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					                      Duke Nicholas School Information Technology Worksheet
                        for Masters of Environmental Management Students
                                                  August 20, 2012

Need Help?                      Email:        Call: 919-613-8148
Visit: A141 LSRC                                      Web:
    I. Check Email    
                                Email from Susan Gerbeth-Jones,, with this checklist and link to
                                IT services A to Z at Duke and the Nicholas School
    II. Create a meeting        Invite a friend to a meeting in one of the Nicholas conference rooms
                                How to IT Minute video
   III. Get to know IT sites and
   IV. File Storage: AFS        5GB space on OIT ‘AFS’ volumes accessible
                                  In Computer labs: Open AFS Connect
                                  Enter NetID and password
                                This will map drive H: to AFSDocs and drive P to your root folder
    V. File Storage: CIFS       New faster, storage: CIFS
                                To switch go to:
   VI. Accessing file storage     Via web go to – (one-at-a-time file exchange)
       Off Campus: AFS            OR Map a Drive
                                 1. Connect to Duke’s VPN:
                                 2. Map drive to:
                                 (for more details, search for ‘webdavs’ and follow steps for
                                 “Accessing WebDAVS through Windows 7 and Vista”)
  VII. Accessing file storage    1. Connect to
        Off Campus: CIFS         2. Map drive to: \\\users\$first\$netid
` VIII. Printing                Ask yourself, “Do you really need to print?”
                                How-to IT minute video
                                1. Choose ePrint-OIT or ePrint-NSOE as printer
                                2. Enter NetID at pop-up dialogue box
                                3. Go to ePrint release station and swipe your Duke Card
                                     (located in A152, Hug Commons, 2nd floor by copier, 3rd floor across from A314,
                                     others on campus – Bryan Ctr, Library, Old Chem)
   IX. DukeCard and             Go to Click ‘Manage Account’ link on left.
       ePrint Quotas            How much is in your NSOE ePrint fund?__________________________
                                   This is your COLOR quota.
                                How much is in your Univ. ePrint fund? __________________________
   X. Mailing lists             Manage your subscriptions at &
   XI. Backups                   Use program such as Second Copy
                                 Manually copy files elsewhere, e.g. AFS space, USB key, external drive
                                 Restore AFS files from “latest backup” tab on
   XII. Course Registration and
        and Content
  XIII. Virtual Computing Lab   Go to, make a reservation for ‘now’ and give it a try!
  XIV. Wireless Network         Choose Eduroam or ‘Duke’ wireless (register computer in DukeReg)
                                NOTE: ‘Visitor’ wireless network is for non-Duke people

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