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					Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service Swimming Pool Normal Operating Procedures Name of Pool Address of Pool Telephone Number Alleynes High School Pool Oulton Road, Stone, ST15 8DR. 01785 815715

The key for the equipment basket is kept in the drawer in the Supervisors’ Office. Assessment forms are kept in the blue file box in the floats basket. Access to the pool area is via the single door adjacent the pool office. The key, along with the roller shutter keys, is kept at the main reception. At the end of the lesson secure the roller shutters down and when leaving the pool area secure the pool entrance door and return the key to the main reception. Structure of Pool There is one dropped-level pool. Access from the changing rooms appears at the shallow end. Emergency EXITS are marked. The length is 25.00 metres. The width is 12.50 metres. The shallow water is 1.00 metre with a steep slope to 3.00 metres at the deep end. Potential Risk Areas Glare from glazing Steep slope Diving is permitted, only under the supervision of the swimming instructor. For safety reasons, it has become necessary to ask all accompanying teachers to keep their class in the changing rooms until the swimming instructor invites them onto the poolside. Visiting Teachers Are asked to bring to each swimming lesson: A register, including the pupils’ important medical details Suitable footwear for poolside duties A whistle Glasses (if appropriate) Writing equipment Visiting teachers are asked to familiarise themselves not only with the Safety Issues on Page 4 and 5 of the Motivational Award Scheme Staff Handbook but also with the Emergency Procedure in place at the Pool (see Emergency Action Plan). Children should be warned of the potential danger to their ears of diving into water deeper than 1.5 metres. First Aid The First Aid Kit is in the desk drawer and also in the First Aid Box on the filing cabinet in the supervisor’s office and the telephone is also in the supervisor’s office next to the poolside. The emergency number is 9999. Training All Swimming Instructors appointed to undertake the Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming programme will have at least a current R.L.S.S. National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches (NRASTC). This is the minimum national recommendation.

All pupils and visiting teachers attending swimming lessons under our scheme will be taught the Emergency Procedure (see Emergency Action Plan document) unique to the pool. There will be at least one practice during each course of ten weeks. This NOP and EAP was last reviewed in June 2009.

Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service Swimming Pool Emergency Action Plan Name of Pool Address of Pool Telephone Numberl Alleynes High School Oulton Road, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8DR. 01785 815715

Emergency Action Plan for a Water Emergency Three blasts of the whistle will be given by the person seeing the emergency. The pupils leave the water and sit quietly on the benches and wait for further instructions. The Swimming Instructor deals with the emergency. For a serious emergency, the Class Teacher head counts and evacuates pupils to one or both changing rooms. If further help or an ambulance is required, the telephone is by the exit door at the shallow end of the pool. The emergency number is 9 999. Emergency Action Plan for a Non Water Emergency Any emergency in the changing rooms will be dealt with by the class teachers and helpers. The Swimming Instructor should be informed if it is a serious emergency. There is another telephone in the corridor for emergency use. Emergency Action Plan for the Fire Alarm and the Assembly Point Location The fire alarm is a continuous bell Poolside On hearing the fire alarm, the pupils immediately leave the water and line up by the emergency exit at the deep end of the pool. The emergency exit doors are opened. The Class Teacher does a head count and waits for further instructions. If instructed by Alleynes Pool Staff everyone evacuates the building to the assembly point. Changing rooms and spectators On hearing the fire alarm, the Class Teacher and pupils in the changing rooms and those not swimming, immediately assemble on the poolside and line up at the emergency exit and proceed as above. Assembly Point The car park outside the building.

Alleynes High School Pool, Oulton Road, Stone ST15 8DR 01785 815715 Child Protection Advice Staffordshire Schools' Swimming Service has exclusive use of Alleynes High School pool for all lessons. Arrival at the pool The pool is a separate building to the school. The bus stops directly outside the pool. Changing Rooms Although Staffordshire Schools' Swimming Service has exclusive use of the pool for all lessons, the high school pupils/ and or members of the public may also be changing. There are a large number of lockers, cubicles and benches in both changing rooms. When pupils have changed into their swimwear, they wait by the changing room exit until the swimming teacher invites them onto the poolside. Pupils not swimming remove their outdoor footwear and enter the poolside with the rest of the group. They sit on the bench where they can be easily supervised. Poolside No pupil is allowed to leave the poolside without permission and must be accompanied. At the end of the lesson the pupils filter out with their school staff into the changing rooms. Pool Visibility There is no spectator area. The main glazing in the pool is frosted glass. There is an area for refreshments, however, with clear glass that could provide a viewing area. There is no official control in place for this area. Areas of concern The pool is an open site. The refreshment area could be used for viewing. There is no restriction on this area.

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