How to Decorate Your Mantel by lfsmj2010


									How to Decorate Your Mantel
Does your mantel look bare and empty? Could that useful spot above your
fireplace use some decorating? Read on to find out how to make your
mantel look beautiful in under 10 minutes!
1If your mantel has items that you don't want on it, take them off and
place them somewhere else.<
2Dust off your mantel, or wipe off the dust with a wet cloth or paper
3Add mantel pieces. First, find a medium rectangular picture in a frame.
It could be a family picture, or even a famous painting by Van Gogh or
Monet. Whatever image you feel would match the setting of the room, put
it in the center. This will add a nice old fashioned, but somewhat modern
look to your living room.
4Put one picture on each side of the center piece. These pictures should
be fairly smaller than the center piece, but not tiny. They should also
have frames.
5Decorate the sides. First, start with the left side. Find a candle in a
fancy dish or display. Put that in the corner. Right beside the candle,
place a small statue or figurine. Remember, this piece does not have to
be fragile or expensive. It could be a little knick-knack you picked up
at the dollar store. As long as it's pretty with colorful design.
6Add things to the right side. Do the same thing to the right side as you
did to the left side, but this time the things don't have to be exactly
the same. For example, instead of a big candle you could use a small
candle, and if you put an angel figurine on the left side and you don't
have another angel figurine, you could improvise and use a small wooden
7Stand back and admire the work you've done. Spray your favorite air
freshener, relax in an armchair or sofa, grab the remote, and flip the TV
on. Congratulations, you have decorated your mantel and made it look
beautiful! You deserve to kick back and relax!<

How about lighting the candles to make the room smell nice and add a
warm, welcoming look to your mantel!
Here's an idea: how about putting colorful items on the left side and
black and white things on the right side to contrast color and make the
room stand out!
If you have a stone or marble mantel, use metal picture frames. If you
have a wooden mantel, use smooth, wooden picture frames.
An odd number of items on the mantel will be more pleasing to the eye
than an even number.

<Things You'll Need
Three pictures (one large sized, two medium sized pictures)
Picture frames to go with the pictures
Two candles (including fancy dishes or displays)
Two figurines or statues
A wet cloth or feather duster

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