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How to Customize Something


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									How to Customize Something
Have you ever had something that was necessary to own, such as school
supplies, but was super dull looking? Well in this article you will learn
how to customize something for cheap and DIY Read on to see how!

1Consider how big the thing you want to customize is. If it is small you
may want to reconsider how you will customize it.<
2Decide on a theme for your object(s).
3Look for inspiration on how you will dress up your object; something you
like or your favorite color.
4Pick your materials carefully because you want the adhesive or ink or
whatever you are using to stay put for as long as possible.
5Look around your house for items that could be used to customize your
object. If you cannot find enough things then go to your local craft
store and see if you can find something there ( scrap booking stickers
work very well).
6Draw out a plan on a piece of paper so you can alter the look before you
actually put it into action.
7Stick or draw on your design and voila! you're all done.<

Make sure you use a suitable material for whatever the surface is of the
object you are decorating (for example, don't put any kind of marker on
your water bottle because it will not stick and you will probably have to
keep re-drawing it and it may also turn all your dishes a different color
if you use a dishwasher)
Don't over do it. A simple design is often more effective.
Enjoy your customized item while the design lasts since it may not stay
Teach your technique to your friends too because they be having the same
crisis as you were before you read this article.

Don't customize anything with anything that may harm you - for example a
spoon with paint or a plate with stickers.

Things You'll Need
Your customizable object

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