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					RESIDENCE LIFE Lethbridge College
17. Laundry
Laundry rooms are located in the Cullen Residence Centre and 30th Avenue Residence Hall. Laundry Room hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Welcome to Residence at Lethbridge College. We’re proud of the facilities we have to offer in Residence and we hope they’ll make your time with us enjoyable. For many of you this will be the first time you’ve lived away from home, while others are returning as veterans of Residence life. We have written this booklet with all students in mind to help you through the muddle of the first few days and serve as a guide throughout the year. Please take the time to read it and note the guidelines and regulations are designed to make your stay with us as stress-free as possible and to ensure all residents can count on a learning environment which is quiet, clean, comfortable and safe. Your non-compliance with your License Agreement, your Offer of Residence, and this General Information Guide will result in documented (your file) written discipline action. Serious incidents which cause disruption to a fellow resident’s learning environment will result in a twenty-four hour eviction notice. The topics covered in this General Information Guide will be: • Residence License Agreement • Room-mate Relationships • Disciplinary Guidelines • Smoking • Resident Assistants • Noise • Alcohol • Illegal Drugs • Guests • Cleanliness, Damage and Loss Within Unit • Smoke Alarms • Firearms, Offensive Weapons, Explosives, Barbecues • Room Entry • Keys • Residence Inspection • Parking • Laundry • Telephone, Internet, Cable • Vacuum • Pets

18. Telephone, Internet and Cable
Pay phones are located both inside and outside the Cullen Residence Centre building and outside 30th Avenue Residence Hall. Courtesy telephones can be found outside of the Residence Life Office beside the front door and outside the 30th Avenue Residence Hall. They are for local calls only. Please dial 9 to get out. Each bedroom includes access to Internet, Cable TV and a telephone jack. Residents need to make their own arrangements for telephone service.

19. Vacuum
Vacuums can be borrowed from the Residence Life Office. You will be required to leave your ID card.

21. Pets
Residents are not allowed to keep pets of any kind in or around Residence.

Revised: March ’07

RESIDENCE LIFE Lethbridge College
1. Residence Licence Agreement
This is your legal contract with the Board of Governors of Lethbridge College. Please read it thoroughly. Single students at Lethbridge College Residence are not covered under the Alberta Residential Tenancy Act, as per Application, (2) This Act does not apply to: (e): a tenancy agreement between an educational institution as landlord and a student of that institution as tenant if the tenant does not have exclusive possession of a selfcontained dwelling unit. Residents are advised to arrange insurance coverage while living in Residence. Insurance carried by the College does not cover personal negligence and personal possessions of residents. The College does not assume any obligation or responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. This is your contract. We will not give out any information, including your unit number, to anyone else, including family members. You can expect someone to enter your unit when: • You have reported a maintenance problem • There is an obvious problem that must be dealt with • In emergency situations • For safety reasons • When a vacated room needs to be cleaned and/or repaired Law enforcement agencies will be allowed entry when a legal search warrant is presented or where there is a reasonable basis to suspect that a crime is being committed on the premises. A resident of a unit may not give permission to search someone else’s bedroom. Outside agencies, such as telephone and cable companies, will be allowed to enter your living area and bedroom if necessary, to install or repair the equipment there. A note will be left stating that entry was made and the reason for it.

2. Roommate Relationships
With up to four people living in one Residence unit sharing common living spaces there is bound to be some conflict around styles of living. It will make your transition easier to start off on the right foot by learning to compromise, agree to disagree, and set expectations shortly after you move in. As a household, you should ask some key questions that address important issues around living with roommates. Talking about these things now will let you learn more about each other and create standards that you are comfortable with. Cleanliness: regarding the common spaces (kitchen, bathroom, living room), what are your expectations for cleaning? You may want to address things such as: • How often should you wash/vacuum the floors? And who is responsible for this? • Is each person responsible for their own dishes? Are they washed after every meal? • How often should the bathroom be cleaned, including toilets, floor, shower and sink? • How often should the kitchen be cleaned, including the sink, stove, oven and counters? Food: you and your roommate(s) will be sharing cupboard and fridge space. Ask yourselves: • Should everyone have their own cupboard and fridge areas to store their own food? • Are there items (e.g. condiments) that you can share or do you prefer that everyone uses their own? • What are your feelings about sharing and/or borrowing food?

14. Keys
At check-in, each resident is given a front door key, a bedroom key, and a mailbox key. No key can open another unit or bedroom within a unit. Any lost keys must be reported to the Residence Life Office. A temporary key can then be issued. If the key is not found, the unit will be re-keyed. Residents may be charged a re-keying fee of $75 plus GST.

15. Residence Inspection
Twice a semester, Resident Life Staff and your Resident Assistant will visit each unit to inspect common areas. The purpose of this inspection is to: • Provide an opportunity for Residence Life Staff to visit all residents • Assess the maintenance and repair needs of the units. • Encourage residents to work cooperatively to maintain a clean living space

16. Parking
Parking is available for residents. Parking permits are $50/semester plus GST. Parking permits are available at Lethbridge College maintenance (CE2301). Vehicle registration must be provided. There is no plug-in parking. Temporary permits, for limited time periods, will be available for visitors at the Residence Life Office.

RESIDENCE LIFE Lethbridge College
All residents of a unit are held financially responsible for damages or losses to all common areas including outside lights, doorbells, windows, screens and woodwork. Repair costs will be charged equally among all residents in a unit unless an individual resident accepts responsibility in writing to the Residence Life Office. Damages or losses not caused by a respective unit’s residents are still the financial responsibility of the unit unless they can prove damages were caused by another person and appropriate collection can be made. All damages must be reported immediately to the Residence Life Office. All repairs will be done by Lethbridge College maintenance staff. A Unit Condition Report will be included in your move-in package. It is crucial that you complete this report and return it to the office by the date indicated. A Cleaning Plan/Damage Report will be sent to your unit prior to move out. Offers of Residence to students who are returning to residence for the next academic year will be conditional on the condition of their unit at move-out. Guests: each of you will entertain guests in your own private room and the common space many times during the year. • What are your expectations for guests? • What are your expectations of your roommate(s) when they are entertaining guests? • What are your feelings about guests staying overnight? And where will they be staying? Use of common space: each unit has amenities that residents share (e.g. dishes, living room, kitchen table, fridge, stove). • How will you share these items? • If someone is using any of these items unfairly, how should it be addressed? Personal bedroom and property: everyone has his or her own private space and property. • What do each of you expect of the other(s) when it comes to entering someone else’s room, borrowing items, etc.?

11. Smoke Alarms
Residence Life and Lethbridge College place a strong emphasis on maintaining the safety of every student living on campus. Part of our commitment involves ensuring every resident unit is properly equipped with smoke detectors and alarms to warn you should a fire break out. If your alarm sounds, please leave your unit as quickly as possible. You can return to your unit once it has been determined it is safe to do so. An RA, Lethbridge College Security, or the City of Lethbridge Fire Department Personnel will let you know when you can return to your unit. In inclement weather the RAs will open the Res Hall for your comfort. Tampering with Fire Protection/Safety Equipment will result in disciplinary action, including eviction and reports to Lethbridge Regional Police Service.

3. Disciplinary Guidelines
Students living in the Residences are expected to act in a responsible, mature and courteous manner at all times. The disciplinary procedures include the following actions based on severity: a) Verbal warning: for behaviour such as parking violations, excessive noise, littering, excessive messiness in residence units, etc. Any member of the Residence Life staff, including Resident Assistants, can issue these. b) Written warning may be issued when one verbal warning has been given on a specific incident and has been ignored or when the seriousness of the incident warrants a written warning. These will be issued by the Residence Life Manager with copies to the VP of Enrolment Management and Learner Services. c) Probation may be imposed when written warnings have not been effective or for more serious matters such as tampering with fire extinguishers and fire alarms, etc. A resident placed on probation will remain on probation for the remainder of the academic year in which the probation occurs or as otherwise approved by the VP of Enrolment Management and Learner Services. The Residence Life Manager will inform the student in writing, that he/she has been placed on probation, with a copy to the VP of Enrolment Management and Learner Services. d) Eviction may occur when a student violates the Residence Life Zero Tolerance agreement, the conditions of probation, displays extreme behaviour such as physical/verbal abuse of Residence Life staff and/or Lethbridge College residents/ guests, excessive unit damage, tampering with fire equipment, failing to maintain status as a student, etc.

12. Firearms, Offensive Weapons, Explosives, Barbecues
Storage of firearms including pellet/BB guns, air soft guns, paint guns, offensive weapons, ammunition, bows and arrows, flammable or explosive substances, fireworks and other combustibles of any type is not allowed at Lethbridge College Residence. Barbecues of any type (propane, electric, coal, gas) are not allowed at Lethbridge College Residence. There are barbecues located for your use at the Residence Activity Centre and 30th Avenue Residence Hall.

13. Room Entry
The College reserves the right to enter student rooms to make necessary repairs, to maintain safety and health standards and to assure compliance with College rules, regulations and policies.

RESIDENCE LIFE Lethbridge College
Repeat minor offences may lead to more severe disciplinary actions. It should be noted that this set of guidelines is not all-inclusive with respect to types of violations, but it is meant to assist with understanding procedures followed by the Residence Life staff. Appeals to Lethbridge College Residence Life disciplinary actions can be directed to the Manager of Residence Life, as per the statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, available at Lethbridge College Online at: This document basically outlines the rights you should be aware of and who to talk to if you think those rights have been infringed upon. The document also states the responsibilities you have as a student. Recording of residents incidents and disciplinary action is in compliance with FOIP regulations. the patio and front door steps. Non-compliance with this policy will lead to disciplinary action. Residents and their guests are expected to abide by the rules and regulations set out by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. College drinking is not a right of passage. You have the right: • to a quiet study environment • to sleep without being interrupted • not to baby sit drunk friends • not to have your personal property damaged If your rights aren’t right contact a Resident Assistant at 328-0451, the Residence Life Office, or email

4. Smoking
Residence Life is smoke-free. If you have a complaint about someone smoking in your unit, contact the Resident Assistant on Duty at 328-0451, the Residence Life Office, or e-mail If you are smoking outside your unit, you are responsible for keeping the area clean.

8. Illegal Drugs
Illegal drugs of any type are prohibited in or around the Residences. Use and/or possession of such drugs by residents or their guests will result in disciplinary action, which may include reporting incidents to the Lethbridge Regional Police Service. If you have a complaint about someone using illegal drugs in your unit, contact the Resident Assistant on Duty at 328-0451, the Residence Life Office, or email

5. Resident Assistants
Resident Assistants (RAs) are Lethbridge College staff authorized to ensure the policies of this handbook and licence agreement are respected to protect the rights of all residents. RAs are available whenever the office is closed at 328-0451. If you have a problem which needs immediate attention (i.e. you’re locked out, have a noise complaint, etc.), contact the RA on Duty. College staff, including RA’s can request your ID. In the event that you refuse to comply with an RA’s request, Lethbridge Regional Police Service will be called to assist as required. RA’s also available if you have questions about residence, school, life, problems or just want to talk.

9. Guests
A guest is any non-resident of the unit in question. A student living in Residence is considered a non-resident in another unit. Please instruct your guests as to the College and Residence rules and policies. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests. You have the privilege of hosting guests only with the permission of all roommates. The right of the roommate to a reasonable degree of privacy must be given every consideration by those who have guests. Residents are permitted to have overnight guests for a maximum of five (5) nights per month. All guests must be over 18 years of age. Exceptions may be made with approval of the Residence Life Office. Residents must register their overnight guests in advance with the Residence Life Office or the Resident Assistant on duty. Temporary parking passes will be issued to overnight guests after a Guest Registration form is completed.

6. Noise
Noise shall be kept to a level that won’t disturb your neighbours or interfere with their ability to study or sleep. Call the RA on Duty at 328-0451 or the Lethbridge Regional Police Services Complaint Line at 328-4444 if you are bothered by excessive noise.

10. Cleanliness, Damage and Loss Within Unit
You are responsible for the cleanliness of your unit. Residents should work together to make sure their units are kept in an orderly fashion. Each resident is held financially responsible for all damages or losses to their bedroom and furnishings including door, window, screen and Internet modem and connections.

7. Alcohol
Alcohol is not permitted in any public areas. This includes non-licensed areas of the Residence Centre and outside any of the townhouses or two-bedroom units including

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