How to Slap Shot a Hockey Puck by lfsmj2010


									How to Slap Shot a Hockey Puck
Having trouble lifting those slappers? Through this article, I will teach
you how to be more successful with your shots.
1Start with the puck between your feet while standing straight towards
the puck.<
2begin your swing by lifting your stick backwards to about a point where
the tip of your stick is about the same height of your shoulder (Don't
raise your stick too high or all your strength will be invested in the
lifting instead of the shot).
3Begin your swing. While swinging, be sure to hit the ice before the puck
and not the puck itself. (It doesn't matter how hard of a shooter you
are. If you hit the puck itself, you will ultimately fail).
4Once you create contact with the ice, begin follow through and point to
your target in one swinging motion.<


Be sure to close the face of your stick. One common mistake that most
people make when aiming a shot is opening the face, you will end up
hitting the puck with the bottom of the blade.
When creating contact with the ice, be sure to make contact somewhere
between 1 to 4 inches before the puck. (As a beginner, try and hit the
ice closer to the puck. Your flexing will become less demanding).
Make sure your entire swing is in one fluid motion.
When using a composite stick, be sure to use a properly sized stick.
Please do not use a junior (50 flex) stick if you are 100 pounds.
Transfer your weight from back foot to front foot in order gain more
Your first slapper ever will probably not be quite NHL material. Don't
lose hope

Do not stop at the different parts of the shot to think about your next
step. You are better off just trying to swing at the shot without

Things You'll Need
A Properly Sized Hockey Stick
A Puck
A Target
An Ice Surface or Shooting Area

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