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									How to Spray Paint Art
Spray paint is closely associated with graffiti to many since that's all
they've been exposed to. Spray Paint art[1]though, is nothing like
graffiti. Spray Paint artists use the same medium as graffiti artists,
but the subject and intention are totally different. Spray Paint artists
use spray paint can to paint beautiful paintings by manipulating the
paint on the poster board while it is still wet. They employ a variety of
tools like sponges, cylinders, brushes, and stencils to add texture and
personality to the art art.[2]
1Find a flat, well ventilated area to paint in.<
2Decide what you want to paint. Choose your colors and your composition
by positioning the round objects on the canvas.
3Spray your paint to the size of your space in this order: yellow,
orange, red, then black.
4Use a piece of magazine, lightly place the magazine on top of the black
layer while it's still wet, take your hand and run it across the
magazine, tug from one corner about an inch, then pull away from the
canvas. You should have a pretty cool texture on your canvas,
5Spray about 1/4 of that area with black on that cool texture area.
6Cover the area include the last black layer with your round object.
7Spray the whole thing black, and then spray it with various colors,
mostly navy blue.
8Lift the round object and you'll get a cool looking space.<

When you buy your paint cans, make sure they're all the same brand.
Wear old clothing that you don't mind getting dirty
Rubber gloves will save your hands from paint. Not necessary, but a
A paper mask, or preferably a respirator, is highly recommended as the
fumes can be toxic

Avoid breathing the fumes as much as possible.
Spray paint is known to be hazardous. Do not paint if you are pregnant or
have any respiratory condition.

Things You'll Need
A respirator or paper mask
Latex gloves (Vinyl if you're allergic)
Glossy Spray Paint
Glossy Poster Board
Round objects of different sizes.
Magazines, sponges, for texture effect.
Stencils for text or images[3]

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