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									Diverse types of Tarot card
Though science and technology are growing at the speed of jet beliefs in tarot are still common and strong. Tarot cards are of various types. Long ago they were initially used as playing cards in Italy. Tarot cards are synonymous to divinity and future foretelling nowadays. They are very popular in America, Asia and Europe. Presently there are a lot of opinions concerning the beginning of the tarot cards. Some declare that tarot cards originated in Northern Italy at some stage in the 15th century. Some accept as true that tarot cards originated in Western Europe at some point in the medieval age. There are still some who dispute that its beginning was in prehistoric Egypt. The tarot cards that continue living today arrive from Italy. The point worth mentioning is, in spite of the various points of view on the subject of the starting point of the tarot cards, the meanings and the explanation of the cards have been steady all the way through the years. In the present day, there are countless diverse types of tarot cards used by the extrasensory readers. In primeval period tarot cards were used for card games but in the present day they are used for contemplation and fortune telling. A group of seventy-eight cards make up a tarot deck. Every card poses dissimilar symbols or pictures. Types of tarot Cards A handful of accepted and universally used tarot cards are listed below. Benedetti – Inspired by Visconti tarot deck. The cards contain motifs of leaves colored in gold. The tarot readers use this type to add elegance. Cat People – Generally fortune-tellers who can read human mind use this type. Tarot reading of this type enables special powers to the reader himself. Cards contain cat companions. Ator – Inspiration from Rider Waite tarot cards. The cards pose beautiful characters. It is a preferred card type for psychic readers. Curious – It is a modern type. It contains unusual tarot cards. The cards contain characters that are weird. Colman Smith – This type of tarot reading involves cards that possess original tarot drawings and colors. This can be called as the modern adaptation of Rider Waite. Marseilles – The purpose of these cards are divination and meditation. It is older than Rider Waite. This card is also sought after the most. International Icon – This is the long-established Swiss tarot. Psychic readers trust in this tarot card the most when it comes to tarot reading. Golden – Great thinkers use this card type. It might be a modern tarot, but it has a touch of ancient interpretation for fortune-telling. Phoenix – This is also called as the 20th century. It is supposed to be a beautiful set of cards for a tarot reading. This is because it has vibrant colors in it.

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