1911 – Aug. 9. 2011)                                                                                   Church Custodian
A Service of Remembrance and Witness to the Resurrection                                                                             Kathleen McCalla
11:00 am, Saturday, September 3, 2011                                                                                               Office Administrator
                                                                                                                                         John Parfitt
Georgette passed away on August 9th, just a few months shy of her 100th birthday.                                                          Organist
She was born to Georges and Celine Grade in Bucharest, Romania. She came to the                                                         Martha Spears
United States in 1962 with her daughter and son-in-law, Sanda and Dino Misailidis,                                          Coordinator of Older Adult Ministries
and Dino’s parents, Alex and Vicki. This family is very special in the history of our                                                   Martha Wall
church. Our congregation sponsored these Romanian refugees, helping them im-                                                          Director of Music
                                                                                                                                   Mary Wright Gillespie
migrate to the United States and get settled in Marin County. None of them could
                                                                                                                                  Associate Pastor Emerita
speak English when they arrived.                                                                                                        Sally Johnson
The family quickly settled into life in Marin and within our church family. Georgette                                            Director of Music Emerita
moved into an apartment near the church where she lived on her own until last year.
She loved visitors and would always welcome you with a glass of wine or champagne                                              Kensington Press
and a sweet treat. She was ordained as a Deacon and was very active in the life of                                                 is published monthly
our congregation. She worked as a nurse in San Rafael for 25 years. After the death
of her daughter Sanda in 1986, she helped Dino raise her three grandchildren, Mary                                                  Virginia Thibeaux
Jane, Alice and John. In the last few years her greatest joy has been her two beautiful
                                                                                                                                    Kathleen McCalla
great granddaughters Joey and Tai.                                                                                                      Production
Georgette was a very loving and compassionate woman and she will be deeply missed by her                                         Grace & Frank Ferguson,
family and many friends. She was a witness to some very meaningful mission work this con-                                    Barbara Shindelus, & Shirley New
gregation undertook and we were so blessed to have had her in our midst for almost 50 years.

September 2011                                                 Page 11                                                                   Kensington Press
The Reverend Robert Joseph Gillespie, III (1928 – 2011)                                 The Rev. Robert Gillespie, husband of our former associate pastor, the Rev. Mary Gillespie,
                                                                                        passed away on August 5, 2011, in Medford, Oregon. He was much-loved as a friend and
                                                                                        colleague in ministry by many in our congregation and Presbytery. What follows are just
                                                                                        some of the facts of a life well-lived, but the subtext tells the story of a man who was
                                                                                        deeply faithful and loving in his life, and in his ministry.
                                                                                        Robert Joseph Gillespie, III was born in Millville, New Jersey on August 19, 1928, to
                                                                                        Robert Joseph Gillespie, Jr. and Ray Bell Stinson Gillespie. His early education was in
                                                                                        Millville and he graduated from Millville Memorial High School. He received his B.A.
                                                                                        from Bloomfield College in New Jersey, attended Princeton Seminary and graduated
                                                                                        from Andover Newton Theological School in 1956, and was ordained to the ministry on
                                                                                        September 18, 1956. He served Presbyterian Churches in Cincinnati, Ohio; Wilming-
                                                                                        ton, Delaware; directed Garden Valley Neighborhood House in Cleveland, Ohio; served
                                                                                        as Associate Pastor at Third Presbyterian Church in Rochester, New York; directed the

                                                      Photo by Richard Schlobohm
                                                                                        Southeast Ecumenical Ministry in Rochester, NY.
                                                                                        In 1976 he moved his family to California where he served on the staff for the Golden
                                                                                        Gate Mission Area for the Synod of the Pacific and from 1981 he was the General Pres-
                                                                                        byter for the Presbytery of the Redwoods until his retirement in 1992. At that time
                                                                                        he was designated Executive Presbyter Emeritus. In retirement he served as interim
                                                                                        pastor and chaplain with Marin Aids Interfaith Network in California. In 2005, Bob
  A Service of Remembrance and Witness to the Resurrection                              and Mary moved to Medford, OR, where he remained active as a member of Cascades
               1:00 pm, Saturday, September 17th, 2011                                  Presbytery.
               First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo
                                                                                        Bob was married to the Reverend Mary Wright Gillespie and they raised two children:
Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever                     Gail E. Gillespie and Thomas W. Gillespie.
is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is
any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about                   Bob will be greatly missed by his large family and wide circle of friends and colleagues.
these things.                                                                           We give thanks for his life, witness, and ministry among us, and celebrate with confidence
                                                    ~ Philippians 4:8                   the promise of the resurrection.

                                                    Time Sensitive Material

                                                                                                               Return Service Requested

    Permit No. 2
    U. S. Postage                                                                             San Anselmo CA 94960
                                                                                              72 Kensington Road
                                                                                              First Presbyterian Church
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