How to Choose a Soccer Position

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					How to Choose a Soccer Position
Just started playing soccer? Not sure what's best for you? If you work
hard at it, you might just become a pro.
1Identify where you fit. To help you choose what to be find your
strengths and weaknesses. Here are some examples:<Goalie - Good at Hand
eye coordination, grip, and not afraid to get minor injuries but not as
fit as other players (you should still be fit though).
Defence - Strong, can run fast, good at passing,

2Full Back - although you have your defensive responsibilities you must
also have the stamina and confidence to get forward and become involved
with play and possession and have a good passing and crossing
ability.Midfielder - Has to be very confident on the ball and willing to
take control of possession whilst on the ball and work hard to retain the
ball when opposition has the ball and break down play, good at passing,
be the engine of the team working hard for both attack and defense and
have strength to do this for 90mins. (See Tips for importance of

3Winger - Although the wingers have the responsibility of getting back
and helping full backs they are also crucial to making the by line and
attacking and stretching the defense to create opportunities and put
crosses into the box.Forward (striker) - Has to be good at striking,
aiming, good agility and speed, can be able to deke around defenceman has
to be strong

4Try. try different positions to understand all aspects and areas of the
game. Have some friends watch you if possible and t others opinions. It's
easier to choose your position with others opinions.
5Play soccer regularly. once you've chosen your position, play soccer
regularly so you can get used to your position. Remember, have good
sportsmanship and have fun! And try to be the best you can be by putting
in extra effort! This will get you to where you need to be.<

For defencemen: Whenever the team is heading toward you, be prepared and
move a lot. You need to have some energy for their attackers. Also always
try to get the ball from the players. If you just stay there waiting for
them to shoot, it will not work because if they shoot it high and hard,
number 1 it could hit you and hurt and number 2, you can't use hands to
catch the ball.
For goalies: If you are scared to dive first try diving on a mattress to
get a rough feel of how it feels like. Also don't come out of your net
too far unless the other team is on a breakaway. When I mean breakaway I
mean only when one person is heading toward you. Not 2 or 3 because they
will just pass and score
For strikers: Before you confirm this position, make sure you fit the
requirements above in the steps. Not just to score. I mean yeah strikers
are supposed to score but you can't score if you don't fit the
For Midfielders: The reason you are just as important as other positions
is because number 1, you are your defencemen's backup number 2, you are
the key to assisting goals. It's not often when a defencemen or goalie
assists a goal. Midfielders almost always assist. And if you just wanna
score (which really you shouldn't be focusing on) then don't worry
because in the real leagues, some midfielders score. But your main job is
to pass and assist goals
Don't play too rough.Depending on your age some age groups can get yellow
cards and red cards. Especially if you are defencemen and goalies, don't
get too rough. If you want to trip, trip in front not behind.

Don't just be motivated by the glory. Lots of people want to be strikers
because they score most of the goals. Every position is valuable.
Don't hack! Nobody likes hackers(Rough tackles)
Just remember if you become a goalie get ready to get down and dirty and
prepare for cuts and bruises
Remember to have good sportsmanship, don't hog the ball and don't show
off. Chances are, you will be hated

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