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									Resident Handbook
2008 – 2009

301 Church Avenue College Station, Texas 77840 (979) 268-9000

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s
Useful Telephone Numbers Community Living Roommates Roommate Bill of Rights Room Changes Quiet and Courtesy Hours Computer Rooms Fitness Center Game Equipment Laundry Rooms Trash Room Study Lounges Theater Multimedia Room Pool and Courtyard Reception Desk Maintenance Cable TV Housekeeping Business Office Mailboxes Telephone Service Tradition Network and Internet Access Cards and PINs Edge Café Vending Machines Management Team Policy and Procedures Personal Safety Building Safety Tradition Discipline Procedures Prohibited Activities Prohibited Items APPENDIX (Internet use and Operating Guide) 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 11 11 12 15 16 18 19 20 21


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

U s e f u l Te l e p h o n e N u m b e r s
The Tradition at Northgate (Front Desk) The Tradition at Northgate (Fax) Police (College Station):Non-emergency Poison Control Hospital (College Station-Med) Hospital (Bryan-St. Joseph) A&M Information Line A&M Beutel (Health Center) A&M Counseling Help Line Bus Operations Blinn Information Line
(979) 268-9000 (979) 691-2949 (979) 764-3600 (800) 222-1222 (979) 764-5100 (979) 776-3777 (979) 845-3211 (979) 845-1511 (979) 845-2700 (979) 845-1971 (979) 209-7200

O t h e r Te l e p h o n e N u m b e r s


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

Comm unity Living
college education incorporates many aspects, both inside and outside the classroom. You learn to exercise your freedom, yet accept the consequences of your choices. In a student community, like The Tradition at Northgate, you learn to be independent, but also to be responsible to those with whom you live. Along with liberty, community life consists of guidelines and policies developed by students and staff to ensure a pleasant environment. Living within the student community means thinking of others, mutually respecting each individual’s personal rights, confronting inappropriate behaviors, and accepting different types of people and their viewpoints.


Learning to live with one who is different from you is a valuable part of both your residence life experience and education. Roommates and suitemates should arrange times to discuss one another’s needs and rights in the living situation. Some common courtesies should be discussed and expectations outlined regarding the activities that will take place in the room or suite. Some common areas of tension to consider are using the computer all night, using another’s personal items without permission, playing the stereo too loud, entertaining guests too frequently, or making excessive noise when another is still sleeping. Remember that flexibility is the key to an enjoyable living experience. Feel free to speak with your Resident Assistant “RA” for additional help.

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The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
ROOM CHANGES Because “community living” can be a difficult adjustment, The Tradition at Northgate provides roommates and suitemates with a “cooling off” period. Requests for a room change can be made after the third full week of classes each semester. Adjustments will be approved only as space and conditions allow. The management, however, reserves the right at any time to change room assignments in the interests of health, discipline, or the general welfare of our residents. This might include moving residents into twobedroom apartments by themselves, although this may be subject to availability. QUIET HOURS AND COURTESY HOURS The creation of an environment conducive to study in The Tradition at Northgate requires that each resident show consideration of others by keeping his or her noise level down. Residents are expected to maintain a noise level, which cannot be heard outside of their room or apartment, between the hours of 10:00 P.M. through 8:00 A.M., Sunday through Thursday, and Midnight through 9:00 A.M., Friday and Saturday. At all other times, Courtesy Hours are in effect, and the noise level should not disturb fellow residents. In addition, if you are ever asked to turn down your music by a resident or staff member, you should do so immediately. At no time will excessive noise be tolerated in The Tradition at Northgate.
Quiet Hours: Sunday – Thursday Friday – Saturday Final Exam Periods*
*A s defined by

10 p.m. to 9 a.m. Midnight to 9 a.m. 24 Hours

The Tradition at Northgate

C o m m u n i t y Fa c i l i t i e s
COMPUTER ROOMS Computers may be used by Tradition residents for accessing the Internet, writing papers, printing, and any other computer needs. Please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or anything else that could cause damage to the computers. You may be billed for any damage done to computer equipment or the room itself. We also ask that you store your documents on your own media, such as a portable USB drive, as the hard drives will be wiped clean after each reboot. If you have any questions or problems with the equipment please contact the Reception Desk.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook FITNESS CENTER
The fitness center, located on the 5th floor and with plenty of equipment to keep you in shape, is available for use 24 hours a day. Please remember to consult with a physician before starting any exercise program.

Ping-pong, foosball and two pool tables are available for residents to use. Use your Driver’s License to check out equipment at the Reception Desk and have a blast! There’s even a piano available for practice or enjoyment.

Laundry facilities are located on the North Wing of the first floor of both buildings. Our washers and dryers operate on a card system. For your convenience, card purchase machines are available in each laundry room. You are responsible for your own clothes. We recommend that you check each washer and dryer before using them, and stay with your laundry until it is finished. If you have a problem with the machines, please report it to the Reception Desk. We cannot be held responsible for malfunctioning cards; please contact our subcontractor, WebLaundry, at 800-245-9323.

Trash rooms are located on every floor near the elevators. Please bring all room trash to these rooms and use the trash cans for appropriate disposal. It is your responsibility to take excessive trash to the trash room.

Academic Success Center (ASC)
The ASC is located on A3 and is open most weeknights. Here students can work on study skills, find a major, work with a tutor, and have an environment conducive to studying. Please stop by for exact times and services.

If you want to watch the big game, the High Definition Theater on the 5th floor is where you want to be. Residents can reserve the theater in advance to ensure that it will be available. Also, Resident Assistants will provide movies and other events in the theatre on a regular basis for your entertainment.

The Tradition at Northgate has a rear screen projection multimedia room which is ideal for PowerPoint® presentations and other multimedia needs. Please see the reception desk for information and access to the multimedia room resources.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook POOL AND COURTYARD AREA
Enjoy the sunshine by our pool! Periodically the pool will be closed for maintenance and repairs. As there is no lifeguard, you are responsible for your own safety. Pool hours are from 8 AM to 11 PM. Please do not swim alone, and remember to abide by our posted rules and the following guidelines:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Do not run by the pool. No glass is allowed in the pool area. All guests must be accompanied by a resident. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool or public areas.

G e ne ra l S e rvi c e s
Located in the A Building Lobby and open 24 hours a day the Reception Desk is the place to look for guidance regarding the various departments and services of The Tradition at Northgate. You can call the Reception Desk, at any time of the day or night to receive information and help, by dialing (979) 268-9000. Our Reception Desk staff can assist you with the following:

• • • •

• •

Maintenance and housekeeping request forms. Check out of equipment, games, and even bathroom plungers, with a valid Driver’s License. Reporting a lock-out (if you are locked out of your room). Flowers, gifts and other packages are received at the Reception Desk. We will place a notice under your Main Room Door for you to pick up the item. Please remember to show your Driver License when claiming a package. We also receive and send faxes for residents. Check with the Reception Desk staff for prices. Newspapers are delivered daily to the Reception Desk. Please include your name and room number as part of your subscription. Lost and found items.

MAINTENANCE The maintenance personnel work very hard to keep The Tradition at Northgate in top shape. While they care about your maintenance needs, they also appreciate your care of the complex. If you refrain from abusing the building, they can use their time towards preventive measures, and more quickly address your specific needs. If a problem arises, let the Reception Desk know, or complete a maintenance request form. You can also submit a maintenance request by visiting Generally, maintenance requests will be completed the same day or the next regular working day. If you have an emergency, please notify the Reception Desk, or your Resident Assistant.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook CABLE TV
Standard Cable service with HBO is included in your room package. If you choose to order premium cable options above this service level (such as digital cable), you will need to make arrangements with SuddenLink directly. Payment will be your responsibility.

Housekeeping will clean your apartment bi-monthly while the university is in session. A housekeeping schedule will be posted to let you know when your unit will be cleaned. However, excessive mess is not the housekeepers’ responsibility. The housekeeping staff will not move personal items to clean. We ask that you pick up laundry, newspapers, etc. to allow them to clean effectively. Please keep in mind that housekeeping keeps to a strict schedule and that your failure to let them clean at a particular time may result in two weeks without service. Between housekeeping visits, you can empty your trash in the large trashcans we have provided in the trash rooms located on every floor. However, we ask that you refrain from placing trash bags in your hall, in study lounges, laundry rooms or stairwells. Please only put your room trash in the trash room located on your floor. Residents will be charged for trash that is left in common areas or otherwise inappropriately disposed of. If accidents happen, please, inform the Reception Desk. Please remember that our Housekeeping staff does their best to accommodate you with a clean living community; the rest is up to you.

Open 8:30 A.M to 5:00P.M. (Monday-Friday) The accounting office is prepared to help you determine: ◊ Balances owed ◊ Miscellaneous charges and their origin ◊ Payment problems/arrangement for late payments ◊ Change of billing address Please, remember to make your lease payment on the first of each month or semester, whichever the case may be. Payments are late after 5 p.m. on the first of the month. Each student should be aware of when his/her payment is due to avoid the possibility of late charges. Reminders will not be sent out. Please refer to the payment schedule on page 1 of your Tradition room and board agreement for payment due dates.

Each resident is provided with a mailbox. The mailroom is located off the main lobby. Please place any mail that does not belong to your apartment into the outgoing mail slot. Have your mail addressed to: Your Name 301 Church Ave. Box #_______ College Station, TX 77840 You may also drop off outgoing mail in the slot labeled US Mail at any time or at the front desk.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook TELEPHONES
Local telephone service is available through Verizon Telephone Co. Residents who desire telephone service in their rooms should contact Verizon directly at (800) 483-4000 or at

The Tradition at Northgate provides high speed Internet access to each resident’s bedroom and provides wireless access in specific areas, such as the ASC, Reception Desk area and Edge Café. Setup is simple and requires only an appropriate RJ45 Ethernet cable or wireless card for wireless areas. Please see the Appendix at the back of this handbook for information on installation and policies on use.




Upon check-in, you will receive a special access card and a personal identification number (PIN) that will allow you access to the Tradition at Northgate. It is important that you carry this card with you at all times while outside of your room. The access card can be used on any number of access card readers you will see throughout the facility, particularly in the garage and courtyard entrances. Access cards need only be passed in the proximity of the card reader to be read. In other words, you may not have to remove your card from your wallet or pocketbook. Just get the card close to the card reader to activate. As a second security measure, you will be asked to enter your PIN. Once accepted, the door will temporarily unlock and allow access. For your safety, please be sure not to give your card or PIN to anyone. Also, do not write your PIN on your card.

The Tradition at Northgate dining room (The Edge Cafe) is open when Texas A&M University Housing is in session. Individual meal tickets are available for sale at the check stand in the café. Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am — 7 :30 pm Friday, 7:00am – 7:00pm Saturday and Sunday (Brunch and Dinner), 10:00am – 7:00pm Between meals, the dining room will serve a limited selection of grill items and sandwiches. If you do not have time to eat, the dining room will prepare a to-go lunch for you if you ask one day in advance. The dining room asks that you bus your own table to keep the dining area clean, and that you remember your ID in order to get into the dining room.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
BREAKFAST: For breakfast every day you will find eggs cooked to order, omelet bar, a breakfast meat, cereal, French toast, pancakes or waffles, bagels and cream cheese, oatmeal, juice, and milk. ENTREES: For every lunch and dinner, we provide at least two entrees that are cooked fresh daily. We also provide vegetarian items upon request. We offer a full line of side dishes, including: baked potatoes, plenty of vegetables, and steamed rice. PIZZA, PASTA, STIR FRY BAR: Several pastas and sauces are available for you to choose from. You can also make your own pizza with a wide variety of toppings! Additionally, there is a Wok to stir fry your favorite Asian dishes. DELI BAR: Choose from an assortment of fresh sliced deli meats, cheeses, and breads to make the perfect sandwich. Or, grab some soup on a cold day to warm you up. We also have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and made to order grilled cheeses. WEEKEND BRUNCH: Weekend brunch at The Tradition at Northgate is delicious. In addition to our regular breakfast fare, we offer the deli bar, the salad and fruit bar, made to order Belgian Waffles, and omelets. SALAD BAR: Over thirty vegetables and toppings are prepared daily by our own salad department to add to your dining enjoyment. GRILL LINE: This line features hamburgers, Philly cheese steaks, chicken sandwiches, French fries, hot dogs, and more! DESSERTS: To cap off your meal, you can enjoy a variety of desserts made from scratch. We also have soft serve ice cream with various toppings.

1. Everyone entering the Café during meal hours must present a valid Tradition meal card or a meal coupon. 2. Residents that misplace their meal card may be requested to present another form of picture ID in order to be allowed into the Café. 3. Your meal plan is for you only. You cannot admit guests with your card or lend your ID card to anyone else. 4. Please enjoy your meals in the Café area only. If you need something to go, please complete a lunch box request form available at the café check stand. 5. No Edge Cafe property (dishes, glasses, utensils, etc.) may be removed from the Café. 6. No personal beverage or food containers are allowed in the Café. 7. Shirt and shoes are required for entry into the Edge Cafe . 8. Smoking is prohibited in the Edge Cafe . 9. If you are too ill to eat in the dining room, please ask your Resident Assistant to bring a sick tray from the Café for you. 10. As a courtesy to other residents, please bus your dishes/trays.

Vending machines are located on several floors. Money lost in these machines should be reported to the reception desk, so that we can notify the vending company. Please report any machines that are out of order as well.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

Mana ge me nt and Resident Life Staf f
The General Manager, William Layman, is responsible for the overall management of the staff, business operations and facilities. The Assistant General Manager, Jennifer Reed, assists the General Manager in the day-to-day operations, directly oversees customer services and reception desk operations and supervises the Residence Life staff. The Dining Services Manager, Rich Risbon, operates The Tradition at Northgate’s Edge Cafe and is responsible for all food service in The Tradition. The Dining Services Manager welcomes your comments and suggestions. The Facilities Manager, Joe Lapaglia, is responsible for all maintenance and housekeeping operations. Please inform the reception desk to speak with the Facilities Manager if you are having continuing maintenance or housekeeping related problems or concerns. The Bookkeeper, Kristina Harris-Darnell, is responsible for answering all questions about billing, payment plans or financial aid deferments. The Leasing Manager, Angela Hassell, is responsible for lease interpretation, renewals and referrals program, special accommodations and public relations. The Assistant Dining Services Manager, Sydney Steinbacher, assists the Dining Services Manager with special dietary requests, meal plan questions and all Edge Café customer service inquires. The Resident Director, David Gimarc, assists with the Residence Life program, activities, and policy enforcement through supervising RA’s.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
Your Resident Assistant (RA) is someone you will see frequently. The RA is a full-time student living in The Tradition at Northgate fulfilling a dual role of floor advisor and peer assistant; he/she is a resource person to help in the living/learning experience. Your RA has been selected on the basis of interpersonal skills and leadership. Each RA is committed to assisting each student as well as confronting those who disturb the community. We, as a staff, invite you to stop by and meet us. We are here for you, dedicated to serve and assist your needs.

Policies and Pr oced ures
The bulletin boards on each floor are for use by the staff of The Tradition at Northgate. If you would like to post items in the reception desk area or on the bulletin boards, you must get prior approval from the reception desk.

The Tradition at Northgate provides bicycle racks around the building for resident’s and guests. As a resident, you must register your bike during move-in or at Reception Desk, where you will receive a Tradition Bike Sticker. Do not store bikes in the building. We recommend that you keep your bike locked when it is not in use in legal designated areas, as The Tradition at Northgate is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.

Residents are equally responsible for the conditions of their apartments and the common areas. Any person causing damage will be billed for repairs and subject to disciplinary action.

Occasionally, members of The Tradition at Northgate staff may have to enter your room to check general conditions, to make repairs, to perform custodial services, to handle emergencies, conduct health and safety checks and to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

The rooms at The Tradition at Northgate are treated by a professional exterminator several times per year. If there is a continuing insect problem in a room, please report it to the reception desk. It is important to note that cleanliness (such as trash disposal and proper storage of food) will go a long way towards keeping your room pest-free.

The Tradition at Northgate is your home, and you are welcome to have an occasional overnight guest. Keep in mind that your roommate will appreciate


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
knowing in advance, since they live there too. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. This means informing them of the policies of The Tradition at Northgate and soliciting their cooperation while visiting. Please limit the stay of any overnight guests to two nights. A resident who houses a guest for more than two nights may be subject to fines or possible disciplinary action.

The Tradition at Northgate would be happy to accommodate you between semesters and during official University vacations. Please contact the office to make arrangements to have your room available to you. Meal service and housekeeping are not available during holiday breaks. Only limited staff and maintenance support will be available to residents during holiday breaks.

These allow you to personally enter The Tradition at Northgate securely. Lost access cards or excess requests for Reception Desk entry will result in a $15.00 replacement charge.

Please remember that the doors at The Tradition at Northgate must be locked when you exit your apartment. In the event you are locked out, you may check out a key for up to 24 hours. If you have not returned the key within 24 hours, your locks will be changed and you will be responsible for a $35.00 lock change fee.

Fish and their aquariums (under 20 gallons) are the only pets The Tradition at Northgate allows—with the exception of sight and hearing guide dogs. Birds and other pets must stay at home.

The Tradition at Northgate is your home away from home, and we want you to feel comfortable. You are free to bring plants and to place posters on the walls. We do ask that you refrain from using contact paper and painting on the walls, ceilings, furniture, etc., or using finishing nails or push pins in the doors.

Request for repairs can be made at the Reception Desk or online at Anything needing attention should be reported as soon as possible. Please allow adequate response time to pass before making duplicate requests or calling. Emergencies related to maintenance and repair should be reported to the reception desk immediately.

Residents will receive an invoice or a bill in their mailbox or in person when they are fined. They will have ten days to pay the fine before late charges begin to accrue. Fines can be paid at the reception desk.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

Safety Procedures
The Tradition at Northgate considers fire safety extremely important, and students have an obligation to adhere to our regulations as well as city and state statutes. The Tradition at Northgate may conduct periodic fire drills. Failure to evacuate during fire alarms will result in disciplinary action.

The following are prohibited in The Tradition at Northgate because of their serious potential as fire hazards: • Open flames such as candles and incense, etc. • Appliances with exposed heating elements. • Doors and walls in rooms that are over one-half covered with paper, posters, etc. • Use or possession of fireworks or firecrackers • Use or possession of combustible paints or liquids. • Mopeds or other combustible engines. • Halogen lamps or unapproved appliances.

Any individual who misuses or tampers with fire safety equipment may be subject to eviction, a fine of $500 plus the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment, cleaning of the facility, and damage to other property. We will also contact local law enforcement officials and you may be subject to disciplinary action under their jurisdiction.

Every effort will be made to identify individuals who cause a false alarm. When such persons are identified, they will be referred to the College Station Fire Department and Police Department for disciplinary action. In addition to legal proceedings, each individual involved will be subject to eviction.

Any individual who sets fire (commits arson) in or near The Tradition at Northgate will be evicted, turned over to the College Station Police and/or Fire Department, and be charged a fine of $500, plus repairs.

First Alarm: • Residents should check their immediate area for any obvious indications of a fire or cause for the alarm. If none are observed, they should exit through or down the stairwells. • Residents should use common sense and not panic. • Staff members will investigate the cause of each alarm. Residents should


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
begin an immediate and orderly evacuation along the designated evacuation route established for their area. Exit the building and wait for instructions or permission to re-enter the building from designated staff. Residents should not run or use the elevator. Residents should take their room keys with them. Anyone who does not evacuate or property and comply with the instructions of the staff will be required to surrender his/her I.D. to a staff member and may be subject to disciplinary action. After re-entry begins, I.D.’s will be returned at the Reception Desk. The Tradition at Northgate staff will signal that the building is safe and ready for re-entry. No one is to re-enter until this signal is given. Personnel authorized to give re-entry instructions are: General Manager, Assistant General Manager, or the Resident Director.

• •


During severe weather alerts (watches and warnings), residents are encouraged to monitor television and radio reports and should take reasonable precautions. Each resident should have a flashlight accessible in case of power failure. In the event of a tornado sighting, all persons in the building should move immediately to the interior hallways of the lowest possible floor away from windows. Persons who fail to respond to a tornado alert siren, or who choose to leave safer areas of the building before an alert siren ceases, do so at their own risk.

Personal Safety
The Tradition at Northgate management would like you to be aware of some important guidelines for the safety of yourself and your property. These suggestions have been approved by the Texas Police Association and the Sheriff’s Association of Texas. We recommend that you consider following these guidelines, in addition to other common sense safety practices.

Lock your doors at all times. You have deadbolt locks on the living room door; use it while you are inside your room. While answering the door, first determine who is there by looking through the peephole. If the person is unknown, first talk with them without opening the door and don’t open the door if you have concerns. Do not give or lend your keys, The Tradition at Northgate I.D., access card or mailbox key to anyone. Do not put markings on your key ring to identify your name, address or phone number. If you are concerned because you have lost your key or because someone whom you distrust has a key, ask the reception desk to have your locks reprogrammed. You have a statutory right to do so, provided you pay the cost of re-programming in advance.

• • •


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook • • •
Dial “911” for emergencies. Immediately following, please call the reception desk (268-9000) and/or your RA so they may take appropriate measures. Periodically check your door locks and other security devices to be sure they are working properly. Immediately report to the reception desk in writing any malfunction of other safety devices outside your room, such as broken locks, burned out lights in stairwells and parking lots, blocked passage ways, broken railings, etc. Mark or engrave identification on valuable personal possessions.


Always lock your doors while you are gone. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. When walking at night, walk with another person, if possible. Let your RA and a friend know if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time.

Always lock your car doors Whenever possible, do not leave any visible items in your car, such as MP3 players, wrapped packages, briefcases, purses, GPS systems, etc. Do not leave your keys in your car. Carry your key ring in your hand while walking to your car, whether it is daylight or dark, or whether you are at home, school, work, or on vacation. Remember to check the back seat and under your car before getting in.

There is no such thing as a fail-safe security system. Even the most elaborate of security precautions are not guarantees against crime. You should always proceed as if such security systems do not exist. All systems are subject to mechanical malfunctions, tampering, human error and personnel absenteeism. The Tradition at Northgate makes no expressed or implied warranties of security. The best safety measures you can take are the ones you yourself can perform as a matter of common sense and habit. Please carefully consider and follow these suggestions.

Building Safety
The Tradition at Northgate is not responsible for any personal damages or thefts. We highly recommend that you obtain renter’s insurance.

Extension cords and multiple outlets are designed for minimum use for short periods of time. Multi-plug outlets and improper use of extension cords create fire and safety hazards. Therefore, the following information should be considered when using this equipment:


Too many appliances on one extension cord can cause the cord to overheat and result in a fire. (Note: two or more cords plugged together are theoretically still only one cord.)


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook •
Extension cords placed in or through doorways that have metal doors or door frames, as well as cords draped over metal objects or put in areas where they may be walked on, create the added risk of shock or electrocution. The outlets in each room were designed for either one or two appliances. The use of multi-plug covers to increase the number of appliances on one outlet is prohibited due to fire and safety hazards, as well as circuit overloads.


This is not an exclusive list of problems that can be caused by improper use of cords and outlets. Please contact the reception desk if you have any questions.

Use of electrical appliances is permitted within certain guidelines. Generally, appliances should require no more than one thousand watts. Appliances used in The Tradition at Northgate must be safe in design and structure (such as UL approved appliances) and properly maintained. Cooking appliances in rooms is limited to popcorn poppers, coffeepots and microwave ovens. We strongly recommend you utilize surge suppressors or protectors on all computers, electrical or electronic equipment. Before leaving for breaks and holidays, please unplug all electrical appliances to guard against fire hazards. George Foreman grills, hotpots, etc, are prohibited.

Any theft or other crime should be reported immediately to the College Station Police Department and your RA or Resident Director. There are several things residents can do to decrease the possibility of theft: • Room and apartment doors should be locked at all times. Residents should always keep their keys with them even when going to eat or if a roommate is in the room and is not expected to leave during this time. • Valuables should be kept locked and out of sight. • Residents should practice being their “neighbor’s keepers.” This can be done by knowing the other residents on the floor and by immediately reporting to The Tradition at Northgate staff any suspicious person(s) seen wandering in the building. The Tradition at Northgate does not allow soliciting or profiteering on its property. Please report those individuals to your RA or the reception desk. Lost keys should be reported to the reception desk immediately.

Individuals at The Tradition at Northgate will be held responsible for their actions. Damage, vandalism, removal of public furniture, setting off alarms, etc. could result in fines or eviction. If the individuals responsible cannot be identified, we reserve the right to hold all residents responsible for damages. Before a floor is charged, there will be an opportunity for the individuals to identify themselves and to take responsibility for their actions.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

T ra d i t i on Di s c i p l i ne
In The Tradition at Northgate, where a large number of people with varying lifestyles live in such close proximity, rules and regulations are necessary to promote the general welfare of the community. There are some behaviors that will not be tolerated, because they disrupt the development of a positive community atmosphere and infringe on the rights of other residents. It is your responsibility as a resident to be familiar with, and abide by, the guidelines that have been established. You will be held accountable for your actions if you fail to adhere to these guidelines. Infractions of Tradition policies and regulations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including the termination of your Tradition lease. We have a responsibility to the resident and the community, and we will not hesitate to terminate the lease of a resident who disrupts the welfare of The Tradition at Northgate community. We reserve the right to add to these guidelines, as needed.

It is essential that residents comply with the reasonable requests of staff members when confronted with a violation. Failure to comply with the request of a Resident Assistant, or other staff member will result in progressing disciplinary action and possible eviction from The Tradition.

Residents living in The Tradition at Northgate are subject to terms and conditions of their Tradition Lease and Rules and Regulations contained in the lease, in addition to the policies and procedures contained in this booklet.

If you violate a rule or regulation, it will come to the attention of a Resident Assistant. In many cases, the Resident Assistant will discuss the infraction with you. If you fail to correct your behavior, or if the violation is a serious one, the Resident Assistant will refer the incident to the Resident Director (RD) or the Assistant General Manager (AGM). When an incident is referred to the RD or AGM, he or she will contact you to arrange a discipline appointment. Failure to appear for the appointment may result in the immediate notification of the guarantor of your lease for resolution of the problem and, if conditions warrant, possible termination of your lease. Based on the information that is obtained, the RD or AGM may take one or more of the following actions: 1. Counseling: A dialogue between the staff (RD or AGM) and the resident to correct the behavior and to inform the resident of the consequences of any further infractions. 2. Restitution: An action where the resident makes payment for damages to The Tradition at Northgate.


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
3. 4. Room Change: A reassignment to another room, floor, or apartment. Written Warning: A written notice that indicates that an infraction has occurred and which explains that subsequent infractions could result in more serious action. The written warning is included in the resident’s file. Depending on the infraction, the guarantor of the lease may also be provided with a copy of this written warning. Contract Probation: A written notice that indicates a serious or repeated infraction of the rules and regulations. Contract Probation is for a specific period of time and specific restrictions may be imposed on the resident. Contract Probation is usually the step before a resident’s lease is terminated. Under most circumstances, the guarantor of the lease will be notified of this action. The written notice is included in the resident's file. result in the termination of a resident’s lease. The resident will be required to move out of their assigned apartment and permanently move out of the facilities. The General Manager will review and make all decisions regarding termination and eviction. If a resident’s lease is terminated and they are instructed to leave The Tradition at Northgate, he/she is financially responsible for the balance of the lease contract amount, including any and all damage charges, fines and fees. The guarantor will always be notified if a resident’s lease is terminated.


6. Termination: Serious infractions or repeated violations can

Pro hibited Activities
Athletic Activities: These include, but are not limited to roughhousing, throwing/bouncing/kicking of objects, the use of golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, footballs, water guns, paintball guns, airsoft guns, water balloons, etc inside the building, including the parking garage. Any Ceiling Alterations: These include but are not limited to mounting ceiling fans, mounting light fixtures, removal of ceiling panels, affixing of posters, stickers (including glow in the dark stars) etc. Construction in Room: This includes but is not limited to building lofts, bunk beds, elevating furniture on blocks, etc. Fighting: This includes but is not limited to fisticuffs, shaving cream fights, water fights, food fights, physical assault, etc. Hazing: This includes mental and physical abuse of any student by another student(s). Hazing is prohibited by state law and will subject those guilty thereof to criminal prosecutions and disciplinary action. Barricading is considered a form of hazing and is also prohibited in or around The Tradition at Northgate. Skateboards, roller blades and bicycles: These may not be used or ridden anywhere in The Tradition at Northgate. Use of Windows and Ledges: Throwing, dropping or hanging objects from windows and ledges is prohibited. The Removal of window screens is prohibited and will result in a $25 replacement/rehanging charge.


• • •

• •


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook •
Smoking: Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Smoking is not allowed in any Tradition room. Residents caught smoking in The Tradition at Northgate are subject to a $100 fine for each occurrence. Illegal Substances: Federal and State Law prohibit the possession, use or sale of narcotic drugs and marijuana. Living in The Tradition at Northgate does not make you immune to these laws. The Tradition at Northgate has a zero tolerance for such behavior, and the possession of or use of illegal drugs on the premises may result in eviction. State law also prohibits the sale, distribution and possession of illegal drugs on the premises—any such violation will result in eviction. Also, state law prohibits the sale, possession and distribution of alcohol to persons under the age of 21 years. Violators may be subject to eviction with no refund of any unused portion of the contract and with continued liability for rent and other sums due under the contract.


Prohibited Items
Because of the potential injury to individuals and damage to property, the items listed below are prohibited. Possession of any of these items will result in the item(s) being confiscated and the possessor/owner facing disciplinary action. Residents are encouraged to use common sense and ask questions of staff members if necessary. Students should also be aware that all residents of a room might be held equally responsible for any prohibited items that might be found in their room.


• •


• •

• 20

Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages and containers are prohibited in all public areas of The Tradition at Northgate as well as in any bedrooms inhabited by minors. Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be in full compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations and in accordance with these Rules and Regulations. Within those limits, the decision to drink, and how much, is a personal one. Alcohol related conduct that infringes upon the rights of others to a quiet, orderly living environment is not acceptable under any circumstances. Absolutely no kegs or other multi-serving containers are allowed on the property. Antennas: Antennas may not be attached to the outside of the building. Firearms/Weapons: Firearms, ammunition and other weapons including BB guns, pellet pistols, air rifles, nunchakus, bows and arrows, sling shots, blow guns, etc. are prohibited in all areas of The Tradition at Northgate. Fuels: Any flammable fuels are prohibited at The Tradition at Northgate. Motorcycles, mopeds and other transportation utilizing such fuels must be parked off-property or in the parking garage. Illegal Substances: The sale, use, storage and/or production of any and all illegal substances are prohibited throughout The Tradition at Northgate. Miscellaneous: Water guns, water balloons, catapults, fireworks, smoke bombs, and appliances with open heating elements, etc. are prohibited throughout The Tradition at Northgate. Waterbeds and Furniture: This includes all liquid filled furniture.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

Internet Use and Operating Guide


The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

Guide line s f o r A cce pta bl e Us e of T h e T ra d i t i o n N e t wo r k
These guidelines apply to all residents, agents and authorized third parties that are granted access to the internet provided by The Tradition at Northgate (hereinafter called We/Ours/Us) and considered "The Network". By accessing The Network, you agree to observe and be legally bound by all the provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The Network is furnished for the resident's own use and not for resale. The Network is furnished for personal, residential use only, not for commercial or business use. NOTE: Any references in this policy to “computer” are to be understood to include any model of desktop computer, laptop computer, palm computing device, handheld computing device or other device capable of accessing or connecting to the local Area Network. You are permitted one IP address per leased bedroom. You will not register with the network more than one computer per leased bedroom. You will not operate unregistered computers on The Network. Network jacks in locations other than the bedrooms, where provided, are a convenience only; and do not increase the number of IP addresses available to the residents. You understand that you may access the Internet through The Network. You assume total responsibility and risk for your use of the Internet. You understand that the Internet contains unedited materials, some of which are sexually explicit or may be offensive to you. You access such materials at your own risk. Under no circumstances shall We or Our contractors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages that result in any way from your use of or inability to access the Internet.

You are accountable for all violations of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) by any third party using your computer. The security of your computer is your responsibility and unauthorized use does not negate your accountability. You are responsible for payment of all charges which result from the use of your computer on The Network, including charges incurred on the Internet. You are responsible for protecting your computer against viruses and other malicious code. You are strongly urged to install anti-virus software and to keep it up to date. In the event that your computer becomes infected with a virus, trojan, or other malicious code that affects Network performance, your access to the Network may be restricted or terminated. In the event a computer has caused The Network or a network device to become compromised, We, Our affiliates, and our contractors, will assist in the tracking and/or expulsion of said offender on the network level to any extent found reasonable and prudent. You agree that your bandwidth and access to the Internet may be limited. You agree that your access to The Network may be refused, limited, interrupted, or curtailed due to government or educational institution regulations or order, system capacity limitation, or equipment modifications, upgrades, repairs and similar activities necessary or appropriate for the proper operation of the residence's Network.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
PROHIBITED ACTS You will not post, transmit or permit Internet access to information you desire to keep confidential. You will not post or transmit any information/software that contains a virus, trojan, cancel bot, worm, illicit code or other harmful components. You will not allow your computer to become infected with a virus or to be compromised in any way. You will not post or transmit any unlawful, tortuous, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane or otherwise objectionable information of any kind. You will not transmit any material constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law, including without limitation to the U.S. Export control laws and regulations. You will not transmit any material that would incite a riot or encourage a terrorist attack. You will not post or transmit any material that is likely to result in retaliatory attacks against Us, Our affiliates, or our contractors by offended users. You will not originate or participate in sending any Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), aka Spam. You will be held fully accountable for all actions including Spam/UCE/UBE originating from your computer, network device or any Spam/UCE/UBE which causes Us, or Our affiliates, or Our contractors to respond, regardless of the point of origin. You will not forge header information. You will not operate any servers within The Network. You will not restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying The Network or the Internet. You will not post, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute or in any way exploit any information, software or other material for commercial purposes (other than as expressly permitted by the provider of such information, software or other material). You will not upload, download, post, publish, transmit, reproduce, or distribute in any way, information, software or other material which is protected by copyright, or other proprietary right, or derivative works with respect thereto, without obtaining permission of the copyright owner or right holder (including, but not limited to: sound files, video files and software). You will not in any way attack The Network equipment or equipment owned by other people, groups, organizations, or entities. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to or cause improper behavior of any equipment on The Network. You will not use equipment on The Network to attempt to gain unauthorized access to or cause improper behavior of any equipment owned by others. You will not perform any type of "Denial of Service" attack. You will not use equipment to perform unauthorized attempts to bypass or defeat any authorization, protection, security, or permission mechanisms of any equipment on The Network or any equipment owned by others. You will not attempt to circumvent user authentication or the security of any host, network, or account ("cracking"). You will not use an IP number other than the one given/assigned to you by the registration server. You will not misrepresent your IP number or adapter address and/or use a translation scheme to misrepresent or hide your IP number or adapter address. You will not use any program, utility, or file that can be used to gain unauthorized access. You will not allow any other entities to access the Internet using your connection to The Network. You will not attach any equipment to the Network at any point other than the network jack/ jacks provided in your leased apartment.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
VIOLATIONS Upon violation of this AUP, We, or Our affiliates, may warn, suspend, or terminate the connection(s) involved. We, Our affiliates, and Our contractors maintain the right to investigate any possible violation of this AUP and maintain the right to recovering expenses incurred during the investigation. The resident agrees to pay these fees to Us, Our affiliates, and Our contractors upon receipt of the bill for services, even if the connection has been terminated for violation of this AUP. We, Our affiliates, and Our contractors retain the right to seek criminal and civil remedies against any violator of this AUP. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Us, Our affiliates, and Our contractors, harmless from any and all liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, related to any violation of this AUP by you or users of your computer. We, Our affiliates, and Our contractors will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the detection and prosecution of illegal activity. LIABILITY We, Our affiliates, and Our contractors will not be liable for any outages of The Network and no credit allowances or other refunds will be issued. Maintenance of the Ethernet system, including network cabling, switching equipment, and registration server, hardware and software is the responsibility of Us and Our affiliates. This Ethernet system extends up to and includes the wall jack in your room. Maintenance of your personal equipment, including but not limited to your computer, network interface card (NIC) and patch cable (from your computer to the wall jack), is your responsibility. We, Our affiliates, and Our contractors reserve the right to assess a fee for restoration of your access to The Network following a denial of service due to violation of the AUP (including interruptions of service due to virus infection). Your network access may be discontinued if you fail to pay such charges. PRIVACY POLICY We respect and protect the privacy of the individuals that use the Ethernet at our Apartment Community. Your personal information is available only to Us and Our affiliates. Your email address will be used only to send you notices regarding Us or the Ethernet system, and for registration information verification. NOTICE TO ALL TENANTS A reminder to current tenants and a notice to new tenants: Managed Network Solutions, as the Internet Service Provider, will provide technical support for its network only and is not responsible for your PC. Managed Network Solutions is responsible for everything up until the wall jack in the apartment. Cables, routers, and PCs within the apartment are the tenant’s responsibility to maintain and support. A service charge of $45 will be billed to the tenant if a technician is dispatched and, using a properly configured laptop with a proper network cable, he/she determines that the error is not within Managed Network Solutions realm of responsibility as described above. Failure to pay the service charge will result in the disconnection of the tenant’s network port. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, if you should experience a problem with your internet connection go through the following checklist before contacting the Apartment Main Office to open up an Internet Trouble Ticket.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
HOW TO OPEN A TROUBLE TICKET WITH MANAGED NETWORK SOLUTIONS 1. Double check to make sure that the PC is plugged in completely to both the wall jack and the back of the PC. If you are running Windows XP and the cable is not plugged in correctly, in the lower right corner of the screen there will be an icon that displays a message stating that the network cable is unplugged. Otherwise, check the NIC to see if there is a small light next to the port indicating if the cable is linked. Or, from the command prompt, you can type ipconfig, and it will tell you if the cable is connected or not. 2. Make sure that you have a valid IP address. See the Release/Renew Instructions on page 11 for details. Your IP address should not be listed as either or . If it is, there may be something incorrectly set for the network card or windows. 3. Make sure that DNS is working correctly. Do this by opening up a command prompt window as described in the Release/Renew Instructions section. At the prompt type in ping . The resulting display should look something like this: Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=253 Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=253 Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=253 Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=253 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss) If you get a request timed out response make sure your DNS and DHCP settings are correct. See the Setting up PCs as DHCP clients on pages 9 & 10 for more information. 4. If after these steps you are still unable to connect to the internet, call the Reception Desk, tell them that you are having problems with your internet connection, and that you need to open a trouble ticket with Managed Network Solutions. Provide them with your name, phone number, apartment number and as much information as possible regarding the nature of your problem. Only after a trouble ticket has been opened will our technicians be able to respond to your problem. Without proper documentation, Managed Network Solutions will not provide support for any issue. Our service requires: • A properly installed Network Interface Card (a.k.a. Ethernet Card or N.I.C.). • TCP/IP protocol installed and bound to the N.I.C. • A CAT5 or better rated Ethernet patch cable not to exceed 20 feet in length. • DHCP Client (Either a PC or SOHO/Cable/DSL router e.g. Linksys, Netgear, DLink). Our service includes

• Jacks that will allow a properly configured PC access to the internet • Each jack is allowed up to 1Mbit of upload and 3Mbits of download (actual
speed determined by network utilization and speed of your computer)

• A SMTP server ( for outgoing e-mail.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook NEW TENANT INTERNET CONNECTION SETUP CHECKLIST
To connect to the internet, you will need: A PC with a properly installed network interface card (NIC) in it. An Ethernet cable (also referred to as Cat 5 or Cat 6 with an RJ-45 connection). Identifying the proper equipment to use: Before plugging in, it is very important not to confuse a NIC with a Modem, or to mistake an RJ-11 phone cable for an Ethernet cable. Newer PC’s usually come with a NIC already installed in them and will have only one jack to plug a cable in. PC modems usually have two jacks to plug into, and they are smaller than a network jack. A standard phone cord has 4 wires in it, which are usually flat, while an Ethernet cable has 8 wires and is a round cable. Here are a couple pictures to help you identify the correct cable.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
Locating the Network Interface Jack: In most of the multiple bedroom apartments, there will be a network interface Jack located in each bedroom and sometimes one in the living room. Almost all of the 1 bedroom apartments have their network interface jack in the bedroom, but a few have them located only in the living room. If you are unsure where to find you network interface jack, contact the apartment main office and they will be able to assist you. How to check if you’re connected: On most NICs there will be either one or two LEDs that will light up and indicate a connection to the network. If you are unable to connect or are receiving error messages, see the release/renew and DHCP setup sections of this move-in packet to make sure all your PCs settings are correct. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: How much bandwidth do I get? A: Each port is rate limited to 1Mbit Upload and 3Mbit download (actual speed determined by network utilization and speed of your computer) Q: Why can’t I access the internet? A: There are several possible answers to this question. 1. Your PC may be not be configured properly or may have a hardware malfunction. 2. The Internet is provided over redundant carrier grade microwave radio links. During bad weather these links may suffer loss or drop connection for the duration of a storm. 3. We monitor network traffic to identify virus activity and abuse of the network. We attempt to provide a network that allows all users an equal share of the bandwidth. If we detect high utilization on a single port for an extended amount of time or extremely high utilization denoting virus activity we will disable the offending switch port. Most of the time this is remedied with a virus scan or the disabling of file sharing after which we can re-enable the port Q: Why can’t I send email? A: While on our network your outgoing mail server (SMTP) should be set to This service is provided in good faith that you will not exploit it by sending spam messages through it. Spam has become a large problem and many networks will deny access to networks that are listed as sending mass spam. We will not tolerate spam originating from our networks. If it is determined that you are intentionally sending spam your internet connection will be terminated. If you repeatedly get infected with virii that send spam messages your internet connection will be terminated. SMTP ports have been disabled to keep spam from being sent from servers on our network that are not in our control. Q: Why can’t I use Bit Torrent? A: In order to assure fair network usage we have disabled ports such as 6969. Q: What ports have been disabled? A: Other than Bit Torrent ports and SMTP no other ports have been disabled. On occasion, other ports may be disabled to protect the network from exploits and virii as deemed necessary by Network Administration.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
Q: My internet seems slow. What happened? A: Again there are several possible answers. You could have a virus. You could have several programs that are attempting to access your network card. There could be bad weather in the area. Your computer may have software or hardware issues. There could be many computers on the network that have a virus or are using up the allotted bandwidth. There may be an issue with our networking equipment. Q: I keep hearing about viruses, how can I keep from getting them? A: Here are some suggestions, for more specifics see the memo on PC preventative maintenance. Be careful what you click on and what web pages you view. Install a virus scanner keep it updated and use it often. Don’t install programs you know nothing about. Keep your operating system up to date. Q: Why should I update Windows so often? A: Microsoft is continually finding different exploits and “holes” in the code for their software and are offering patches to keep your PC protected from hackers and the latest viruses. Q: How do I know if my version of Windows is patched and up to date? A: In the Windows start menu, there should be an icon for Windows Update. Either click on that to open the website or open a web browser window and go to: . Select the option to scan for updates and it will show you if there are new updates for you to install or not. Q: Where can I get Virus scanning software? A: If you are a TAMU student you can purchase software at a discount on the website. If not, you can purchase the software at any electronics store such as Best Buy or Circuit City. Q: My internet service does not work or is running very slow, what do I do? A: Follow the troubleshooting tips on page 3 of this packet, the “Notice to all Tenants” page. If you are still having problems after that, contact the main office of your apartment complex and have them open a trouble ticket. Give them you name, apartment number, phone number, and a specific explanation of your problem and a technical support representative will contact you as soon as possible. Q: My computer needs to be fixed. Does Managed Network Solutions fix computers? A: No. Managed Network Solutions is strictly a bandwidth provider for your apartment complex and will not repair or trouble shoot problems on your PC. There are several businesses in town that do that however. Thunder Computers and MicroAge are two examples. Also, if you are a TAMU student, you can take your PC in to the Computer Department to have them repair it for you at a discounted rate.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE RECOMMENDATIONS
In order to help ensure that you are able to take full advantage of our Internet access, we recommend the following be done to ensure your PC's health: 1. Make sure that you have up to date virus scan software on your computer. Mcafee and Norton update their virus definitions at least once a week to keep you protected against the latest viruses plaguing the internet • A&M Students can register for a free copy of Mcafee at • An online viruscan is available also at




Every one to two weeks be sure to run Windows Update to stay up to date with security patches for your computer. • On any Windows system a link for this can be found in the start menu or- you can go to Keep your computer clean of popups and adware that records your internet usage. • Ad Aware is a software program that scans for and removes adware. It can be found to download free here: support/download/



If you keep up with regular maintenance on your computer, the likelihood that your computer will experience problems or become infected with a virus is drastically reduced. Don’t let carelessness get in the way of finishing that term paper on time. Virus Protection is YOUR Responsibility!! Immediate Action is Required. Please understand that viral infection on your PC is a valid reason to terminate your Internet connection. Computer Viruses hurt you and others on the network. A lot has been said about the whole computer virus thing, especially lately, but what's the real story? Well, we have been through the viral trenches and we are here to tell all. A virus is basically a miniature program that runs on your computer and does bad things. Two of the biggest questions about viruses (as far as we're concerned) are: 'Can I get one from a web site or download?' and 'How can I prevent them?' You can get a computer virus from any of the following sources: e-mail; downloaded software; software updates; ICQ; a web page; any document, program or application that you accept from your local network; any disk, diskette, tape, cartridge or other media you stick in your computer; or any software you install. In other words, almost anything at any time. Scared? Don't be, because the vast majority of those potential threats are only that - potential. With a little care, caution, and paranoia, you can stay virus free.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
Step 1. (Not an option!!): Get a good virus scanning program. As far as we are concerned, that means getting Norton Anti-Virus (the 2004 Edition is the best so far), setting it to start automatically when you boot up your machine, telling it to perform "Auto-Scan" at startup, and enabling it to watch both your incoming and outgoing e-mail. Step 2. Update your virus scanner regularly. I'm talking about the free, online updates that refresh the virus scanner's database so it can detect the latest virus in the ever-evolving plague. These are small, fast updates and --if you're asking my advice-- mandatory. I do my updates every few days or so, and it only takes about 2 minutes. Setting it up to run automatically using the Live Update feature on Norton is even better. Step 3. Always assume that an incoming file, program or disk is a possible threat. You can set Norton to automatically scan downloaded files and any disks inserted into your machine, which makes 24-hour protection painless. In particular, be suspicious of anything that comes as an e-mail attachment. If it's got a funny name (hello.jpg.scr or some such), be doubly suspicious. Save it and run a manual scan before you even think about opening it. Step 4. A Biggy!!! If you are running Windows, check for Security Patches at: FOR WINDOWS 95 AND 98 Setting up PCs as DHCP clients. (Note: Before you can do a “release / renew” your computer needs to be setup as a DHCP client.) Step 1: • Right-click the 'Network Neighborhood' icon on the Windows desktop • Select 'Properties' from the drop-down menu Step 2: • From the window which appears, select the TCP/IP Protocol that is bound to the Ethernet card • Click the 'Properties' button

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
Step 3: • On the 'IP Address' tab, check the box which says 'Obtain IP address automatically' • Click 'OK' to save and exit. • Windows will now require a restart At this point you should have an IP address. If you can not surf the internet, follow the “Release / Renew” instructions.

FOR WINDOWS 2000 AND LATER Setting up PCs as DHCP clients. (Note: Before you can do a “release / renew” your computer needs to be setup as a DHCP client.) Step 1: • Right-click the 'My Network Places' icon on the Windows desktop and select 'Properties'. • Right click on the “Local Area Connection” icon and select ‘Properties’. Step 2: • From the window which appears, select the TCP/IP Protocol that is bound to the Ethernet card • Click the 'Properties' button

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
Step 3: • On the General Tab, check the box which says 'Obtain IP address automatically' • Click 'OK' to save and exit. • Windows will now require a restart. At this point you should have an IP address. If you can not surf the internet, follow the “Release / Renew” instructions.

RELEASE / RENEW INSTRUCTIONS There are a few items that you need to be sure you have in order for you to access the Internet. Make sure that you have a Network Interface Card (NIC or Ethernet Card) that has been properly installed in your computer and also make sure you have a network cable (Cat5 or Cat5E). Please realize that the network cable is different from your phone cable. Plug one end of the cable into the wall jack and plug the other end of the cable into your NIC. In most cases, when you start your computer, everything is set up automatically. You should be able to access the Internet as soon as your computer finishes loading. If not, please follow the steps below: 1. Click on the Start button, and then click on Run. 2. In the box provided type in the word command. After you press enter, a black window should open. (If command is an unrecognized program, you have a PC problem and should take it in to be serviced) 3. In the new window that just opened, type the command ipconfig /release then press enter. (Notice the space between the g and the /)

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook
4. Once step three has finished, you should see a bunch of zeros listed on the screen. Now type the command ipconfig /renew then press enter. (Again, notice the space between the g and the/)

This step may take a little while to complete. When it does complete, one of the items listed on the screen will say IP Address. The number that is listed should not be or start with 169.254. If this is the case or you ran in to an error, please repeat all of the above steps using the _all option. For example: ipconfig /release_all ipconfig /renew_all Once completed, you will be able to access the Internet.

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

The Tradition at Northgate – Resident Handbook

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