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									How to Rotisserie Grill
Rotisserie cooking is one of the oldest styles of cooking meat. It
involves slowly and constantly rotating meat over fire. The term
"grilling" is a bit misleading since rotisserie style cooking actually
roasts the meat, which can be done with a grill or over an open fire.
This type of cooking creates meat that is tender and juicy due to the
meat basting itself as it turns. Learning how to rotisserie grill will
make you the envy of your neighborhood.
1Set up your gas or charcoal grill for indirect heating, that is, so your
meat will not cook directly over the fire.<When using a charcoal grill,
build your charcoal to either one side of the grill or around the outer
edge of the grill. Because of the extensive roasting time, you will have
to add more charcoal during cooking.
When using a gas grill, lower all the burners. The drip pan will shield
the heat from being directly under the meat.

2Put a drip pan directly underneath the meat. Put 1/2 to 1 inch of water
into the drip pan. This will help baste the meat as it rotates.For extra
flavoring, put herbs, spices, juice, beer or wine into the drip pan with
the water.

3Preheat your gas or charcoal grill to high in order to sear the meat in
the first 3 minutes. Reduce the temperature of the grill to medium low
for the rest of the cooking.
4Prepare the meat if you are using a marinade, rub or baste, then ready
it to be placed on the spit.Tenderloins and boneless roasts should be
rolled into a cylinder shape for even cooking.
Tie the wings and legs of chicken and turkey to keep them in place while
rotisserie grilling.

5Put one pair of the prongs onto the spit. Skewer the meat with the
prongs and rod of the spit. Repeat with the other set of prongs to the
other side of the meat. Secure the prongs to the spit. Tighten the ends
to ensure it will not loosen during cooking.Make sure the meat is
balanced for even roasting.

6Attach the spit to the rotisserie unit and the motor.
7Start the motor to begin rotisserie grilling.
8Close the lid for even cooking.
9Check the meat with a meat thermometer to determine when it is done
10Remove the spit with oven gloves when you have finished rotisserie
cooking your meat.<

Use the rotisserie unit that comes with or is offered with your gas or
charcoal grill for safety.
Open fires are usually used to roast large pieces or entire animals.
Lower or raise the spit, the piece that rotates the meat, to control the
Indoor fireplaces can be used for rotisserie cooking, as it has
throughout history.
<Things You'll Need
Rotisserie Unit and Grill
Drip Pan
Oven Gloves
Meat Thermometer

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