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					Make Over 3000$ per month with ADSENSE Written by Jack. D.

The Trade or Sale of this ebook is not permitted without the consent of Jack. D.

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In this eBook I will explain how you are able to create multiple content and article websites and get them ranked in the top 10 results of search engines including Google, Yahoo and Msn. After 3 months these websites will generate a monthly profit of $200-$400.

I wish you the best of luck in earning a healthy monthly income and I hope you enjoy reading the ebook.

1: Introduction and about the eBook. 2: Selecting the Domain and Best Niche. 3: Hosting 4: Which CMS to choose? 5: Getting Free Content 6: Optimizing WP for your Content website. 7: Building links and SEO 8: Adsense 9: Multiple sites 10: Links

Chapter 1: Introduction and about the eBook
Hello my name is Jack. D. and I am proud to present to you my newest eBook about creating multiple sites and making a monthly income of more than $3000 with ADSENSE. I will teach you how to create more than 10 content websites and get them ranked in top positions in search engines, this means using a lot of organic traffic. The next step will be rewriting the content for your websites, so that search engines will not identify your site as a duplicate (duplicated sites get very poor search engine rankings, and sometimes sites get removed from search engines). Firstly you will need a system to manage website. Secondly you need a good host for your website, and also a memorable domain. After you have your domain you can start gathering content and then rewrite it. Once you have content for your website then the next thing is to drive traffic to your site, I will explain how to optimize your site for search engines, we will do this with various plugins and also a good link building strategy. After 3 months, you will start to get amazingly high traffic from search engines, I will then teach you how to optimize your site for ADSENSE and earn as much as possible from your site.

Chapter 2: Selecting the Domain and Best Niche Every successful website starts with a good domain, Right? But before you select your domain you will need to know which niche your website will specialize in. Here is a list of a few of the best paying niches: 1: Health 2: Business 3: Loans 4: Hosting 5: Stock Market Of course you can create websites about anything you want but I strongly recommend you to pick one of those listed. Ok let’s say you pick the HEALTH niche, now it’s time to select a good topic which doesn’t have too much competition. For Example: I would like to create a website about cancer, as I mentioned before we will need to find a unique topic first. So let’s google for cancer, the first hit is wikipedia, I open the link and find 20 types of cancer. I pick “prostate cancer”. The next step is selecting a

sub-topic. I personally use the following two keyword sites to get some ideas for sub-topics: After a little research I decide to pick: Prostate cancer symptoms So now I have: 1: Niche = Health 2: Topic = Cancer 3: Sub topic = prostate cancer symptoms

Now it’s time to select a domain for your new website. I strongly advice you to choose a ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ domain. Yes it’s more expensive but they are a lot better then ‘.info’, ‘.in’, ‘.de’, ‘.us’ …

The two websites listed above are made to help you decide on the best possible domain name for your website. I got the perfect domain name for my website: “” which is perfect but I could also have chosen “” both domains are very good for my topic, but I have chosen to use the first one. You can also choose to use a domain which isn’t related to your chosen topic, but it must have something in common with your niche (which is cancer in our case). I recommend that you use to register your domain mainly because it is cheap and they offer reliable support.

Chapter 3: Hosting After you have picked your niche and chosen a good domain then it’s time to find a good and reliable hosting service. The 3 most reliable and well known hosting services that I have previously used are GoDaddy, bluehost and hostgator. GoDaddy have good support but their servers are over loaded. That means that pages are often very slow to open… And we don’t want that, do we? Bluehost is nice but expensive. The best hosting service in my opinion is hostgator, they offer amazing hosting packages with unlimited domains from $8. They also offer reliable LIVE support. Here is my affiliate LINK (You are welcome to use it!)

Chapter 4: Which CMS to choose? CMS = Content Management System We have everything ready to put the website online, all we need now is an “engine” which will make everything work, and allow us to add, delete and edit content in the easiest way possible. My advice would be WordPress. Now you are probably asking yourself why I mention WordPress, because we don’t blog here, right? Yes you are right! But you can also use WordPress to make websites that are not blogs. Another bonus is that Wordpress has a great plugin interface. (I will tell you more about this later) If you really don’t like wordpress then think about Joomla, you can find more information about Joomla here:

Chapter 5: Getting free content Everybody knows that content is the most important factor of a website, people like to read good content, but search engines LOVE good and unique content even more. But there is one problem, content/article writers are expensive… For a very good writer you have to pay $10 for a 500 word article… and your site needs at least 50 articles which mean’s spending $500. Now I will explain to you how to get almost, 100% unique content from free content rewriters. Here are two sites that I used to rewrite articles: Those 2 article rewriters are free to use, but if you can afford it then I strongly advise you to buy this one: This is probably the best content rewriter existing right now, I personally use this one. Their database includes about 12.000 words and 68.000 synonyms. But yes it’s expensive almost $100.

So now you have an article rewriter, it’s time to find content. The easiest way is to go on google and search for your keywords … Browse the first 5 pages and collect content. Then run it over both rewriters and it will provide you with your unique rewritten content. You can also find totally free content on some free article directory’s but I recommend you to avoid doing this .

Chapter 6: Optimizing WP for your content website If you decide not to use WordPress then you can skip this step. As I wrote before, it’s very good to use WP, you can add, remove and edit things with just a few clicks. And the most important thing is that later we will be able to install a few SEO plugins which will increase traffic from search engines. First install wordpress then you can download and install a template that can be modified to make it suitable for a content website. These are 2 of the same mirror’s I uploaded to two different templates in case one of them doesn’t work. After you have downloaded and installed the template you can then open the logo in photoshop and edit it to fit your website. Now login to the admin panel in wordpress and start adding your re-written content.

If you use the template above then you will need to edit index.php and search for “Here goes your text” then replace this with your text :P pretty easy, right ? I advise you to make at least 50 or even better 100 pages with your unique re-written content. The more you add, the better it is. Of course you can use any other template if you want, I used this one as an example to illustrate how it should look.

Chapter 7: Building links and SEO Welcome to the hardest and the most boring part of the process. Even if you make a perfect looking website with amazing content it still won’t bring tons of traffic, but with perfect search engine optimization you can achieve the highest positions in search engines, which in turn means a lot of traffic. Most people think it’s very complicated almost impossible, well do you know what I say ? Thank god there are people like this. The only reason why my websites are first in Google rankings is because all the other people are too lazy use SEO, do you want to be one of them? If you don’t then I have a solution for you. It’s not hard but it does require a lot of work. But hey nothing in life is easy right? The first part of SEO is very easy, we will just install a plugin into WP and change a few settings, and so let me start:

First of all you need to install these 2 plugins:

All you need to do is install these 2 plugins, and set a few parameters and everything else will work by itself (firstly create a sitemap for Google.. And secondly auto creates Meta tags) I will say again, it’s very important to install these 2 plugins. The next step is to open your site and login into the admin area. Go to “settings” and then select “permalinks”, after this select “Custom Structure” and then write in the box “/%postname%/ “ This will also help a LOT with your search engine optimization. I strongly advise you to do this. If you have any problems with the last step then please read the following extract from the WP official webpage.
Wordpress's index.php and .htaccess files should be together in the directory indicated by the Blog address (URI) setting on your General Options page. Since the name of the file begins with a dot, the file may not be visible through an FTP client unless you change the preferences of the FTP tool to show all files, including the hidden files. If you do not already have a .htaccess file, create one. If you have shell or ssh access to the server, a simple touch .htaccess command will create the file. If you are using FTP to transfer files, create a file on your local computer, call it 1.htaccess, upload it to the root of your WordPress folder, and then rename it to .htaccess.

If WordPress can't update your .htaccess file automatically, it will tell you something like If your
.htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t…

near the bottom of the Options → Permalinks panel.

Now we have come to the hardest and the most important part, Building LINKS. Everything that I know about building links I learnt for free from Jim Karter’s blog and a few forums. You are welcome to visit his blog anytime, he is probably the best link builder right now. He owns over 200 websites, and almost all of them are ranked in the top 3 of google. I advise you to subscribe to his blog, and read everything about building links. Ok let me start now with my own link building category, it’s similar to Jim’s but it works far better for me, and it’s a lot faster (in less than 3 months you can be on first page of Google and Yahoo if you do everything right). Only start link building after you have got your website fully up and running with all of its content.

1: A few days after your website has been fully running, add your website to about 20 free directories. 2: Then wait around 2 weeks and then add your site to another 40 free directories 3: Now again wait for about 1 week and then work really hard for the next 5 days, try to submit your site to another100 free directories. 4: Now we are in the 5th week. Search engines should have indexed all of your pages by now. It’s time to start making link exchanges and buy some quality links. 5: Now in the 5th week I start spending money on my website, I buy a lot of high Page Rank links(pr 5/6/7/+) Then I leave my website for another 2 weeks. 6: Now you will probably be in the 8th week, it’s time to start working really hard. First submit your site to another 500 free directories. Then go onto DigitalPoint forums and start looking for link exchanges. Make about 10 exchanges but only with the same PR sites or even higher. Don’t accept lower sites!

7: Now it’s time to spend more money, try to submit your site to as many paid directories that your budget will allow you to. Also keep adding your site to another 5 directories everyday. It takes you less than 5 minutes daily. I have a tool for you to make this process a little faster: With this addon you can easily add your site to multiple free directories. After 3 months, all of your sites should earn at list $100 or a lot more. My best site earned almost $500 after about 5months of hard work (I keep adding it to free directories every day.)

What people ask me all the time: 1:Where can I find a list of free directories? : Just write “free directory list” in Google. If you have any questions just send me a PM on DP (moneydude) or ask here: 2: Is there any other way than manually adding your website to directories ? Yes you can pay someone, it’s not very expensive … For more information again, go and research on digitalpoint forums.

Chapter 8: Adsense Now your site’s probably getting high traffic and everything if you keep adding your website to directories and if you are smart with buying/exchanging links then traffic should rise. After 3 months it’s time to add advertisements to your site and earn some money. Don’t even think about pop-up’s or rubbish like that, you will not earn a lot and it will just scare your visitors away. I advise you to use ADSENSE. I am sorry to say this but it’s really hard to find an alternative to adsense, maybe adbrite but still adsense is 100 times better for content sites.
This is probably the best placement I have ever seen. But don’t add more then 3 ad unit’s to one page it’s against google adsense TOS. Remember, border color of ads must be the same as your background ( yes that will make border invisible ), also ads text must be the same as other text on site. That will improve your click rate A LOT!!!

Chapter 9: Multiple Sites The way’s I have described are great but if you bet everything on just one website then you will not succeed. Right now I am running 10 sites the lowest one earns me around $100 but the most successful one earns me almost $500 … I will give you advice on how to get 10+ .com domains as cheap as possible. First go to then select “bulk domain register” you will get a large discount for this amount of domains. Then go to checkout and write in the coupon field: “gdp0503 “ It will take off an extra 30%. And the last thing about running multiple content websites is that you need to organize your work. I spend about 10 minutes on each website daily adding it to new directories and check if there is any new good content online to re-write it.

Chapter 10: Links and everything else This is last chapter in this eBook, I hope you learnt enough to quit your day job, like I did. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me on digitalpoint my username is “moneydude” Here are a few sites that you will find useful if you want to be successful in this business.

Thank you for reading, MoneyDude. Thanks Jon1771 for editing my English mistakes.

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