Regional Service Area – 4 by goodbaby


									Regional Service Area – 4 Monday, April 20, 2009

The following was established by the participants. GOAL STATEMENT: Through high quality professional learning opportunities, a X% (N = total number of participating teachers) of teachers within RSA #4 will acquire skills to develop and implement effective formative assessments. The following statements and suggestions leading to formulation of a quantifiable and easily measured goal were made by participants during the morning session. These statements were:     Strengthen the pre-k model inclusive of school readiness and kindergarten transition Increased and better public relations Response of districts to new standards as of 12/09 Staff/Professional Development/Learning: 1. Personnel 2. Stay within what is economically feasible 3. Minimize travel and time during working hours Infrastructure: 1. Improved communication 2. Improved delivery system – information and actual learning opportunities 3. Fine-tune delivery system 4. Centralization of training and use of technology: Common technology structure/platform with regional coordination Regionalization/centralization 1. Training 2. Focus on achievement gap 3. Share resources and skill sets 4. Common needs and themes a) Can assist new personnel make a more seamless transition into the system b) Can sustain methodologies and strategies Economize Professional Learning Opportunities Personnel retention and minimizing impacts when changes occur Better utilization of post-secondary institutions – create a mutually beneficial relationship between secondary and post-secondary Integration of curricula and strategies



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“Train the Trainer” models Ties to PLC 1. Formative/benchmark assessments 2. Effective interventions 3. Student engagement practices 4. Coping with changing climate 5. Differentiation 6. Enhancement Sheltered instruction for ELL and interventions for RTI-Math – Achievement Gap Interventions for secondary Reading and Writing More resources to promote and support student motivation

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