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How to Do the Crocodile Pose in Yoga


									How to Do the Crocodile Pose in Yoga
The Crocodile Pose, orNakrasana, is a restful backbend that is a great
restorative pose during a sequence.


Getting in the Starting Position
1Lie flat on the floor on your stomach. Your arms should be in front of
you, with your elbows just in front of the shoulders.<

Performing the Pose
1Widen your legs so that they are open and roll your feet so that your
heels are pointed in and your entire leg is in contact with the floor.
Squeeze your buttocks together and press into the floor.Lift up in your
chest and bend your elbows to clash each elbow with the opposite palm.

2Tuck in your chin and gently rest your forehead on your arms. Reposition
your body if you need to for comfort. Hold the pose for several breaths
and release on an exhale.<

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