; How to Do Camo Spray Paint
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How to Do Camo Spray Paint


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									How to Do Camo Spray Paint
This is a step by step walkthrough on how to spray paint camo.

1Go to the store and get two different colors of flat or ultra-flat
quick-dry spray paint.<
2Take the object that you would like to Spray Paint. (Works best with
Nerf guns, Airsoft guns, etc.)
3Spray paint one side with one color, let dry, and repeat on other side
with the same color.
4Find a leaf that is not rotted, ripped, or to big or small. (If you
can't find a good leaf, cut leaf like shapes out of paper.)
5Place the leaf on your object.
6Do little bursts of spray paint around the leaf.
7Remove the leaf, place it somewhere else on your object, and repeat.
8When you are done one side, let dry and do the same thing on the other

Put tape on any orange tips of airsoft guns to prevent spray painting

Do not inhale spray paint or it will kill your brain cells!
Be sure not to spray paint any orange tips on airsoft guns, it is against
the law.

Things You'll Need
Something to spray paint, and two colors of quick-dry spray paint.

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