3rd Grade Spelling Lists by keara


									3rd Grade Spelling Lists


List 1: (Story-Cliff Hanger) mix, milk, smell, last, head, friend, class, left, thick, send, thin, stick **Challenge Words…empty, glance…Test Date: Friday, September 12 List 2: (Story-Reading-Writing Workshop) have, haven’t, found, around, one, than, then,
them, before, because, other, mother
**Challenge Words…family, cousin, everybody, guess…Test Date: Friday, September 19

List 3: (Story-Ballad of Mulan) pond, luck, drop, lot, rub, does, drum, sock, hunt, crop,
shut, won **Challenge Words…dodge, dusk …Test Date:
Friday, September 26

List 4: (The Lost and Found) smoke, huge, save, life, wide, come, mine, grade, smile, note, cube, love **Challenge Words…*escape, *slope …Test Date: Friday, Oct. 3 List 5: (Review List): last, mix, stick, lot, sock, hunt, wide, grade, thick, send, class,
pond, luck, drum, save, cube, smile, left, smell, thin, drop, shut, huge, note, life…Test Date: Friday, October 10

List 6: (Focus on Poetry) stand, rest, plate, clock, white, stuff, spoke, bend, frame,
twist, June, mile **Challenge Words—liquid, decide…Test Date: lay, need, weigh **Challenge Words…needle, crayon…Test Date:
Wednesday, Oct. 15

List 7: (The Keeping Quilt) paint, clay, feel, leave, neighbor, eight, seem, speak, paid,
Friday, October 24

List 8: (Celebrating Traditions RW Workshop)- now, off, for, almost, also, can’t, cannot,
about, always, today, until, again **Challenge Words…February, January, Saturday,
Wednesday…Test Date: Friday, October 31

List 9: (Grandma’s Records)-coach, blow, float, hold, sew, though, sold, soap, row, own,
both, most **Challenge Words… tomorrow, program…Test Date: street, know, spread, write
Friday, Nov. 7

List 10: (The Talking Cloth)-spring, knee, throw, patch, strong, wrap, three, watch,
**Challenge Words… strength, kitchen…Test Date: Friday, Nov. 14

List 11: (Dancing Rainbows)-wild, bright, die, sight, child, pie, fight, lie, tight, tie,
might, mind **Challenge Words… design, delight…Test Date:
Friday, Nov. 21

List 12-: (Spelling Review)- speak, feel, seem, most, both, know, street, lie, need, paint, hold,
float, three, spread, mind, might, lay, leave, own, row, wrap, patch, tie, wild, bright
Test Date: Friday, Nov. 24 & 26

3rd Grade Spelling Lists


List 13: (Trickster Tales)-join, joy, boil, noise, spoil, choice, soil, point, foil, voice,
coil, broil
**Challenge Words… enjoy, rejoice…Test Date: Friday, Dec. 5

List 14: (Dogzilla)-clown, lawn, talk, sound, cloth, would, also, mouth, crown, soft,
count, law (**Challenge Words)… bounce, officer …Test Date:
Friday, Dec. 12

List 15: (Incredible Stories-RWW)- and, said, goes, going, some, something, you, your,
friend, school, where, myself **Challenge Words… tonight, lying, field, enough
Test Date: Friday, Dec. 19

List 16: (The Mysterious Giant of Barletta)-girl, clear, her, turn, dark, work, smart, word,
hurt, serve, north, third **Challenge Words… tornado, scurried…Test Date: orange, second, squeeze
Friday, January 9

List 17-: (Raising Dragons)- large, gym, skin, quick, picnic, judge, park, jeans, crack,
**Challenge Words… courage, insect…Test Date: Friday, Jan. 16

List 18:

(The Garden of Abduhl Gasazi)- hear,

here, new, knew, its, it’s, our, hour, there,

their, they’re

**Challenge Words… seen, scene…Test Date: Friday, Jan. 23

List 19 ((Review-Incredible Stories-RWW)- sound, crown, word, her, crack, orange, hear, our,
also, girl, dark, clear, squeeze, second, here, new, soft, turn, north, skin, gym, jeans, hour, knew, lawn…Test Date: Mon., Jan. 26 & Fri., Jan. 30

List 20: (Nights of the Pufflings)- hair, care, chair, pair, bear, where, scare, air, pear,
bare, fair, share **Challenge Words… flair, farewell…Test Date:
Friday, Feb. 6

List 21-:

(RWW)- girl, they, want, was, into, who, our, new, would, (**Challenge Words)… wouldn’t, world, through, while…Test Date: Friday, Feb. 21

could, a lot, buy

List 22 (Seal Surfer)- cared, babies, chopped, saving, carried, fixing, hurried, joking,
grinning, smiled, wrapped, parties
Test Date: Friday, February 20 **Challenge Words… moving, libraries

List 23: (Two Days in May)- helper, unfair, friendly, unhappy, remake, careful, hopeful,
unlike, retell, sadly, farmer, unhurt
Test Date: Friday, February 27 **Challenge Words… unimportant, silently

List 24-: Review: (Animal Habitats)- pair, unhurt, grinning, air, smiled, sadly, care, retell,
babies, bear, unlike, cared, scare, hopeful, parties, pear, remake, chopped, bare, unhappy, joking, chair, friendly, carried, helper …Test Date: Mon., March 2 & Fri., March 6

3rd Grade Spelling Lists


List 25: (Focus on Biography)-puppies, flies, stories, skies, driest, candies, pennies,
cried, ponies, bunnies, happier, funniest **Challenge Words… easier, busiest
Test Date: Friday, March 13

List 26: (Across the Wide Dark Sea)- tooth, chew, grew, cook, shoe, blue, boot, flew,
shook, balloon, drew, spoon **Challenge Words… loose, brook
Test Date: Friday, March 20

List 27: (Incredible Stories-RWW)- down, how, its, coming, stopped started, wrote,
swimming, from, write, writing, brought **Challenge Words… favorite, sure, clothes, heard
Test Date: Friday, April 3

List 28: (Yunmi and Halmoni’s Trip)- caught, thought, bought, laugh, through, enough,
fought, daughter, taught, brought, ought, cough **Challenge Words… sought, granddaughter
Test Date: Thursday, April 9

List 29-: (Trapped by the Ice!)- Monday, sudden, until, forget, happen, follow, dollar,
window, hello, market, pretty, order **Challenge Words… stubborn, expect
Test Date: Friday, April 17

List 30 Review: (Voyagers)- grew, daughter, until, cook, ought, forget, balloon, caught,
dollar, boot, window, taught, flew, brought, hello, tooth, Monday, pretty, chew, sudden, order, spoon, thought, happen, bought…Test Date: Monday, April 20 and Friday, April 24

List 31: (Focus on Fairy Tales)- face, city, pencil, place, center, dance, race, circle, nice,
once, princess, circus **Challenge Words… silence, excitement Test Date:
Friday, May 1

List 32:(Pepita Talks Twice)- summer, winter, little, October, travel, color, apple, able,
November, ever, later, purple **Challenge Words… thermometer, mumble
Test Date: Friday, May 8

List 33: (Smart Solutions-RWW)- his, I’d, I’m, that’s, didn’t, don’t, know, outside, been,
we’re, anyone, anyway **Challenge Words… lose, finally, different, happily
Test Date: Friday, May 15

List 34: (Poppa’s New Pants)- begin, again, around, before, away, about, alive, because,
ahead, between, behind, ago (**Challenge Words)… awhile, beyond
Test Date: Friday, May 22

List 35: (Ramona Quimby, Age 8)- I’m, he’s, aren’t, couldn’t, won’t, o’clock, wouldn’t,
weren’t, she’s, wasn’t, I’d, shouldn’t **Challenge Words… let’s, who’s
Test Date: Friday, May 29 (Review—can’t, isn’t)

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