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How to Do the Triangle Pose in Yoga


									How to Do the Triangle Pose in Yoga
The Triangle Pose, orTrikonasana, is a pose aimed at mobilizing the hips
and stretching the torso. It should also open your chest to allow you to
breathe deeply.


Getting in the Starting Position
1Stand inMountain Poseon a yoga mat.<

Performing the Exercise
1Step your feet wide apart. Make sure that your hips are facing to the
front and lengthen your body, opening up the front of your hips.
2Turn your right leg, including your thigh, knee and foot, out by 90
degrees. Turn your left leg in about 15 degrees.
3Raise your arms to shoulder level with your palms facing down towards
the floor. Inhale and extend your spine and body upwards and out through
the fingertips.
4On an exhale, stretch your upper body to the right. Your right hip
should still be on the same plane as your shoulders.
5Place your right hand on your right shin, as far down as you can reach
comfortably. If you are more flexible, place your hand on the ground
behind your calf. Make sure that your chest is open and your spine is
6Lengthen your ribs and lift from the edge of your left hip.
7Raise your left arm towards the ceiling, with your palm facing forward.
Gaze at your outstretched hand.
8Open the chest and turning your navel slightly upwards. You should feel
a twist from your left hip up through the spine. Breathe, increasing the
twist on each exhalation.
9Inhale and allow your body to come to standing. Repeat the pose on the
other side.<

Things You'll Need
Yoga mat

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