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How to Pack a Pack of Cigarettes by lfsmj2010


									How to Pack a Pack of Cigarettes
Many times whilesmoking a cigarette, the cherry will fall out because the
tobacco is too loose or thecigarette is flickedtoo hard. To ensure that
everything is packed tightly, you can "pack" a pack or box of cigarettes.
1Obtain a box of cigarettes, but do not remove the cellophane.<
2Place the box in your dominating hand and turn the other hand around, so
that the palm is facing up. You can also use a hard, straight object like
a table.
3Grip the box with your fingers on the side or the front & back. Do not
place them on the bottom because it will make the pack uneven and cause
the cigarettes to break.
4"Pack" or hit the object with the cigarette box facing downwards or
upside down. Use a medium force for a few times, then turn it around and
repeat, just enough to get the tobacco pushed down in all of the
5Unravel and remove the cellophane and enjoy your packed cigarettes.<


Be sure that the entire box is hitting the object. Any uneven placements
or corners may damage the box and cigarettes as well, causing them to
break in half.
If you already have removed the cellophane and want to pack the box, grip
the box opening with your thumb and the other four fingers on the back of
the box.

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