How to Make a Snowman out of Beads by lfsmj2010


									How to Make a Snowman out of Beads
It's summer, and you missmaking snowmen. You can make a wholewinterscene
out of white beads!
1Get the items you will need (these are listed below)<
2Take your first bead and lay it so the hole is laying flat. Carefully
putgluearound the edge of it and lay the next bead on top of it. This
bead should be opposite how the bottom on is (holes on the side)
3Take your last white bead and put glue around the edge of it. Place it
on top of the secondbead, and there's the base of yoursnowman!
4Decorate your snowman with smaller beads and thread. With patience and
care, yoursnowmancan have a whole family!<

Remember, your 'snowman' won't be perfect the first time you do it. Keep
on practicing and your snowman will look like it really is made out of
Use thread to make clothes for your snowman, such as a scarf or a hat!
Mix glue and water and spread it onto thread to make it stiff. Bend the
thread in any direction first so it will look cool!

<Things You'll Need
White beads
Thread (optional)
Small colored beads (optional)
Tootsie rolls

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