; How to Lower Blood Pressure Overnight
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How to Lower Blood Pressure Overnight


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									How to Lower Blood Pressure Overnight
If your blood pressure is a major concern with you and your doctor, then
you both need to come up with a plan of action. Although you cannot
significantly lower blood pressure overnight, you can make changes
overnight that will begin the journey toward lower blood pressure.

1Make some serious changes to your diet by avoiding foods that are high
in cholesterol and saturated fats. You also want to reduce the amount of
salt in your foods, since sodium increases blood pressure. Processed
foods and deli meats are high in sodium, so avoid those if possible. You
may also want to add spices to your food to replace the flavor that will
be lost when you reduce the salt. Cut down on red meats and introduce
more fish, like salmon and tuna, and you can quickly reduce blood
pressure concerns.<
2Include fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grain foods in your
diet, especially those that are high in potassium, such as apricots and
3Spend time preparing for trips to the grocery store. Write a shopping
list before shopping so you focus on getting what you need, not what you
are tempted by as you wander up and down the aisles. Learn how to read
food labels, and check them as you shop.
4Treat yourself to some dark chocolate, which is high in flavonoids and
great at reducing blood pressure fast. Just eat in moderation, or you
will put on weight and defeat its purpose.
5Introduce exercise into your daily activities, if you don't already. Opt
for light workouts like walking, yoga or Tai Chi. You can also
incorporate moments of stress relief into your daily routine, such as
taking deep breaths and stretching. Anything too strenuous can work
against you, so check with your doctor to see if you can come up with a
plan that meets your needs. These relaxing exercises are great for
reducing stress levels also, and a stress-free life reduces blood
6Remain hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Water not only
washes away the toxins and salt content in your body, but it controls
your blood pressure. You could make a habit out of carrying a bottle of
water with you at all times and keeping bottles of water in your car.
7Cut out your vices, especially smoking, and you will see your blood
pressure improve. Drinking alcohol in excess is also bad for blood
pressure; however, small intakes of alcohol are actually good for you and
can help your blood pressure. So check with your doctor to find out how
much alcohol you can consume without it being bad for your blood
pressure. Remember also that alcohol reduces the effects of medications.<

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