MISS SOUTHERN USA VALENTINE MINI NATIONAL and HIGHPOINT pageant for girls and boys FEBRUARY 16, 2008 PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA I would like to welcome you and your family to the 2008 Miss and Master Southern USA Mini National Beauty Pageant and HighPoint Pageant. The Mini National will help you get prepared for the National pageant in September. You will also receive your supreme package paid to nationals by participating at the Mini National pageant. Contestants from all States are invited to attend. We believe in complete honesty and fun. Come join us for an exciting pageant. GRACE PERIOD –December 1, 2007 GIRLS BOYS 0-7 Mos. 3 Year old 8-9 Year 0-2 Boys 8-14 Mos. 4 Year old 10-12 Year 3-Up Boys 15-19 Mos. 5 Year old 13-16 Year Young Miss Venus 20-30 Mos. 6 Year old 17-up Ms Venus (30-up) 31-36 Mos. 7 Year old Venus Plus Mother/Daughter Division Special Needs Division Father/Daughter Division (The special needs division will not be combined Mother/Son Division with the regular age divisions.) SPECIAL NEEDS DIVISION AND PLUS DIVISIONS for all ages. If you have a special needs child or a plus child that would like to participate, please call us so we can make a special group for your child. Call 1-334-393-5362. ****************************************************************************** EARLY ENTRIES: ALL ENTRIES RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE WILL RECEIVE AN AWARD. GET YOUR ENTRY IN WITH A $50.00 DEPOSIT TO RECEIVE THE AWARD!!!! OVERALL GRAND SUPREME $1,000.00 SAVINGS BOND Overall Grand Supreme Winner will receive a $1,000.00 Savings Bond, a Beautiful Monogrammed Banner, a 10” Miss Southern USA Logo Crown or Bucket Crown , a Long Flowing Fur-Trimmed robe, A Southern USA TOTE BAG, and a Miss Southern USA Custom Designed Trophy. This contestant will have the highest score in the entire pageant. Everything you win will give you points toward this Grand Supreme. The overall Grand Supreme Winner will be one of the Grand Supreme Queens or King. 4 GRAND SUPREMES - $1,000 AND $100.00 SAVINGS BONDS One Grand chosen from 0-3 year girls, One Grand chosen from all boys, one Grand chosen from 4-7 girls, and one Grand chosen from 8-up girls. GRAND SUPREMES WILL RECEIVE A 10” NATIONAL SOUTHERN USA LOGO CROWN or BUCKET CROWN, A $1,000.00 or a $100.00 SAVINGS BOND, A BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM DESIGNED NATIONAL TROPHY, A LONG FLOWING FUR-TRIMMED ROBE, AND A BEAUTIFUL MONOGRAMMED BANNER. (One of these 4 Grand Supremes will go

home with a $1,000.00 Savings Bond, the other 3 Grand Supremes will receive $100.00 bonds) 2 NATIONAL QUEENS/KINGS IN EACH AGE DIVISION (SUPREME MINI NATIONAL QUEENS/KINGS OPTIONAL EVENT COST $50.00) In order to give more contestants a chance to win a Supreme Title we will add a Supreme National Queen/King in each of the 22 age divisions. This means there will be 52 NATIONAL QUEENS/KINGS. The Mini National Age Division Queen/King will be the contestant with the highest score from Beauty. The Supreme Mini National Queens/Kings will be the contestant with the highest score after everything she/he wins is added to the score sheet. The 22 Queens/Kings, the 22 Supreme Queens/Kings, the 4 Grand Supremes and the 4 Mini Supremes Queens/Kings will not be the same contestant. SUPREME MINI NATIONAL QUEEN/KING in each age division will receive in addition to the Miss Southern USA Mini National Title, A Beautiful 10” Southern USA Custom Made Logo Crown, Custom Designed Trophy, Long Fur-Trimmed Robe, A Monogrammed Banner, $50.00 Pageant Cash, Plus your Supreme Package Paid for the Miss Southern USA National in September, and with 12 in your group a $500.00 Savings Bond. The Supreme Queens and Kings will be invited back next year to crown their successor and be showered with an enormous box of gifts from the contestants. MINI NATIONAL QUEEN/KING in each age division will receive in addition to the Southern USA Title, a Beautiful 8” Rhinestone Crown, a Southern USA Monogrammed Banner, Your Supreme Package paid for the Southern USA National Pageant in September, $50.00 Pageant Cash and with 12 in your group 200.00 Savings Bond. The Mini National Queens and Kings will be invited back to crown their successor and be showered with an enormous box of gifts from the contestants. 5 ALTERNATES IN EACH AGE DIVISION: WINNERS RECEIVE NICE TROPHIES, AND FEES PAID TO THE MISS SOUTHERN USA NATIONAL. BEST DRESSED AND BEST SMILE: Each age division will have a Best Dressed and Best Smile. Winners will receive a Trophy and an additional point to be added to the Overall Grand and Supreme Score. OVERALL PHOTOGENIC AND MOST BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME THERE WILL BE 4 OVERALL PHOTOGENIC AND 3 OVERALL MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ONE OVERALL MOST HANDSOME CHOSEN. Winners will receive a Beautiful Trophy, Banner, and points towards the Supreme and Grand Titles. PHOTOGENIC /PORTFOLIO AND MOST BEAUTIFUL/MOST HANDSOME. There will be a winner in each age division that will receive a trophy plus points toward Grands and Supreme Titles. SPORTSWEAR OR WESTERNWEAR - Pro-Am event - Outfit of your choice (Sporty, Dressy, or Western) Props and accessories are acceptable if easily carried on and off stage. Age Groups are the same as beauty. There will be a Winner in each age division that will receive nice trophies and points toward the Supremes and Grands. OVERALL SPORTSWEAR/WESTERNWEAR: WINNERS WILL RECEIVE A CUSTOM DESIGNED TROPHY AND POINTS TOWARD THE SUPREMES AND GRANDS. (There will be 4 Winners) OPTIONAL ( PORTFOLIO, COMPOSITE, WESTERNWEAR, AND CASUALWEAR)

You may use the Portfolio or Composite to replace your Photogenic Score or you may use the Casualwear or Swimwear to replace your Sportswear or Westernwear Score. Casualwear and Swimwear will be straight modeling. No Pro-Am for Casualwear or Swimwear. You may enter Photogenic, Composite, and Portfolio and Sportswear, Westernwear, Casualwear, and Swimwear but you will not be able to use all Scores. If you do Portfolio, Composite and Photogenic the low scores would be thrown out. The same way for Swimwear, Casualwear, Sportswear and Westernwear. The low scores of your events would be thrown out. Only one score for the pictures and only one score for the outfits will be counted toward your Supremes and Overalls. There will be an additional fee of $35.00 if you decide to do any of the optionals. You may win all the events in your group and receive all the awards and trophies for the events and pictures. You may take all the Overalls for each of the events and all the overalls for the pictures, but only the highest of your scores will be used. YOUR HIGHEST WILL BE USED ON THE EVENTS and YOUR HIGHEST ON THE PICTURES. There will be 4 Overall Sportswear, 4 Overall Casualwear, 4 Overall Photogenic, 4 Overall Composite, 4 Overall Portfolio. AGE DIVISION TALENT. Age divisions are the same as beauty. Age division winners receive a Talent Trophy. $500.00 SAVINGS BOND FOR THE OVERALL TALENT WINNER: WINNER WILL RECEIVE A BEAUTIFUL TALENT TROPHY, BANNER AND A $500.00 SAVINGS BOND. (must have 25 participating in order to give Bond.) EXTRA TALENT - $25.00 MISS VENUS COMPETITION - This Division is for anyone who feels she is too old for the 17-up Division. She may be Married or Single. There are four groups of Venus. The Miss Venus Mini National Queen will appear on our promotional Literature. She will receive the same 10” Logo National Crown, Monogrammed banner, trophy and all the other awards as the other divisions. If you have a child in the pageant your fees are ½ price. MISS VENUS PLUS - This Division is for Beautiful Plus Ladies. Mini National Venus Queens will receive same awards as other age groups. OVERALL SOUTHERN USA SUPERIOR QUEEN/KING (TICKET SALES) The Superior Queen or King will be the Contestant selling the Most Sponsor Tickets. You may sell the sponsor tickets for $1.00 each on a Diamond Cluster Ring to earn your entry fees and nice prizes. All Sponsor Tickets must be turned in by the deadline to determine the Overall Superior Winner. The National Superior Queen/King will receive everything paid at the Mini National, a 6 Ft Trophy, Fur-Trimmed Robe, A Beautiful 10” Southern USA Custom Made Logo Crown, Monogrammed Banner, All Fees Paid to the Mini National, and a Special Gift. He or She will enter all events, plus all door events, plus add any additional optionals or pictures, plus door badges for mom and dad FREE!!! The Superior Queen/King will be Royalty at the Mini National pageant. (Must sell at least 500 tickets) Ticket Sales Awards: 200 Tickets – $200 Package Paid 250 Tickets - 4 Foot Trophy plus $200 Package Paid 350 Tickets - 5 Foot Trophy, Crown and $200 package Paid 400 Tickets – 6 Foot Trophy, Beautiful 8” Rhinestone Crown, Robe, $200 Package Paid and a SUSA Monogrammed Banner

Every Contestant who sells the sponsor tickets will receive the above awards if they work on Sponsor Tickets. DIVISION GIFTS: Each contestant should bring Eight gifts to crowning, one gift will go to the 2008 Age Group Supreme Queen or King, one gift will go to the 2008 Queen or King of your division, one gift will go to the Grand Supreme, one will go to the Mini-Supreme, one gift will go to the Novice of your breakdown, one gift will go to last year’s returning National Queens/Kings and one or two gift(s) will go to the hostess or Queen of Queens helping with the pageant. This could be you. Don’t forget your gifts. (price $5.00-$7.00) If you forget your gift you will be ask to put $10.00 in an envelope for each. REFERRALS: Anyone who refers 3 contestants that are not on the mailing list to the pageant may enter all events FREE. This will include all the door events. With 3 referrals everything is paid for at the pageant that you want to enter. Referrals will not be counted for contestants entering at the door or contestants who have entered Miss Southern USA or on our mailing list. Each of your referrals must send a $50.00 deposit before the deadline. You may paypal the deposits to: JWILSON81628@ROADRUNNER.COM DOOR EVENTS: Door Events will be offered. If you think you may want to enter, bring some extra cash. IMPORTANT: We will not be able to accept any checks at the door. Any fees or balance due must be paid in cash, money order, or cashier check. Please do not ask to write a check at the door. MAIL ENTRY FORM AND FEES TO: MISS SOUTHERN USA PAGEANT TELEPHONE: 1-334-393-5362 JACKIE WILSON 3558 SUNRISE CIRCLE ENTERPRISE, AL 36330 Make checks payable to Jackie Wilson We accept Paypal. The paypal address is: southernusapageant@yahoo.com You may send a $50.00 Deposit and pay remainder the day of the Pageant. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: FEBRUARY 15TH EARLY REGISTRATION AT THE BOARDWALK BEACH RESORT, 9400 S. Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2008 - EARLY REGISTRATION 5:00-10:00 P.M. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2008 - REGISTRATION 8:00-8:30 A.M. BEAUTY COMPETITION FOR 0-7 YR GIRLS AND ALL BOYS 9:00 A.M. - FOLLOWED BY SPORTSWEAR - FOLLOWED BY CASUALWEAR. CROWNING FOR 0-7 GIRLS AND BOYS 1:00 P.M. REGISTRATION: 2:00 P.M. FOR 8-UP GIRLS AND VENUS LADIES. BEAUTY COMPETITION 2:30 P.M. – FOLLOWED BY SPORTSWEAR – FOLLOWED BY CASUALWEAR. 7:30 P.M. CROWNING FOR 8-UP GIRLS AND VENUS GROUPS.
*This is a Tentative schedule. Times may vary, depending on the number of contestants.

PLEASE FILL OUT NEATLY BEAUTY ENTRY FORM NUMBER YOU REQUEST _____ NAME_________________________________________AGE_____AGE DIVISION_______ HAIR____________________________________EYES_______________________________ HOBBIES____________________________________________________________________

AMBITION___________________________________________________________________ MALE_____FEMALE_____ BIRTHDAY__________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________ CITY_________________________STATE__________________ZIP____________________ PHONE____________________________E-MAIL___________________________________ PARENTS____________________________________________________________________ REFERRED BY _______________________________________________________________ TALENT ENTRY FORM (TALENT $50.00) TYPE OF TALENT__________________________________TO MUSIC_____________________________________________ I WILL NEED A MICROPHONE ( ) *Deadline is two weeks prior to the pageant. ENTER ALL EVENTS FOR $200.00 includes Beauty, Photogenic, Sportswear, Most Beautiful or Most Handsome, Best Dressed, Best Smile, Overalls to each of those, plus the Grand Supremes. (Talent and optionals not included) BEAUTY (FORMAL) $100.00 PHOTOGENIC $35.00 EXTRA PICTURE $10.00 PORTFOLIO (optional event) $35.00 COMPOSITE (optional event) $35.00 SPORTSWEAR $35.00 WESTERNWEAR (optional event) $35.00 CASUALWEAR or SWIMWEAR (Casualwear/swim optional events) $35.00 MOST BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME $35.00 BEST DRESSED $20.00 BEST SMILE $20.00 TALENT $50.00 REMEMBER: YOU MAY SEND A $50.00 DEPOSIT IN BY THE DEADLINE AND RECEIVE AN AWARD. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOUR FAMILY WILL BE STAYING AT THE BOARDWALK BEACH RESORT. YES _____ NO_____ First Class Productions will supply our music for Sportswear/Westernwear and Casualwear/Swimwear. NO CAMERAS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BALLROOM. First Class will be doing the Video. With the purchase of a Video Tape you will receive FREE PHOTOS. You must place your order before your competition begins as photos are taken live on Stage. HOST HOTEL: SAVINGS WHEN YOU STAY AT THE BOARDWALK BEACH RESORT! Boardwalk Beach Resort located on 9400 S. Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL 32408. (Heart of the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”) Boardwalk Beach Resort is giving Southern USA a special group room rate of $69.00 for 2 double beds by the poolside and $79.00 for 2 double beds by the beachside. Book your room early. YOU MUST TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE WITH SOUTHERN USA PAGEANT AND MENTION BOOKING ID 3674 in order to receive the special rate and book before January 16th. For reservations, call 1-800-224-GULF OR 850-234-3484. Website: Boardwalkbeachresort.Com



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