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									Eating the Best Food For Your Joints
If you are an older adult, odds are that you’ve been noticing that your joints have been aching and
hurting more as you age. It’s a tough fact to swallow, but it is a fact of life that as our bodies start
wearing out, we will feel more joint aches and pains.

You can think of your body like the gears of a car. If you keep the gears well-oiled and nourished, then
you will have fewer problems.

Healthy Diet and Exercise
The best ways to keep your joints well-oiled is through exercise and through maintaining a healthy diet.
It can be difficult to get adequate exercise in old age because the joints have stiffened and so it is more
difficult to get out and get moving.

                             If you do get moving though, your joints will thank you later. Using your
                             joints for exercise daily will greatly help ward off the natural stiffening
                             process that occurs are you age.

                             There are also specific foods you can eat that will help your joints last longer
                             and work better. One of the best foods you can eat for your joints is wild

Over time, the cartilage in your knees and joints will start tearing. Even at the young age of 30, there has
been significant cartilage tearing, especially in the knee area.

What to Eat
There are things you can do in your youth to take care of your joints, however, this tearing occurs mainly
because of regular daily activity and wear and tear on the body. It’s important to realize this, though,
and begin making the necessary changes so the tears do not get worse.

Wild Salmon contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids that you will help your
joints to not get inflamed when the cartilage tears. If you’re concerned about
the price of salmon, you can buy canned salmon because it usually comes from
wild salmon.

Another food you can eat to promote healthy joints is almonds. Almonds
contains lots of vitamin E and will help protect you against harmful
inflammation in your body.

Yet another food that will help you protect your joints is the papaya. Papaya contains lots of vitamin C.

Studies have shown that individuals who eat more vitamin C were three times less likely to develop
rheumatoid arthritis. If you want to avoid arthritis, eating papayas and other fruits high in vitamin C will
help you to do so.
Apples also contain antioxidants that are beneficial for your joints and will help ward off arthritis. The
antioxidants in the skin of apples help build collagens which serve to make your joints stronger and

Beans are also very helpful in maintaining strong knees and joints. Beans are high in protein, which help
your body to make amino acids.

These amino acids help form cartilage and many other tissues in your body. Black beans in particular are
rich in antioxidants that will be very beneficial for your joints.

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