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2003 Newsletter, Volume I
Inside this newsletter, you’ll find our course descriptions and calendar for the first half of 2003. In 2002 we continued major improvements to our permanent facility, the A-Zone Range, and competed in multiple major national shooting events, including the “Polite Society” Tactical Conference (where Karl taught a seminar on force-on-force training), the Steel Challenge and USPSA Championships. We also had a record number of sold-out classes with students from all over Texas and beyond. In December 2002 we are offering the InSights Wilderness First Aid Course. This is a 2 day class that goes beyond the standard Red Cross courses to cover practical first aid skills for situations where medical help is not immediately available. This course is intended for campers, hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, and generally anyone that wants to be better prepared to deal with medical emergencies. InSights will also return in March 2003 to offer Defensive Folding Knife I and Unarmed Self Defense I. In January, Wendell Joost will return to teach AT-III (Wounded and One-Handed Shooting Skills) and Defensive Shotgun I. Roy Stedman will offer a special Glock Clinic in April, sharing his expertise as a frequent winner in state level Glock Shooting Sports Foundation matches in the subcompact, compact and full size divisions. Also in April, Steve Silverman of F.R.I. will offer his Level II Handgun Course which is an excellent complement to our AT weekend. A new course, AT-V, is a six hour force-on-force class that will use Airsoft guns to improve students’ ability to shoot, move and use cover while engaging live opponents. AT-II is a prerequisite for AT-V. Starting in December we will be able to accept credit cards for pre-registration payments. KR Training hats are back in stock for $12 + $3 shipping. The web site contains much more detailed information about all the classes. We can also mail information on specific courses to you on request. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at the address, phone number and email addresses in the newsletter. See you in class!

CHL (new permit) – Jan 11, Feb 1, Mar 15, Apr 12, May 31, July 12. Schaefer, $145, 8-7. CHL (renewal) – Jan 17, Feb 8, Mar 1, Mar 29, Apr 26, May 17, June 21. Schaefer, $75. 8-1. CHL courses are taught at the Schaefer Training Academy, south of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, near Lockhart. CHL classes include: classroom, range, notary, fingerprints, photos and lunch. Gun rental available for an additional $10. InSights Wilderness First Aid – Dec 14-15, 2002. John Holschen, 8-6, A-Zone Range, $300. NRA Refuse to Be A Victim® Seminar – Jan 17. Penny Riggs, 7-10 p.m. Northpark Suites, Free. NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor Development Workshop – Jan 18. Penny Riggs, 8-5 , Northpark Suites, $95. *RTBAV Instructor students must also attend the seminar on Friday, Jan 17. Advanced Training III: One Handed Shooting – Jan 18. Wendell Joost, 10-4. A-Zone Range, $75. Defensive Shotgun I – Jan 19. Wendell Joost, 8-5. A-Zone Range, $100. Advanced Training V: Force on Force Clinic – Feb 2. Karl Rehn, 10-4, A-Zone Range, $75. InSights Defensive Knife I - Feb 28. InSights Staff, 8-6. A-Zone Range, $150. InSights Unarmed Self Defense I – Mar 1-2. InSights Staff, 8-6. A-Zone Range, $300. Advanced Training I: Defensive Shooting – Mar 29. Rehn/Riggs/staff, 8-5, A-Zone Range, $100. Advanced Training IA: Low Light Shooting – Mar 29. Rehn/Riggs/staff, 7-10 p.m., A-Zone Range, $50. Advanced Training II: Defensive Tactics – Mar 30. Rehn/Riggs/staff, 9-5. A-Zone Range, $100. * AT-I, IA and II are also called the Advanced Training Weekend, offered as a package for $225. Basic Pistol –Apr 5. Rehn/Riggs,9-1, A-Zone Range, $50 (additional $15 if we provide guns/ammo). Glock Clinic – Apr 6. Roy Stedman, 10-4, A-Zone Range, $75. F.R.I. Level II Handgun Course – Apr 25-27. Steve Silverman, 10-7, 9-9, 10-5, Sanborn Shooters, $400. Basic Pistol – May 4. Rehn/Riggs, 1-5, A-Zone Range, $50 (additional $15 to if we provide guns/ammo). Beyond the Basics – May 17. Karl Rehn/Penny Riggs, 9-1 , A-Zone Range, $50. Competition Pistol I – May 17. Karl Rehn, 2-6 p.m., A-Zone Range, $50. NRA Instructor Training – June 21-22 Rehn/Riggs, 8-7, A-Zone Range, $225. Advanced Training IV: Extreme Pistol – July 13. Rehn, 10-4. A-Zone Range, $75. KR Training • P.O. Box 9644 • Austin, TX 78766-9644 • 512-377-5144 • •

To enroll in a KR Training class: use the form on our web page or fill out this application form and mail it to us at: PO Box 9644, Austin, TX 78766-9644. The minimum deposit is half tuition. Payment in full is required on or before class day. We accept cash, checks, money orders, Paypal, and credit cards. Cancellation policy: We train in all kinds of weather, and rarely cancel or reschedule courses. If we cancel or reschedule a class, full refunds will be available for those students who cannot attend the rescheduled class. Deposits paid to KR Training are nonrefundable. If you pay a deposit and cannot attend that class, KR Training will transfer that deposit to any other course we offer. Traveling from out of the Central Texas area? We can assist you with finding lodging.

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1st half 2003 newsletter


KR Training • P.O. Box 9644 • Austin, TX 78766-9644 • 512-377-5144 • •

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