4 WD knowledge on and off the road by TPenney


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									                      4 WD/ AWD
AWD is a term applied to a vehicle that drives both front and
rear axles by means of a differential between the two drive
shafts. In our trucks, that differential is in the transfer case. (This
is separate from the differentials that are in the front and rear of
our trucks.) 4WD is a term applied to the mode where both the
front and rear drive shafts are driven without a differential
between the drive shafts. In our trucks, this means locking the t-
case differential. In non-AWD vehicles, this usually means
engaging the (otherwise completely not driven) front drive
              5 Degrees Tilt
In addition to keeping appropriate speed and
avoiding abrupt operation, stay away from a
roadside that might collapse; pay extra
attention while driving steep slopes. The
maximum tilt for a vehicle before it turns over
when it is not in motion is somewhere between
30 degrees to left/right and 40 degrees to
front/rear. When the vehicle is in motion, speed
and road condition add to the instability.
On rocky places with gaps, even a 5-degree tilt
can cause the vehicle to flip. It is desirable to
“feel” these angles in a safe and stable
environment so as not to go beyond these
limits in the actual driving situations. Vehicles
modified to increase height or with other
additions change its center of gravity and extra
caution is required.

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