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									How to Perform Child Pose in Yoga
The child's pose is a forward bend as well as a resting or restorative
pose. The Sanskrit name for the pose is balasana. You can perform the
child's pose to stretch out your lower back between back bends or as a
place to recover during a vigorous practice.

1Kneel on a yoga mat with your legs together and sit   back on your heels.
Let your arms hang at your sides.<
2Hinge forward until your chest rests on your thighs   and your forehead on
the floor. If you need to, you can use your hands to   guide yourself
3Curl your shoulders forward and let your hands rest   palm up next to your
feet. Relax into the pose for 5 breaths.<

You can also do variations on the child's pose to stretch different
muscle groups.
Larger individuals and pregnant women can spread their knees wide to
perform the pose. You can also spread your knees to deepen the stretch.
You can stretch your arms overhead with your palms on the floor to
stretch your chest.
Fold your arms and rest your head on your arms if your neck hurts.
Lift your buttocks from your heels and press your chest into the floor
for "puppy" pose, a combination of downward facing dog and child's pose.

<Things You'll Need
Yoga mat

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