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					               McKinney-Vento Grant Dates to Remember
                     WMISD 2008-09 School Year

   September 11—Meet with WMISD Superintendents at 9 AM and with
    High School Principals at 1:00 PM

   September 15 & 16—MDE Homeless Conference at the Kellogg Center
    in Lansing—no cost to attend. . .this is a very good conference. MDE will
    pick up the cost of overnight accommodations if participant drive is over 2

   October 16—Homeless Liaison meeting in Rm. 517 at 2 PM for WMISD

   October 21—Meet with Curriculum Directors at 8:30 AM

   November 13—Poverty Summit at Cobo Hall—more info available at

   November 26—WMISD Middle School Principals at 1:30 PM

   Jan-March—New round of grants become available and a new grant will
    be written

   April 1—Meet with Elementary Principals at 12:30 PM

   May 21—Meet with Homeless Liaisons in Rm. 517 at WMISD

   May 29—Homeless Student data due to grant coordinator along with
    copies of the following:

       o Enrollment/Registration/Emergency form showing MV language
       o Dispute Resolution Process on file in central office
       o Board minutes reflecting the designation of the district Homeless
       o Statement of how local set-aside funds were used to address the
         needs of homeless students in non-Title1 buildings

   Mid June—Grant progress report due and numbers of students served

   June 30—Last day to submit bills/make request for reimbursement for
    2008-09 school year.

   Mid-September—Final grant report and federal reporting on MV funds
    and student data due

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