How to Practice Free Throw Shots by lfsmj2010


									How to Practice Free Throw Shots
Have you ever wondered what makes a great basketball player? Great
basketball players always shoot at a high percentage from the free throw
line. Free throws are central to any basketball game.
1Center your body in the middle of the free throw line. Many players make
the mistake of lining up their shooting arm with the center of the
basket. Instead, stand so that the ball will come from the center of your
2Practice your formation without the ball. You may see other players do
3Line the laces of the ball up with your middle finger. That finger
creates the right spin for the ball.
4Place your off hand (non-shooting hand) directly on the side of the
ball. This hand is at fault for most missed shots at the free throw line.
This may be the most important, most overlooked part of shooting a free
5The release.Raise both hands simultaneously and snap your shooting wrist
and the top of your reach to shot, which will make the ball spin.<

Before shooting with both hands you should practice shooting with your
shooting hand only. That will help you get the right arch on the ball
without introducing the variability of your off hand.

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