How to Wash Wicker Furniture

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					How to Wash Wicker Furniture
Natural wicker furniture can withstand moisture, but only to a limited
extent. Too much water over an extended period will leave it looking
loose, limp and saggy. Too much dampness can also attract mildew growth.
When washing your wicker furniture, keep in mind the suggestions
discussed next.

1When hosing, tilt the wicker furniture so that the tighter weave is on
top. This allows the excess water to run down to the looser weave, which
is below. From here, it is easily wiped away.<
2Keep the shape. It is absolutely imperative that the weave spacing and
pattern remain in place during the cleaning process, especially when the
furniture is wet. Wicker furniture will dry and set in any new position
that it has been subjected to, so take care when you bump or shift any of
the wicker layout. If there is excessive pulling of strands, the weave is
more likely to have large gaps in it when completely dry. Strands that
are too far out of position could pull the entire piece askew.
3Let the wicker furniture dry completely before using it again. Sitting
on it, or placing any heavy objects on it while it is wet, could leave it
looking misshapen when dry.<

Lemon oil, applied lightly with a soft cloth, will help protect the
finish and enhance the shine of wicker furniture.
Occasional clean-up using furniture cleaner or a mild detergent solution
is good for removing stains and will help wicker furniture maintain its
high gloss and good looks.
Periodically brushing wicker furniture using a brush with stiff, non-
abrasive bristles such as a paintbrush, vegetable brush or a toothbrush,
is the best way of keeping your wicker furniture looking clean and
beautiful. The bristles should be soft enough to be able to get into the
areas between the weave and yet stiff enough to have the adequate muscle
behind it. Alternatively, vacuum wicker furniture using a bristle brush

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