How to Take Good Care of Your Lungs

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					How to Take Good Care of Your Lungs
Humans need air, and cannot go more than a few minutes without it.
Therefore, we must take good care of our lungs, which is what we use to
take in air.
1Never smoke. Notice how it doesn't say quit smoking, it says never
smoke. That means don't start smoking in the first place, and don't even
try it.<
2Increase your aerobic capacity. Do some vigorous exercise that really
gets you gasping for breath 3-4 times a week.
3Breathe in through your nose, especially around toxic fumes. The hair in
your nose acts as a filter and only lets extremely fine particles
through, and keeps the rest and combines it with mucus.
4Watch what you inhale. There are many things that human lungs were not
meant to inhale. Remember to breathe in through your nose when around
them, but try to avoid them in the first place. Also, try to take shallow
breaths so they don't go deep into your lungs. And after you are done
being exposed to them, maybe make yourself cough to force them out. Some
bad fumes include:Car exhaust and gasoline
Tobacco smoke and smoke from fire
Cleaning supplies
Talcum or baby powder: these have microscopic crushed rocks that become
trapped in your lungs, use a corn starch based baby powder instead.
Fiberglass and broken glass: Fiberglass may make tiny cuts in your lungs,
broken glass is less fine so it may not be bad at all.
Ceramic dust or fibre: dust from dry but unfired clay work in the art
room at school can be incredibly bad for the lungs. The same goes for
ceramic fibre found in loft insulation.

5Take medication to help you breathe easier if you have asthma or an
other respiratory condition. Albuterol, a presciption bronchodilator,
works well.<

You can't control everything you breathe in.
You will recover after being exposed to some things.

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