How to Do the Crow Pose Yoga by lfsmj2010


									How to Do the Crow Pose Yoga
Ow! Face-plant number twenty-three, check. You've checked the library,
movies, and even calming music, and you still can't do the crow pose! Oh,
if only you knew HOW!

1Squat. Put yourself into a squatting position, making sure your feet are
parallel and facing front.<
2Put your hands in the space that separates your feet, i.e if you haven't
done so already, separate your feet and put your hands in the space.
3Squeeze! Bend your elbows slightly and push on them with your knees.
4Lean! Lean forward carefully, trusting that you won't fall. Once your
legs are off the ground, you'll have successfully done the crow pose!<

An easier way to try this is to put your head on the mat/carpet.

Keep in mind that the crow pose is not about flexibility; it is about
strength. Do not over trust.

Things You'll Need
A carpet or mat
Wide, open space
Cushion in case of fall (optional)

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