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									April 3, 2009 CRS/ LMS I have been corresponding with our CRS chairperson about some questions we have on the CRS program. The NFIP has been somewhat confusing and contradicting on some of the credit we (members of the CRS team/ PB County) have been receiving in the past. We have questions out to them for clarification. EOA (Emergency Operations Area) I have been working on binders for senior staff outlining our emergency resources. IT ENS was here to do routine maintenance on the network. On Saturday the company that services the PD’s UPS was here to replace 4 batteries. There are some other electrical issues we need to address in order to avoid having a communication failure in the future. Wi-Fi I continue to work with residents wanting to sign up for wi-fi and fielding questions about the network. Traffic Cameras There is nothing new this reporting period. PD Holding Cell We have completed the plumbing portion of the cell. The drywall has been finished and the only things remaining are the privacy wall, installation of the desk and the prisoner bench. This will be handled in-house by Public Works. We are currently under budget on this project. Census 2010 I met with the Partnership Specialist from the US Census Bureau this week to discuss the importance of the 2010 Census. There were a few key points he informed me about and I want to make sure our community and council is up to speed on everything. The first is a proclamation the Bureau asks of each municipality to pass that formally states their support and commitment of the census. Secondly they ask that we fill out a partnership agreement form that says we will allow for such things as census brochures and articles in our newsletters, education to promote resident participation in the census and having the Bureau participate in community events to promote the counting process. The third thing they ask of us is to form a Census Committee. For a small town such as ours, myself and one other person would probably be sufficient. The committee will primarily help in the actual counting process, meaning that when census cards are not received from an address a census worker goes to the property to contact the owner. Since we have many condos that are not easily accessible I would be assisting the census workers such as providing them with an HOA contact. Relay for Life-American Cancer Society Nothing new this reporting period. MUUC Nothing new this reporting period. Government Stimulus Plan /Grants

I have completed the COPS grant and have submitted it for review by the Police Chief and Finance Director. Officer Shifley and I met with Captain Feeney to discuss grant opportunities. Risk Management The newest police vehicle has been registered and insured. Regionalization I participated in a webinar this week regarding regionalization. This was an informal review of what regionalization is it was hosted by Kimball, the regionalization consultant. Government/Legislative Affairs Committee I attended this meeting and there were many House/Senate bills discussed. It was a very informational meeting regarding SB 360 which calls for a delay (Dec. 2011) in mandating compliance with financial feasibility requirements on capital improvement projects among local governments. This bill is opposed by Jupiter, PBG, Commissioner Marcus, and the local League of Cities.

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