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					Czech Republic Construction Market, 2013
Locate construction sector opportunity in the Czech Republic

Report lists top contractors, projects and forecasts market prospects to 2015. How much more profitable
and successful would your business be with a wealth of market information on all aspects of the Czech
Republic construction market at your fingertips? Imagine that, with just a few clicks of your
computer keyboard, you could find out: the current and forecast values of the market, the value of each
market segment, the segment with the best growth prospects for the next three years, key financing
sources for transport infrastructure construction and names of the top contractors in the market and their
biggest upcoming projects?

Construction sector in Czech Republic 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 delivers all this useful
business intelligence, and much more. This report, prepared by the experienced professionals at PMR,
delivers the complete data, astute analysis and sound forecasts your business needs to succeed.

Whether your company is engaged in the residential, non-residential or civil engineering segment of the
market, your professional efforts will benefit from supplementary Excel compilations of data on the 100
leading contractors and 100 high-value projects planned for the Czech Republic in the months ahead.

The report presents data and analysis of prevailing wage statistics, employment levels, and prices of
commonly used construction materials to illustrate conditions in the market and its segments, and
forecasts the position of these indicators by 2015. It names and analyses the effects of macroeconomic
conditions and trends that can potentially affect growth within specific segments and in the overall market.

Analysis, statistics and a wealth of corporate intelligence combine to give readers an inside view of the
competitive dynamics that drive the market and result in successful contracting companies and top-notch
materials manufacturers. Learn about plans for mergers, acquisitions, new project alliances, market
entries and top contenders for the most widely publicized and lucrative project awards. Discover the
strategies utilised by leading companies to achieve success despite less than optimal economic and
market conditions in the major segments of Czech Republic construction.

The report covers the recent evolution of construction prices in each of the three segments and predicts
the track they will follow in the next few years. It provides industry specific information – such as the
predicted total of completed housing units from 2013-2015, specific projects planned by commercial,
industrial and retail space developers for the near future and key sources of financing in the transport
infrastructure segment of the market.

This publication is an all-purpose business information source, especially tailored to meet the unique
needs of professionals with interests in Czech Republic construction. It is recommended as a useful tool
in the completion of a variety of tasks, such as: locating and evaluating new projects, evaluating earnings
potential, planning revenue streams, finding suitable targets for merger and/or acquisition activity and
estimating market share of a specific company while gaining an understanding of the overall competitive
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Published: February 2013
No. of Pages: 118

Price: Single User License: US$2240    Corporate User License: US$5600

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Description: Construction sector in Czech Republic 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 delivers all this useful business intelligence, and much more.