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Issue 010 July 2008

The Official Publication of Tsuneishi Technical Services (Phils.), Inc.

Embracing Change towards a better


EDITORIAL STAFFS Editor - in - Chief
(On Leave)

n every job and in every position lies the opportunity to excel and make a difference. Not just for the company but yourself as well. People can only change when they see the need for change. Take on new challenges, volunteer to help others, and ask to be involved in difficult projects. Work in modern times is partnership, and members are partners with a common & shared goal to achieve. With this mindset, I encourage every member of TTSP to do following: 1. THINK DEEPLY ! Think thoroughly all the steps involved in your idea and anticipate consequences. 2. ASK QUESTIONS! When in doubt and when you missed the point, bravely say "I do not understand", and ask "Can you explain it to me?". When you ask, this could put someone to shame for the moment. But by not asking, could lead you to shame for a lifetime. 3. TAKE THE INITIATIVE! Do not race against time instead be ahead of time. Do not postpone what you can do today. Life in general is like driving your own ship, you decide what to do and what not to do. Let us do our best in everything we need to do!

Romualdo Lex Garcia
(Acting EIC)

Symon Peter Amantillo Lay-out Artist Corz Escaño


Catherine Ypanto Ma. Carmel Kaamiño Shiela Jalipa Narciso Pilapil Dennis Juarez Oscar Morales Romualdo Lex Garcia Jennilyn Ovejera Mayoma M. Lauron Christian Valor Monsanto Jeson Carnable Damilo Abalos Roxanne Marie Mayol Johnhill Coquilla Erneson Abellana Frelyn Ponce Lyla Claire Hetalia Wilfredo Arbon Rebellita Caballero Dale Bontilao Dave Limatog


et us break the pattern of unproductive personal and organizational habits. Get out of the nine dots and think out of the Box!

While I have a firm belief in everyone's capability and competency, all we need is to put that creative passion in our work! There is no such thing as an “easy work” in the organization, if we always do our tasks with pride and accountability. As we continue to embrace change towards organizational development, I trust that we will all reflect and learn from every experience and let your work be an expression of your true essence. It is high time for us to review and rectify our system of thinking and doing. Put more ownership in your work and in our commitments to Quality and Delivery. Let us all remember, that the “human mind is like a parachute, it works only when open”. I look forward to accomplishing our objectives this year with a lot of significance, as we move towards the 2nd half of Year 2008.

Copy Editors Corz Escaño - News Jessel Gay Tamayo - Features Mark Gil Aliño - Sports

n the 21st of June, 2 0 0 8 , Ts u n e i s h i Technical Services Philippines, Inc. opened another new chapter of its existence, through initializing a new organizational scheme for the optimization of its current resources and capabilities. The goal of this development is to incorporate a new set of d y n a m i c l e a d e r s, a n e w organizational structure, and a new desk and seat arrangement.


Total : 261 (EXC. ADVSR., GM & UP)





wi(Mgr) Mawi(







GL) Arvin(GL HULL DESIGN (3) GROUP (92) + (


Ruben (A/ S)


n Arvin AN KEY/YARD PLAN ) TEAM (32)




Noel (A/ S)





echnical Services and Design Department is now divided into two separate departments namely, Hull Design Department and Outfitting Design Department. The Hull Design Department headed by its Manager, Manuel A. Lucenio is solely composed of the Hull Design Group (HDG) under the management of Arvin Q. Rivera. HDG is categorized into seven subordinate teams, namely; Key/Yard Plan, Working Plan, Mould Lofting Team (A), Mould Lofting Team (B), Mould Lofting Team (C), Nesting/Cutting Team, and Completion Team. Other originally distinct design groups such as, Hull Outfitting Design Group (HOG) which is classified into four teams, Interior/ Accommodation Outfitting Team, Hull Outfitting Team, Accommodation Piping Team and Hull Piping Team; Machinery Design Group (MDG), which includes Machinery Piping(A), Machinery Piping(B) and Machinery Outfitting Team; and, Electrical Design Group (EDG) are now fused to form the Outfitting Design Department led by its newly appointed manager, Albino B. Tesaluna, Jr.. Moreover, under this department, a new group called the Design Data Control Group is recently added to concentrate more on matters concerning maintenance of the server, and computer applications, networking, troubleshooting, development of databases, programming & ISO related matters. Some members of the New Project Department (NPD) were returned to their original teams while others were reassigned to other groups so that they can use their skills effectively.


B. Alan ** HULL PIPING (24) TEAM

) Popet(S/V) NG MOULD LOFTING ) TEAM (B) (9)


** Team supervisor to be informed later


o further enhance the attainability of each team, new breed of leaders were duly selected and deliberately deployed in their respective teams. Tasked to lead and manage, these experienced and trained gentlemen composed of two dynamic g roup leaders, six new supervisors and six skilled assistant supervisors are all geared up for the fresh challenges in store for them. Each team is assigned either a supervisor or an assistant supervisor. The team that is not designated by either of the two will automatically be managed by the group leader. Individuals who are in the non technical side were also included in the major reassignment in order to maximize the need in every department.(see p.10,HR Corner)


n line with the reorganization, a new seating and desk arrangement was established as well. The Outfitting Design Department is positioned at the first, second and third modules in the 2nd floor of the building and is arranged as EDG, MDG and HOG respectively, while the Hull Design Department is moved to the second to the last module. Because of this major adjustment, the company scheduled an afternoon transfer activity last June 20, 2008 to give ample time for

employees to transfer their belongings to their designated areas. Some of the members showed their enthusiastic commitment to this event as they prepare and organize their things in an earlier time that is, before the clock strikes 1 p.m.. At exactly 1 o'clock, TTSPians started working hand in hand and brought their skills to a physical extent as each individual displayed solidarity in various ways such as pushing seats, bringing fillers, cleaning desks, transferring computers and even lifting heavy objects such as shelves and printers. It was indeed a very tiring weekend for all TTSP members but it was surprisingly and unmistakably worth it. How TTSPians showed their unity and manpower in design doesn't mean that it only ends at that point, but they have also proven that even with an extra “load” in their hands, each team's spirit combined with determination and workmanship can be used for something worthwhile. “There is always nothing constant in this world except change.” TTSP believes in the influence inspired by embracing change which can be the key to mobilize the company's resources making it closer to reach its goals and objectives. The company envisions that through a new order of things, this transformation can somehow help boost workmanship, teamwork, quality and efficiency towards a better TTSP.


By: Corz Escaño
1. New 40 ACER Veriton M261 desktop computers - Matching with TTSP's employment growth, additional desktop computers were provided to Design Department last January this year. Branded computers were bundled with Tech support that eased the liability for the nature damages of the computer. The unit is a Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz) with 2GB RAM for CAD efficiency usage. 2. Business Department – Information Systems Group to Design Data Control Group - ISG takes a big role for TTSP's ISO management system. To concentrate more on Infrastructure development and ISO related matters paralleling with its goals, objectives and vision 2010 they are now with its new group the Design Data Control Group which is composed of the Systems Developer, Network Engineer and two (2) Industrial Engineers that will be hired soon within the year. 3. Migrating from Domino to Microsoft Exchange (web based) for email application - Email System is a mission critical communications tool; it relies for the speed of business in the variety of work getting done to produce the best result. Email has increased the number of messages sent and received, amid this change, user expectations have also evolved. Users look for rich and efficient access to e-mail, calendars, contacts, attachments and more. With Microsoft Exchange using MS Outlook, it provides mobility that no matter where we are or what type of device we are using, anyone can directly access it at once. Tentatively, it is scheduled to commence 3rd Quarter of this year. 4. Upgrading Servers from Tower type entry levels to blade system - To save space, server maintenance cost and reliability,. ISG proposes a robust and compact server type, the Blade Server. A blade enclosure, which can hold multiple blade servers, provides services such as power, cooling, networking, various interconnects and management. Non-blade computers require components that are bulky, hot and spaceinefficient, and duplicated across many computers that may or may not be performing at capacity. By locating these services in one place and sharing them between the blade computers, the overall utilization is more efficient. 5. Network Activation of all modules left wing or near THI areas - Network for the building near THI Area were all activated and utilized for the continuous growth of our TTSP family.
By: Wilfredo Arbon


n an effort to gain Information Systems Group's Goals and Objectives in business processing, TTSP once again boldly implemented an application system consistent with its current business information demands. The move integrated the Business Report solutions into a newer and more efficient platform. The system relatively remains the same but it distinguishes with the previous Domino server platform which relied solely on Lotus Notes to run its application. The proposed Business Report solutions has been integrated into a more advanced environment in Visual Studio 2005, developed in C# and ASP language both in .net 2.0 platform. It is also powered by a RDBMS in SQL SERVER 2005. This current implementation addresses the need to speed up processing output by efficiently

distributing only the required data to a client. This works in contrast with the previous implementation where all of the datum are loaded unnecessarily to a client's terminal, t h e r e by, c o m p r o m i s i n g t h e downtime processing and output generation. Furthermore, the newer web-based implementation increases the flexibility and portability for future information needs. Lastly, it comes with a more splendid user interface to give it an overhauled look. A virtually improved processing experience is something users of the system can look forward to. On the part of TTSP, it is the knot that gains enterprise productivity.

Screen Shot 1: Personal Manhour Charges View

Screen Shot 2: BR Explorer


by: Catherine Ypanto


n today's Up Close and Personal, we feature a competent and motivated team player from TTSP's Hull Design Group. The 37 year-old, Mr. Arvin Quiamco Rivera is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Teodoro Rivera of Bantayan, Cebu, born on the 18th of January, 1971 and is the eldest among the four siblings in his family. He is a registered Civil Engineer, who finished his degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) in the University of San Carlos on the 20th of March, 1993. His first employment was in Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation (ACMDC) Ventures, Inc. where he worked as a Junior Structural Design Engineer during the period of May 1994 to August 1995. After a short stay at the company, he started to move off course and ventured into a new career of ship design at TTSP starting September 1, 1995. He was one of the 3rd Batch that was hired at that time. After several years of working, he decided to settle down and marry Hannah Atamosa Rivera to be his companion for life. He spends most of his free time surfing the net, watching television and playing basketball. Because of his determination at work, he was promoted as Team Leader of the Key and Yard Plan Team. And after all of the

hard work he exerted while in that position, he was eventually promoted as Group Leader of the Hull Design Group last April 1, 2006. He aims to contribute through the most excellent approach possible for the success of TTSP. And when asked what his message would be for all TTSPians his reply was, “Let's do our respective role in the best way we can as long as we're still here in TTSP”.

Billing System
by: Rebellita Caballero hallenges are what make life interesting; that is how I foresee my job responsibility when I joined TTSP. The nature of the work endures manual tallying of data (Man – Hour Quotation) received from the design department, preparation of Price Quotation that has to be sent to our respective clients in THI and Japan along with its necessary correspondence and preparation of Billing Attachment that includes the summary of all the quotations due for the month. With the confirmation from our clientele in THI and Japan, this shall then undergo to the final stage that is the preparation of Statement letter and Invoice. This process, is tasked to send a report that entails several business inconveniences. However, with the development of the new Billing System, the workflow has its advantages for business with its actual instigation last February 2008. It is highly regarded with the following software advantages: 1.) Accuracy - It generates billing of the actual inputted data from the design department that is due for the month specified only 2.) Time – efficient - unlike the manual sorting of data that would take two days depending on the volume of the entries, with the new system we can cut it off within a day 3.) Cost – friendly - Paper less and lessens inadvertent human error during preparation 4.) Innovative and User friendly - The system is easy to manage and use 5.) Sustainable confidentiality - For it has a define access control of the user and no overlapping of data.



A Peptic Ulcer is a lesion in the mucosa of the lower esophagus, stomach, or pylorus or duodenum. ETIOLOGY: - Helicobacter pylori infection the exact mechanism is unclear - Hyper secretion of Acid: like tea, coffe, cola and chocolate and smoking may also increase gastric acidity. - Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug( NSAID) which can induced ulcers e.g. Aspirin is the most ulcerogenic NSAID. CLINICAL MANIFESTATION: ! Pain occurring in the epigastria area radiating to the back, pain may be describe as dull, aching, gnawing.Nocturnal pain may also be present. ! Nausea and anorexia Pain may increase when the stomach is empty, approx.1/2 to 2 hrs.after eating. Patients may report relief after eating food or taking antacid. ! Significant weight loss and vomiting are uncommon and may be found with malignancy. ! Mild epigastria tenderness with deep palpation. DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES: F Upper GI series usually outlines ulcer or area of inflammation. F Fiberoptic panendoscopy which includes visualization of duodenal mucosa and identifies inflammatory changes, ulcers, lesion, bleeding sites and malignancy. F Serial stools specimens to detect occult blood F Gastric secretory studies – if elevated in Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. COMPLICATIONS: Ø GI hemorrhage Ø Ulcer perforation Ø Gastric outlet obstruction DIETARY MEASURES / NURSING MANAGEMENT | Well-balanced diet, high fiber content, meals with regular intervals. | Avoid caffeine, cola and alcohol | Avoid smoking- decrease healing rate and increase recurrence. | Plan for rest periods and avoid or learn to cope with stressful situations. | Take antacids 1hour after meals, at bedtime and when needed.Warn the patient that antacid may cause changes in bowel habit. ON BOARD 05

by: Dale Bontilao

consideration to the design of work organization and job satisfaction, make very reasonable effort to give security of employment, and provide equal employment opportunities for all members of the community. A number of leading companies have taken steps to develop more ethical cultures and system by involving individual employees in corporate affairs. To provide or support some benefits to the workers will lead to good communities in the business organizations. Good communication in the internal business would help avoid misunderstanding of each other. The workers would then enjoy their work and work out more efficiency. The quality of goods and services of the organization therefore increase. This will lead to better profitability to the organization's business. Therefore, the social responsibility is important in internal environment of the business too. (2) Improves the image of the company To many people, responsibilities to consumers may be seen as no more than a natural outcome of good business. There are, however, broader social responsibilities including providing good value for money; the safety and durability of products or services; standard of after-sales service; prompt and courteous attention to queries and complaints; long-term satisfaction, for example serviceability, adequate supply of products or services, and spare and replacement parts; fair standards of advertising and trading; full and unambiguous information to potential customers. Social initiatives taken by organizations tend to promote goodwill, public favor, and corporate trust, and these may contribute to the long-run success of the organizations and profit. Therefore, socially responsible acts would enhance an organization's image and business in general. (3) Helps solve social problems Organizations have a responsibility not to misuse the scarce resources upon which the wealth of the country depends. Organizations have a responsibility to society, to respect environmental considerations and take care of it. For example, the effects and potential dangers of pollution, noise, disposal of waste; the location and appearance of new buildings; transportation policies, such as the routing of heavy vehicles through narrow village roads; and more use of biodegradable materials. All of that must be considered during the decision making process of the organizations before starting their operations. On the other hand, some pollution can not be avoided and sometimes, government is too busy solving the others problems. Society should give business a chance to solve social problems such as air pollution and water pollution, that government has failed to solve. By solving those social problems, the environment will be cleaner. This would lead to a good image of the companies to their consumers or other companies. The confidence of consumers increases, and favor to buy the goods produced by these companies. The profit of the companies will increase eventually. Therefore, acts of social responsibility are very important by organizations help correct the social problems that the organizations create. Social Responsibility will be an integral component of our corporate philosophy and culture. We should be committed to both the company stakeholders and the community. We believe that to build a successful company we must contribute back to our community in hopes of making it a successful environment for others. As our company grows and expands so will be our contributions to the community in terms of time and resources. We look forward to our employees playing an active role in supporting our community efforts. Their commitments to corporate initiatives, as well as their personal efforts will be greatly valued.

Social Responsibility


or the third part of our series on corporate values, we will take a closer look at social responsibility. Let us understand how an organization that fosters socially responsible employees can help the community become a better place to live. Any entity, whether it is a government, corporation, organization or individual has a responsibility to make society better. This responsibility comes in two forms – the responsibility to act which is the proactive approach and the responsibility to refrain from acting which is the resistance approach. Promoting the use of recycled materials is an example of the proactive approach while refusing to deal with suppliers who have negative track records in environmental issues is a kind of resistance approach. Organizational survival is dependent upon a series of interactions between the organization and its various surrounding entities. These continuous interactions with the surrounding entities give rise to a number of broader responsibilities to society in general. The broader responsibilities, which are both internal and external to the organization, are usually referred to as social responsibilities. These social responsibilities arise from the interdependence of organizations, society and the environment. Social responsibility is voluntary; it is about going above and beyond what is called for by the law. It espouses the idea that it is better to be proactive toward a problem rather than be reactive to a problem. Social responsibility means eliminating corrupt, irresponsible or unethical behavior that might bring harm to the community, its people, or the environment before the bad things happen. It is management's obligation to make choices and take actions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization. Ethics play an importance role in social responsibility. The business organizations must have ethical responsibility as they conduct business, including production, management, and services and so on. Without ethics, the lives of people in the community would be put in danger. Ethics is simply the rules that say what is right and wrong, as defined by a particular reference group or individual. The Importance of Social Responsibility: (1) Promotes best interest of business and improve the communities Organizations, as members of society, have a moral obligation to help society deal with its problems and to contribute to its welfare. It is the ethical thing to do by the business organizations. An assessment should be made of whether the organization is performing such activities as producing goods and services that people need, creating jobs for society, paying fair wages, and ensuring worker safety. People and organizations need each other. People today have wider expectations of the quality of working life, opportunities for consultation and participation, training in new skill and technologies, effective personal and industrial relations policies, and provision of social and leisure facilities. 06 Organization should, for example, give due


By M. C. Kaamiño n its second time, TTSP joined the Blood Letting Activity conducted by the Regional Blood Coordinating Council (RBCC) Central Visayas in cooperation with THICI. This Annual Blood Letting Program happened last April 30, 2008 at THICI MultiPurpose room from 9 AM to 4 PM. Thirty (30) TTSP employees, four of whom are females, volunteered in this annual event. Several medical practitioners and THI community nurses were also at hand for backing up the assembly. The donors had to undergo routine check-ups like physical exam and Hematocrit test for the full clearance of the good blood to be extracted, but the procedure itself was not that easy most especially for those who are new to such cases but brave enough to face their fears. The process involves a sterile needle to be inserted in the vein of the person's arm until a 450ml bag was filled up; the encounter took about 5-10 minutes and then the donor had to stay relaxed by eating a piece of candy to relieve nervousness. Free snacks and vitamins were served after the blood extraction. RBCC was also tasked to screen everything which involves stalking unusual findings such as common HEPA B, Malaria, HCV, SYPHILIS and HIV. The donors were entitled to have an ID which will give them and an immediate family member free blood at RBCC. The same identification card can also be used by their relative or friend to avail of reasonable discounts at RBCC where they will be paying for the screening test only. With a total of one hundred (100) bags donated by the whole THI community, for 30 TTSPians, it was a great achievement and experience especially for first timers who were also able to participate. Indeed their day was worth fulfilling because they did something not only for themselves but also for the welfare of others. For all participants, KUDOS for a job well done.

by: Shiela Jalipa



Let Us Share BLOOD & Help SAVE Lives!!!

y stay here in Balamban never fails to surprise me in any way, form or size, negatively and positively (I hope we share the same insights). I call it inevitable leaps which challenged and gave me something to look forward to in every transition and opportunity. For us girls, we considered the transfer of staff house at Tenshin 4 a great opportunity to have lasting comfort, added security and unlimited choices which motivated me further to share our lives within Tenshin perimeter. Tenshin 4 is just a walking distance from the TTSP office giving us favorable time and comfort especially when going to work. Each room is provided with necessary facilities and furniture such as cozy beds, study tables, shoe rack, closet, dresser, comfort room with a separate shower room (hot shower is the best part of it), cable television and refrigerator which all relieves us after a long day at work. The building is equipped with a pantry area where we can put our cooking skills and abilities to use. Moreover, being in the staff house gives us also the freedom to practice household etiquette. Behind the ease the place offers us, it is nothing compared to the bond and friendship that formed while staying at the dormitory particularly when doing all the chores together with other fellow TTSPians. Even if it is a great challenge sometimes, during our stay, to encounter and reach out with persons of different personality, the experience helps us somehow in enhancing our personal growth and deepens our responsibility not only to ourselves but also towards others.


Christine Deul S. Plaza Hull Design Department/HDG/Mould Lofting Design Engineer Hometown: Libertad, Butuan City Motto in Life: “If you wanna be somebody, and wanna go to somewhere; you’d better wake up and pay attention!” Personal Qualities: Friendly, Sensitive & Meticulous Roselle A. Baldevieso Outfitting Design Department/Electrical Group Design Engineer Hometown: Trento, Agusan Del Sur Motto in Life: “All things work together for good.” Personal Qualities: Simple, Thoughtful and Responsible Edwin B. Patiam Hull Design Department/HDG/Cutting Plan Design Engineer Hometown: Albay Motto in Life: “He who keeps his life shall lose it.But he who loses his life shall find it & serve gladly all men.”-GREAT TEACHER Personal Qualities: Pious,Supple,Pigheaded & Person-oriented Agnes Mae Marquez Hull Design Department/HDG/Mould Lofting Design Engineer Hometown: Western Poblacion, Camotes, Cebu Motto in Life: “To make the world a better place to live.” Personal Qualities: Friendly,Simple & Hardworking Rebellita V. Caballero ACTG TEAM - Management Staff Hometown: Toledo City, Cebu Maritsuo C. Fuse ACTG TEAM - Management Staff Hometown: Buanoy, Balamban, Cebu Motto in Life: “Whatever challenges that you will encounter always give your very best.” Personal Qualities: Simple, Friendly,Kind-hearted & Trustworthy.. Christian G. Ugsimar Hull Design Department/HDG/Completion Team Design Engineer Hometown: DAS, Toledo City, Cebu Motto in Life: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Candy Laine L. Rosello Hull Design Department/HDG/KPYP Design Engineer Hometown: Cebu City Motto in Life: “Never say never.” Personal Qualities: Simple & Caring Jerson M. Dayot Hull Design Department/HDG/Mould Lofting Design Engineer Hometown: Bohol Motto in Life:“Behind the hills of sacrifices lie the valley of success.” Personal Qualities: Trustworthy & Courteous

Robillo L. Novela Administration Department/General Affairs Company Driver Hometown: San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu Personal Qualities: Friendly and Fun to be with

Maria Lorra B. Geraldez Hull Design Department/HDG/Mould Lofting Design Engineer Hometown: Talisay City, Cebu Motto in Life: “GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” Personal Qualities: Simple,Adaptive, & the rest is yet to be discovered Andrew C. Anto Hull Design Department/HDG/Working Plan Design Engineer Hometown: Valencia, Bohol Motto in Life: “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” Personal Qualities: Simple & Friendly Dinah Fe B. Tabaranza Hull Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Acc. Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Calbayog City, Western Samar Motto in Life: “Everything... for his glory.” Personal Qualities: Genial & Vigorous

Jhomar Telyaen Hull Design Department/HDG/Working Plan Design Engineer Hometown: Guiuan, Eastern Samar Motto in Life: “It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well.” Personal Qualities: Simple & often Serious Jonathan R. Cañete Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Outfitting Design Engineer Hometown: Cebu City Motto in Life: “Just believe in yourself.” Personal Qualities: Simple but dangerous


Ryan C. Suba-an Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Acc. Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Surigao del Sur Motto in Life: “Plan my work, work my plan.” Personal Qulities: Dedicative, Playful & Open-minded Rudel R. Aram Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Outfitting Design Engineer Hometown: Poblacion Sta. Maria, Davao Del Sur Motto in Life: “Compassion is love in action (COLA).” Personal Qualities: Curious & Hard-working Elma C. Coquilla Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province Motto in Life: “No matter what happens life must go on.” Personal Qualities: God-fearing, Faithful & Positive thinker Ian L. Ga-a Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte Motto in Life: “The more silently love is expressed, the more it is bound to impress.” Personal Qualities:Simple, Patient, Understanding & Loving Dulcemae Corazon M. Bayang Outfitting Design Department/HOG/INAO Design Engineer Hometown: Brgy. Poblacion,Kitcharao, Agusan Del Norte Motto in Life: “If others can do why can’t I?!” Personal Qualities:Religious, Thoughtful, Caring & Loving Girlie S. Cajano Outfitting Design Department/HOG/INAO Design Engineer Hometown: Zamboanga City Motto in Life: “Contentment isn’t getting what we want, but being satisfied with what we have.” Personal Qualities: Blithe, Candid & Diligent Renier C. Bajado Outfitting Design Department/MDG/Mach. Outfitting Design Engineer Hometown: Borongan City, Eastern Samar Motto in Life: “If others can do, so do I.” Personal Qualities: Obedient Chaney Marie T. Magat Outfitting Design Department/MDG/Mach. Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Roxas City Motto in Life: “Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.” Personal Qualities: Straight-forward & Reserved Comic Loida M. Nardo Accounting Team Accounting Staff Hometown: Asturias, Cebu Motto in Life: “Man can stand for himself but a strong and true man can stand for others..” Personal Qualities: Simple, Emotionally sensitive, God-fearing & music Lover

Nozar S. Diego Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Acc. Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Misamis Occidental, Tangub City Motto in Life: “Aim high and hit the mark.” Personal Qualities: Understanding Jury N. Manapin Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Outfitting Design Engineer Hometown: Naga City, Cebu Motto in Life: “Aim high and hit the mark.” Personal Qualities: Flexible,Understanding & Open-minded Ernie H. Cabasag Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental Motto in Life: “Free your heart from hatred, free your mind from worry, live simple, give more, expect less.” Personal Qualities:Sport’s minded person,Energetic & God-Fearing Lindsey J. Mansa Outfitting Design Department/HOG/Hull Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Plaridel, Misamis Occidental Motto in Life: “Sacrifice is key to open the gateway of Success.” Personal Qualities:Respectful, Caring & Self determined Mark Joseph O. Samorano Outfitting Design Department/HOG/INAO Design Engineer Hometown: Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental Motto in Life: “Only the strong Survives.” Personal Qualities: Kind-hearted & Friendly Lyla Claire S. Hetalia Outfitting Design Department/MDG/Mach. Outfitting Design Engineer Hometown: New Lucena Iloilo Motto in Life: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Personal Qualities: Caring & Amiable Bernard Z. Duran Outfitting Design Department/MDG/Mach. Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Tanjay City, Negros Oriental Motto in Life: “Aim high and never say DIE..” Personal Qualities: Optimistic, hardworking & God-fearing Von Antoni P. Jumaday Outfitting Design Department/MDG/Mach. Piping Design Engineer Hometown: Gandara, Western Samar Motto in Life: “Live life to the fullest.” Personal Qualities: Light-hearted, Inquisive & Sensitive Roselyn Engcot Hull Design Department/HDG/KPYP Design Engineer Hometown: Cebu City Motto in Life: “Aim high” Personal Qualities: Simple, Fun to be with, Optimistic


members of the

New Management Team

Group Leaders


Assistant Supervisors

Hull Outfitting Design Group: Mr. Alan Magusara Machinery Design Group: Mr. Joel Vallente Electrical Design Group: Mr. Leonardo Legitimas Hull Design Group: Mr. Arvin Rivera

Electrical Design Group/Electrical Team: Mr. Jovito Villacin, Jr. HOG/Hull Outfitting: Mr. Jeodiel Romanillos HDG/Mould Lofting: Mr. Alex Quibilan Mr. Rex Cababan Mr. Peter Paul Nova HDG/Cutting & Nesting Team: Mr. Luis Intong

MDG/ Machinery Piping: Mr. Ruben Villanueva HOG/INAO: Mr. Michael Angelo Glinogo ACTG Team: Ms. Rachel Umapas MDG/Machinery Piping: Mr. Noel Lauron HOG/HP: Mr. Audie Pagaling III HDG/WP: Mr. Eliezer Cabigas

Renante Z. Lauron & Mayoma E. Mandaya
June 14, 2008 Archdiocese of Our Lady of Lourdes Punta Prinsesa Labangon Cebu City

John Kenjie A. Batuto John Mark & Ernalie January 23, 2008

Jopril Kobi R. De Juan Bobong & Christine April 02, 2008

Gian Audric L. Pagaling Audie & Catherine February 17, 2008

Ghiomarie Gabriel V. Numeran Joms & Ghia April 18, 2008

Mariane Gabrielle P. Romanillos Ojiel & Venus May 24, 2008


by: Dennis B. Juarez

Sweet Christine
- the Talented fools Oscar Morales At long last I finally met the girl of my dream When I saw her picture my mind goes insane My broken heart truly recovers from the pain As I've heard the sweetest name of Christine Night after night I always keep on thinking I cannot wait for the day of our first meeting I know that in this moment I'm just dreaming But I really do admire such a beautiful being Somehow I thought my feelings is so wrong But I've waited for this cute girl for so long I often speak her name like a romantic song And keep her in my heart where she belong Please tell what shall I do to make her mine I wanted to be with her until the end of time And show to her that everything will be fine Even if I'll put everything I have on the line Finally my very long & endless wait is over We're supposed to met somewhere out there And there is something that I have discover Then once again my heart was broken by her How sad it was that we are not meant to be Because her sexy body is curse for eternity It's really painful to me to admit the reality My sweet Christine hurt my heart so badly Oooh! Please tell me what to do Ate Rhoelen Coz the girl of my dream is hiding something Now I call her name as my sweet Christine But long long before her name was ALVIN

Ato Kini...
“Daydreaming at Night”
(One for Ate…)
Narciso H. Pilapil

May isog akong amigo Gikahadlukan sa mga tawo Sa iyaha ayaw jud pagtinonto Kay sa hospital unya ikaw maka-adto Kung siya imong mahisugatan Sa bisan asa nga mga dalan Tutoki ayaw ug iduko ang ulo Kay kun dili, bun-og ang maankon mo Kung ang chariot “Hari sa Karsada” Akong amigo “Hari bisan Asa” Bisan asa walay gikahadlukan Kay lagi abtik man ug kusgan Usa ka adlaw wala niya damha Ako ningkalit ug bisita sa ilaha Pagkakita niya sa ako-a Iyang nawong wala jud mahitsura Sa pagsulod ko sa ilaha Nakita ko ang maanyag niyang asawa Naglinkod sa malumoy nga sofa Ang tiil pinapatong pa sa gamayng lamesa Ug kalit ningsulti iyang asawa “Hon ang paglaba kay sugdi na” “Ahhh Bulagon tani” matod ni amigo “Ang de color ug puti nga senina nimo” “Pag-lung-ag unya hon”, matod sa iyang asawa “Nag-abusar naka hap!”, mao ang tubag niya “Ning-reklamo ka?” ang asawa nangutana “Ang iro hon, nagkaon sa kaldero”, tubag pa niya “Ang Plato unya hon hugasi” Sugo sa asawa “Di na ni maayo”, Reklamo niya “Unsa hon?” gipangutana siya “Di na ni maayo ang bareta, Axion naa ka?” Akong amigo akong gipangutana “Abi nako ug Hari ka sa inyuha?” Tubag ni amigo “Hari bitaw ko dire Pre” “Apan ALAS man gud imong Mare” “Sa tinud-anay lang gayud pre Ako wala mahadlok sa imong mare Ako nagasunod lang sa iyang gusto Kay si mare dili ko gusto mahagu” “Ug labaw sa tanan akong amigo Imong mare akong pinangga kaayo Gusto ko lang nga siya maayahay Ug kuyog kanako siya maharuhay”.

Lying here alone Waiting for you girl to come on Then you came with a lovely smile You’re driving me insane As I look into your eyes I can see heaven inside It feels burning, like I'm burning as fire Please dear don't tell me a lie That helpless feeling, might lose your mind Come on darling, spend me some time Close your eyes and you will find The touch you've been longing in this hour of the night Now I know, that you like me too Now I know… Baby… Just let it show, and I will make it grow I guess that's what our hearts can do


Bubbling Waters
by: Mayoma Mandaya-Lauron

t was the adrenaline rush that filled my senses as finally on that afternoon of April 11, 2008, the Support Group headed for an unforgettable escapade to Moalboal, Cebu. Excitement and thrill was all I could think of at that moment but the feeling turned out to be more than just plain fun, it was an experience that is undeniably one of a kind! For everybody's information, Moalboal lies in the Southwestern tip of Cebu, bordered to the west by the Tañon Strait, located 89 kilometers from Cebu City and about two and a half hours by bus. In Moalboal, our main destination was at Delgado's Place. As soon as we arrived there, we immediately started making preparations for our dinner. A variety of food was prepared during that evening such as grilled pork, fish and chicken savored with mixed sauces. Tents were also built within the area to accommodate the whole group for the night. After dinner, the group gathered for an activity that was truly an eye-opener. At that instant, I was really appreciative to each one particularly their honesty, openness and trust as they fearlessly expressed themselves and shared a glimpse of their past and real stories about them. On the next day, the group was able to enjoy the white sand beaches the place had in store for each of its guests. Then, later that


day, the group decided to explore the island of Pescador, about thirty minutes by boat from the mainland, where it is famous for its rich natural habitat. Before ending our escapade that Saturday afternoon, we dropped by Simala Church at Sibonga-- thanking for a safe trip before heading home. Our fun-filled getaway was more than just fun and adventure but also a reflection of a tightened and strong friendship. We hope that in our next escapade we would level the same feeling just like in our trip to Moalboal, Cebu.

A revitalizing plunge!

Villa Terisita, here we come
(Jeson Carnable)


(Christian Valor Monsanto)

eople of Hull Outfitting Team are rambling over and over, bamboozled and undecided. At last! The tribe has spoken. Many have chosen Tubod Flowing Waters aside from the other fascinating spots such as The Hidden Valley and The Hidden Paradise. Together with the Interior/ Accommodation Team, family, friends and loved ones, we decided to bathe ourselves with the coolness of this spring that is nature-blessed and provided. This Cebu's finest spring resort is located at the heart of Tubod, Minglanilla. One can reach it easily by taking a motorcycle ride from the main highway. Aside from the giant slides that were all amazing, the bird sanctuary and other animals that were present inside the resort made us appreciate nature itself. During our stay, we were able to take pictures with colorfully preserved and framed butterflies and had the chance to pose a distance away from the monkey snatcher (literally it is a monkey snatcher as what the residents told us). Then after strolling around the man-made cave there, we ate, drank, dove and bonded together definitely creating camaraderie not just with officemates but also with our families. The inviting outdoor pool is not the only thing they have. They also offer room amenities, audio-visual equipments, conference halls/rooms, catering and restaurants, sports and recreation centers such as snookers/billiards and half courts for basketball, fishing grounds, and massage services. It was such a splendid place to take your family, friends and even colleagues at work for them to also experience the rush of a cool spring, a perfect getaway amidst a hectic and busy lifestyle.


all it a fun filled Saturday getaway, as EDG marked its Second quarter outing last June 21, 2008 at the eastern side of Cebu. Just forty five minutes away from the City, the team arrived at the picturesque resort of Villa Terisita situated in Biasong, Talisay City. There were two destinations that the group planned to have their excursion but in the end agreed to go to Villa Terisita instead. As the team made their way, excitement filled the atmosphere since majority of the team members haven’t gone there yet. Although the weather was not perfect for an outing, still the team pushed through the activity. And as always, the food that the team prepared was appetizing and mouthwatering. The team enjoyed the place for it had pools with slides and a delightful view where one can overlook the sea. For sure we can say that it was not timely to have an outing when its raining or when it is windy, but there is one thing that I have learned; we don’t need to wait for a sunny day or to complete the things we need for us to have fun. What matters most is the time we spent to bond, enjoy and share that very special moment with our family and friends.

Those were the Days
By: Danilo Abalos and Narciso Pilapil

by: Roxanne Marie Mayol

Island Born of Fire


efore the members of the New Project Department have finally returned to their original teams (and as some were reassigned to other teams), the group had the chance to have the last get-togethers this year. We, as NPDians are glad to reminisce and share the memorable moments that we shared together. Last February 9, we set off for our first trip for this year to Bohol, known as the land of the famous Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. The relaxing atmosphere of nature was indeed the best place to unwind after our busy days at work. It was amazing to see the panoramic view of the Chocolate Hills as we stood at the top of the Sagbayan Peak. More so, the sumptuous meal that we had at the Loboc River was totally unforgettable as we ate, enjoyed fresh air coming from the river, and listened to one of the natives playing guitar and singing some old folk songs. On our second trip last April 6, we excitedly set foot to The Kawasan Falls located at the southern portion of Cebu- a destination that should be hardly missed by any traveler who wants to explore the beautiful nature of Cebu. The place was undeniably very much suitable for swimming and diving. and 8 in Bantayan Island, Cebu. Mr. Jocoriah Pepito of HDG served as our tour guide and host as we stayed at Marlin's Beach Resort in Sta. Fe. Our itinerary was totally packed with fun, not to mention the motor-ride caravan to Madridejos and the Videoke. Of course, the trip would not have been complete without walking around Bantayan Public Market and looking for pasalubongs for family and friends. Sadly, the moments we had as NPDians for almost five (5) years had finally ended. Indeed, some good things never last for good, but they are worth remembering. For us, the NPD may no longer exist but it will remain in our hearts forever.


oneThe group's last and final trip was held last June 7

ummer 2008 was almost at its end when our 26th batch barkada decided to prepare and pack up for another weekend getaway. Our funfilled escapade began on a Friday night, May 23, 2008 as we boarded a shuttle ferry bound for the island that is known for its superb environment, the Camiguin Island. On an early morning the following day, our barkada officially set foot on solid ground and after checking in to a resort, we began to explore the beauty of nature along with its splendid landmarks and famous tourist spots the island has to offer. Camiguin came from the word “come again” as native people say and for sure no one will wonder why once you have come into the place. Our first destination was White Island. The place simply gave justice to its name due to its stunningly laid fine white sand. It even had Mount Hibokhibok on its picturesque background. We then proceeded to Katibawasan falls where the experience turned out to be an amazing and shivering one because of its cold gushing water coming down. The whole batch also had even a colder encounter on the pool on site the cold spring of Sto. Niño. We ended the 1st day of our expedition by warming ourselves in the relaxing and soothing Ardent Hot Spring. We started our second day by attending Sunday mass and buying boxes of tasty pasalubongs. After that, we had a chance to view the whole island itself. First stop was their walkway. It was a very high trek and yet, breathtakingly beautiful at the top. Then, we visited the famous sunken cemetery and other old

Spanish churches that were all ruined during a volcanic eruption on year 1800. We also had the opportunity to feed cultured fishes in Taguines lagoon and able to observe the Ostrich breeding in Brgy. San Isidro. Before heading to the pier, we had our last stop at the Mt. Hibok-hibok Volcano Observatory. It was such an enjoyable weekend for us because the place is really spectacular. No wonder it is called Camiguin. Tourists do surely “come again”.
FACT: CAMIGUIN is a pear-shaped volcanic island with a total land area of 238 sq. kilometers. It lies 10 kilometers off the coast of the Province of Misamis Oriental. Along with the Provinces of Bukidnon, Lanao del Norte, Misamis Occidental and Misamis Oriental, CAMIGUIN forms part of a geopolitical grouping of provinces comprising Region 10 or Northern Mindanao. In terms of land area, CAMIGUIN is only around 2 percent of Region X. CAMIGUIN ISLAND is said to be "Born of Fire". It has seven volcanoes unmatched anywhere else in Southeast Asia. Volcanic eruptions and land movements have created this spectacular island full of natural wonders and historical riches. source: www.camiguin.gov.ph


TTSP@TC Events
Festivities in Japan's Rose City
By Romualdo Lex S. Garcia


ukuyama City, Japan – The City of ukuyama held the culmination of its annual Rose Festival last May 18, 2008 and many TTSP@TC members were there to witness another day of festivities. Although it is quite common for TTSPians to wander around Fukuyama City during weekends, the members still walked their feet out to enjoy the festivities. The walk started from Rose Park wherein more than a thousand abloom roses originating from various parts of the globe were displayed. The whole park was also a mixture of multitude of colors ranging from white to lavender to dark red, such a spectacular sight to enjoy. The area around the adjacent park was surrounded with kiosks selling food and drinks, a big hit for tourists and locals alike. For lunch, the group enjoyed sipping a hot steaming bowl of tasty ramen in a ramen house just a few blocks from the park. Right after lunch the group walked their way back to the park to watch the Rose Festival Parade featuring participants in their colorful costumes and fancy yet traditional dance moves. The Rose Festival is Fukuyama City’s largest annual event which started in May 1956 and an event should not to be missed by TTSP members assigned in TC in May.

headed to Hiroden station for another hour and a half travel to Hiroshima by local train. The members arrived at around t w e l v e noon in time to witness Hiroshima’ s Flower Festival Parade. Though the mid-day sun was high, the pack still wandered around the city in groups with their digital cameras charged and ready to capture eye catching festival scenes of tourists gleefully immersed in the festivities. New members were also encouraged to check out the Atomic Bomb Museum to have a realistic glimpse of Hiroshima’s past before and after the historic bombing of the place. The museum offered numerous photos and videos of the event, a handful of memento from its past, and even wax figures depicting images of survivors after the bombing. Then, from the museum, the groups strolled around Freedom Park for the last time before heading to Hiroshima castle where the bus awaits to send the exhausted tourists in their respective dormitories. Though the tour was officially finished, that day was still far from over for the TTSP members as they traded songs after songs in the videoke during the entire bus trip topping the day with more laughter and boisterous shouts of delight for a memorable day shared in Hiroshima during the Golden Week celebration.

relieved when she said, ‘Yes, a little’. I asked her if I can go with her since we had the same destination and she agreed. Upon arriving at the station, I thanked her for her generosity and after bidding goodbye, I immediately went to the Catholic Chapel. But then again I seemed to lose my way, maybe because I only passed the chapel once or maybe because it was raining. I tried to walk further until I heard a decent Japanese couple behind me talking. At first I was hesitant to ask them about the chapel, but asking them seemed to be the only logical thing to do that time so I tried to ask again in their language. Eventually, they were able to grasp what I am saying and directed me to the Catholic Chapel. That day, I realize that GOD is everywhere and would send someone who could guide us in order to attain our desire. I only knew five Japanese words and yet amazingly, I was able to do what I wanted that day. In my 24 years of existence, I never felt braver and gutsier my whole life. Thanks to that incredible journey.



by: Dave Limatog


A-Bomb Treat:
TTSPians' Golden Week
iroshima, Japan – The Golden Week 2008 celebration was held on the 29th of April and ended on the 5th of May. This week-long celebration is composed of four Japanese national holidays namely: Showa Day (Showa no hi), Constitution Day (Kenpo kinenbi), Greenery Day (Midori no hi), and Children's Day (Kodomo no hi). In line with this, our mother company with its Japanese staff organized a one day Miyajima-Hiroshima tour for the TTSP and Chinese members last May 3, 2008. The tour commenced at around seven in the morning by a two-hour bus ride going to Miyajima Port and a fifteen-minute Ferry going to Miyajima Island. Miyajima or “shrine island” was famous for the floating torii (gate) of Itsukushima shrine which stands afloat in the ocean and believed to be the entrance of gods to our world during the ancient times. After a brief stop ON BOARD 14 in the island, the group


(Jennilyn Ovejera)


Trip to Hiroshima

y unforgettable journey began on a rainy Easter Sunday when I decided to attend the mass at Fukuyama City. Though I knew that the place could be reached by bicycle as what we usually do during weekends, yet I thought it would be impossible for me going by myself. I tried to call some of my friends to accompany me but unfortunately they were all unavailable because they also have their own plans for that day. I felt restless and sad as I realized that I had no choice but to go alone, for if I don’t go, I would likely miss the Easter Sunday Mass. It was already 1:00 in the afternoon and the mass would start at around 3:00 pm. So, I left at once carrying only a backpack and the strong faith in GOD that I’d arrive at my destination safely. I thought it would be prudent to ride a train, so I biked my way to Matsunaga train station. Upon reaching there, I realized I didn’t know the exact location of the train station so I asked two elderly women I passed by. ‘Sumimasen, watashiwa nihonggo wakarimasen, doku train station ne?’ At first, they did not understand me but as I continued explaining they eventually understood and led me the way to the station. At the station while waiting for the train to arrive, I asked a Japanese lady beside m e, ‘ S u m i m a s e n , wa t a s h i wa n i h o n g g o wakarimasen. Engrish wakarimasta ka?!’ and I was

hat is an airsoft war-gaming? Imagine playing counter-strike in real life. The only difference is if you're hit once, you're OUT. That is an airsoft war-game. A humble beginning… TTSP Airsoft war-games started in the year 2006 when an officemate, Napoleon Louie Pe, introduced me to the sport. I took interest and we both bought our very first airsoft guns. We were in Japan at that time and since it is very popular there, our interests grew as airsoft items were readily available at hobby shops anywhere. With the support of a Japanese colleague, Nobutoshi Miyazaki, we were able to hold war-games. There were 3 of us at first but luckily, we were able to entice our friends Jay Nufable and Rex Cababan to join in. We formed a group called Team Warui and the rest was, as they say, history. We are not war freaks! Airsoft is a sport… After a day of airsofting, you'll feel like you just had been run over by SB05. It drains you physically and mentally as you find techniques and tactics to have the advantage over the opposing group. But despite the physical exhaustion, playing this kind of game is a great way to exercise our mind & body while having fun and developing camaraderie and teamwork. It's “a gentleman's game”, as they say, a sport that we truly enjoy.

by: Johnhill Coquilla


suneishi Football Club of Balamban breezed thru the first single round robin to advance without conceding a goal in 6 games and almost crowned automatic champions before finally held by Lear Corp. to a scoreless draw in the last match up of the round at CIS field in Brgy. Pit-os, Cebu City and further claimed their first European Chambers of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) Football Cup crown. The high powered offense of Tsuneishi FC was too much to handle for Detalia Aurora Warriors punishing them with 3-0 shut out in their semifinal match up and booked a final showdown and rematch with Lear which advanced via a very hard earned victory over the veteran & defensive minded People Support FC. Tsuneishi and Lear employed stifling defensive tactics on the first half which resulted to a 0-0 score at halftime. Tsuneishi FC stepped up the offense in the second half and Mark Kenneth Pono finally scored the lone goal of the game that eventually gave Tsuneishi FC their first title in club history. The triumped was even sweeter for Tsuneishi FC as it was their first time to join a soccer tilt. Tsuneishi FC is composed of players from THI, TTSP, MAP Electrical Services, Metaphil, CASPI, Arkbeam Construction, & JEC Metal works. Five of the 12 squad were TTSP employees

namely, playing coach, Michael Angelo Glinogo, Enrico Jay Bantug, Napoleon Louie Pe, Jay Noel Nufable and Alchin Perez showed hardwork and commitment under the heat of the sun to help the football club succeed their first stint in a bigger stage of football. Sanctioned by the Cebu Football Association (CFA), the one-day tourney was joined by company based soccer clubs. Other teams that joined were Detalia Aurora Kings, Fairchild and NCR. Aside from the ECCP cup title, Tsuneishi won the best muse award represented by the charming Catherine J. Ypanto of TTSP earlier that day. Among the handful supporters of Tsuneishi FC were a number of TTSP employees and TTSP-GM himself and his family who cheered the team from the kick-off to the championship celebration.

(Happy GUys Running On Streets)
by: Erneson G. Abellana

July 1, 2007; ADIDDAS: King of the Road; 5KM

Aug. 16, ‘07; Cebu Doctor’s College: 2nd University Run; 13KM


t 4:30a.m., I woke up early in the morning, drank a cup of energy drink (sorry I don't drink coffee), changed my clothes into sleeveless shirt and shorts, tied my shoelaces and left at exactly 5:00 a.m. just to be on the starting line before everyone else. This was not my usual routine on Sundays not until I joined “Haguros”. Haguros, which is now a member of Sunday Runner's Club (SRC), is a group of running aficionados composed of originally six members: Brad, Jason, Mark, Julius, Erneson and Joseph excluding Popet and Ericko (who were at Japan at that time) and now reaching to almost twenty TTSP hopefuls. After every race, we, usually have a get together breakfast in a nearby fastfood chain, where we share some insights, not so much trash talks, with each other and so on. And the best part is that it never ended. I know spending our free time after work for a couple of rounds (not on a

bottle of beer) on a standard 400meter track oval for sure is boring, however, it is kind of rewarding somehow if you realize the benefits after. Venturing into such activity gives you pain and sacrifices but on top of it all, you would see yourself very healthy and physically fit. What inspires me the most is seeing people at age 60 and above still joining the run and even finished ahead of me. One of them during a small conversation told me that if you desire a healthy future, one should start at an early age and doesn't need to wait until you're told by a doctor to do so. It only needs a little of your time. No harm in trying. For the meantime the team is busy preparing for the Milo HalfMarathon this coming August 2008 and rest assured there would still be lots of fun scheduled this year for anyone to join to.

Oct. 28 ‘ 07; Pink October Run; 10KM

May 18 ‘08; 1st Ilocano and Friends Fun Run; 10KM

May 25 ‘08; Cebu City: Queen City June 22 ‘08: 20th DYAB Kapamilya Run; 10KM

15 ON BOARD 11

Ttsp holds 10 titles in Inter-company Sportsfest


emarkable event took place in Arpili Dormitory basketball half court last Dec. 04, 2007. The stout mastermind of the tournament Maricho Piedad stamped the event in TTSP record book as she made everything happen. The contest opened its curtains by an opening remark by Admin. Manager Dale Bontilao and an inspirational message from TTSP General Manager Jun Exaltacion Jr. and highlighted by the ceremonial toss led by our President Kozo Hirano. Three teams graced the event; White Unicorns led by Jenny Ovejera, Frelyn Ponce, Dina Cogal, and Manel Sarigumba; Red Dragons team is composed of MJ Tibon, Sheila Jalipa, Corina Jaranilla and Jovy Orbeta; and the eventual champions was spearheaded by Jinggay Tamayo, Arlene Flores, Cho Piedad and the first WTBA Most Valuable Player Niña “the small but terrible” Canicon. Guidelines were also imposed to regulate the whole month long basketball tournament. The pesky players of Black Spiders seemed to be inevitable as it punished the White Unicorns in the Final game w i t h 22-20 win and secured it’s first e v e r crown.

by: Mark Gil Aliño

Breaking Sports Recall
! March 13, 2008- TBA Summer League

Opening Splashed by heavy rain, hot TBA fans still roars the hardcourt. Seven teams fight for a single title to be named as the best team in the league. ! April 30, 2008. -Rambulan Sa Balamban TTSP Boxing Aficionados enjoyed one of their favorite events; BOXING. Backed by Balamban officials, famed ALA Boxing Promotions showcased six fights for the whole town at Mayor Exasperanza Binghay Gym at Poblacion, Balamban. ! June 08, 2008 University of the Philippines(UP) Centennial Cup TSUNEISHI Football Club again campaign for another shot of soccer tournament title but was bungled by more experienced teams in the one day event held at UP grounds.

he Tsuneishi Heavy Industries together with its Affiliates has once again successfully conducted its annual Inter-Company Sportsfest last May 2008. TTPS’s lone master of ceremony of the occasion; Edwin Patiam tamed the crowd with blissful introduction upon entry of the teams inside the THI complex. After the parade, our very own chevalier Felmar Baricuatro was the man in charge to light up the torch to formally open the competition. One of the jawdropping highlights of the event was the presentation of muses on each group. MJ Tibon confidently represented TTSP green while Lyla Hetalia starred the purples group and the maroon team showed off Rebee Caballero’s charms amid audiences. Competition of events started with TTSP teams nagging their games into a full throttle. Each game was a breathtaking win from here to there, and the plan was to sustain the fight until the last day of the competition. And Alas! Out of 20 slots, TTSP was able to gather a tenfold diadem, with only three games that didn’t land a single place, and the rest were 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner-up finishes which is way ahead of last years’. Then, last May 28, 2008 all winning players received their prices together with all the organizers and THI heads of this year’s sportsfest. All players was also recognized and rewarded with certificates during a victory fiesta held at Arpili Dormitory to owe all the sweat and hardwork of all players and even for the wild TTSPians who solely and cheerfully shared their time during the games. For all the players and supporters of the 2008 Sportsfest, Congratulations!





By: Lyla Claire Hetalia
ne of the most watched over events in THI’s Sportsfest 2008 was the men’s and women’s volleyball tournament wherein TTSPians showcased not only their teamwork in the sport but also the determination to win as champion. After a 3-0 slate in the elimination TTSP Maroon played the Yellow Affiliates for the second time but now in the championship. During the match, the TTSP Maroon proved to be truly unbeatable as they crushed them with an emphatic 25-17 score with Kelly Menchavez whirlwind serves seemed to be the pivotal point after a 15-15 deadlock in the final set. The battle between CASPI and TTSP Violet followed right away in the Men’s division. The twice to beat champions who earned an outright to the finals would not let the TTSP Violet win the match just as easy as it would seem. First match was a strenuous 3 sets game won by the violets. And finally, at the end of the second game after it was momentarily suspended due to the rainfall in the last set, the team effort of the TTSP Violet prevailed over their opponent after a 25-13 demolition in the next day. This only proves that winning depends not just on the skills of each member possesses but on how they use these skills and work as a team. Indeed, teamwork can win championships!



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