How to Throw a Problem Free Party

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					How to Throw a Problem Free Party
Parties are always fun to go to. But its not always as fun to be the
person throwing it. Do you ever feel like everyone is clinging to other
people and ignoring you? This guide will help you plan ahead so you don't
get stuck in that situation.
1Make colorfulinvitations. Put yourself in yourguests'shoes and think of
what they may want to know. Otherwise, make sure all the information
needed is in the invitation. That way, you won't be getting phone calls
about questions. Make sure to include the RSVP number or email.<
2Make sure toinvitean odd number of people. For example, lets say you
invited four people. Then they'd all cling together and someone would be
left out of the loop. So always invite an odd number.
3At the day of the party, start setting up about four hours before.
Setting up includes cleaning the house or venue, also. For ideas, put
colorful bowls on the food table to hold all the snacks. Take out chairs
so they can sit.
4Put up decorations. For ideas, use a colorful tablecloth, colorful
plates, cups, and utensils, signs, balloons on the mailbox, gallons
everywhere, and to end the list, just put cool things to keep them busy
when you're setting up agame.<

If you have everything ready before the party, you can put yourself in a
position toenjoythe party.


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