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International Digital Publishing by ar0830lene

VIEWS: 10 PAGES: 9 International Digital Publishing is a world wide e-book publisher, that started in business back in 1974 as "International Mailorder Publishing" So we will soon be celebrating our 40th anniversary in business. But because of the digital revolution in publishing, we decided to sell off the paper publishing side of our business in early 2013 and go full time into the business of digital publishing.

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 Why Yo u
 Sho uld Be
 Publishing A
 Bo o k On
 Publishing a
 bo o k o n
 Kindle isn't
 difficult at all.   Welcome To International Digital Publishing
 Tho usands o f      "International Digital Publishing" started in business back in 1974 as "International Mailorder Publishing" So
 peo ple             we will soon be celebrating our 40th anniversary in business. But because of the digital revolution in
 aro und the         publishing, we decided to sell of f the paper publishing side of our business in early 2013 and go f ull time
 wo rld are
                     into the business of digital publishing.
 selling bo o ks
 fo r an extra       International Digital Publishing News
 inco me.
                     Vice President of Marketing Tracy Garrett just announced 57 more e-books will be published by
 So me have
                     International Digital Publishing in 2013
 beco me so
                     Book Marketing: Find Out How To Sell Your Very First Book
 that bo o k
                     It's a unique era in book publishing. Abigail Gibbs, ended up making waves on Wattpad, a writer-reader
 has beco me
                     community on the internet, with her very f irst story identif ied as ""T he Dark Heroine." Gibbs, who identif ies
 their full-time     her story as "bloodier as compared to 'Twilight,'" posted her very f irst novel on Wattpad in parts along with
 jo bs. All it       her gripping chapter-enders sparked an overwhelming response producing 16 million views and more than
takes to get      24,000 f eedback. HarperCollins, one of several UK's largest publishing companies, got wind of this
started is a      extremely saleable book and today, the young Ms. Gibbs's serially self -published story is on ebook as well
little kno w-     as in paperback. What does this indicate f or your book marketing options?
ho w and the
desire to         Ebook Writing and Publishing: How to Make Money as an Ebook Writer
make mo ney.      Prolif ic writers love writing ebooks f or several reasons Ebooks are big writing projects that writers love to
                  get their writing 'teeth' into, they're easy to f ormat because there are no paper page issues to worry about,
Autho r Bryan
                  and they're quick to publish which leaves more time f or writing
Releases          Why You Should Be Publishing A Book On Kindle
Latest Thriller
                  Publishing a book on Kindle isn't dif f icult at all. T housands of people around the world are selling books f or
                  an extra income. Some have become so successf ul that book publishing has become their f ull-time jobs. All
fo r Amazo n’s
                  it takes to get started is a little know-how and the desire to make money.
                  Kindle Publishers and Self-Published Authors: Don't Overlook the Profits in Audiobooks!
Autho r Has
                  With the recent explosion in self -publishing, both in paperback and f or Kindle and other ebook reading
Advo cate o f     devices, one important content delivery medium rarely gets mentioned: audiobooks T his is a serious
eBo o ks fo r     oversight
Lo cal            Eleven Unusual Cures For Writer's Block T hat Actually Worked
Chicago           Chewing a pencil Flipping channels aimlessly on T V
autho r, Bryan
W. Alaspa,        Publish On Kindle - Here's How Easy It Can Be To Publish On Kindle!
after creating    Every day thousands of people worldwide are discovering the benef its of reading instant downloadable
headlines         ebooks on their Amazon kindle, iPad, iPhone, or their computer. It of f ers an easy convenient way to read a
earlier this      book these days. Add that growing trend of e-readers to the already hugely popular Amazon, and you have
year by           one huge reason to publish on kindle.
releasing a
free eBo o k,     T hree Unfortunate Misconceptions About Kindle Ebook Publishing
no w releases     Take a look around you the next time you visit a quiet beach, and I'm sure you'll see that besides the men
his latest        and women who have plopped themselves down with a paperback novel under the shade of an umbrella,
thriller "After
                  numerous others are reading material on their Kindle Amazon has sold millions of these devices in the last
the Sno wfall"
                  f ew years, to the point that mainstream consumers who aren't particularly gadget lovers are using them
fo r Kindle
                  Using T he Amazon Kindle Store
users. The
                  Amazon has long since been one of the leading retailers of books and DVD's around the world. T he prices
Kindle in the
                  and the selection that this impressive site has got are pretty much unparalleled in the market place.
leading            However, in recent years the book market has changed quite drastically in recent years, as many industries
eReader by         have. T he main change that we have seen in the marketing of books in the last f ew years is the
Amazo m.      introduction of the ebook. T his has transf ormed the way that people read and it is an industry that will no
                   doubt continue to grow over the f orthcoming years.
New Digital
Co mpany
anno unces
the o fficial
launch o f a
new digital-
o nly
co mpany.
o ffers autho rs
lo wer price
po ints than
o ther o nline
starting at
o nly $49 to
be published
o n multiple
devices such
as Kindle and
iPho ne.

Ebo o ks fo r
Amazo n
Custo mers
Electro nic

bo o ks have
beco me even
mo re po pular
than ever
befo re thanks
to the easy
access to
mo bile
Ebo o ks are
available o n
many different
types o f
including cell
pho nes. If
yo u’re
thinking abo ut
creating an
eBo o k o r
have already
created o ne,
it’s time to
learn mo re
abo ut getting
it published.
Using a
reso urce
such as
Amazo m
fo r digital
publishing is
the best way
to get started.


Catalo g and
New Website
expands its
o fferings to
the new
Amazo n
Kindle e-
reader, and
also launches
a brand new

and Self-
Autho rs:
Do n't
Overlo o k the
Pro fits in
Audio bo o ks!
With the
explo sio n in
bo th in
and fo r Kindle
and o ther
ebo o k
devices, o ne
impo rtant

co ntent
rarely gets
mentio ned:
audio bo o ks
This is a
serio us
o versight

Building Yo ur
Expert Identity
Thro ugh
Amazo n
If yo u have a
business o r
want to
quickly in
yo ur career,
the number
o ne best
thing yo u can
do is
yo urself as
an expert. Yo u
might think
that expert
status is
so mething
o thers co nfer
o n yo u, but
it's very
so mething
that yo u do
yo urself! No
o ne can
agree that
yo u're an
expert if yo u
do n't keep up
o n the latest
news and put
yo ur o pinio ns
o ut there. And
there's no
better way
than with a
bo o k!

Using The
Amazo n
Kindle Sto re
Amazo n has
lo ng since
been o ne o f
the leading
retailers o f
bo o ks and
DVD's aro und
the wo rld. The
prices and the
selectio n that
site has go t
are pretty
in the market
Ho wever, in
recent years
the bo o k
market has
changed quite
drastically in
recent years,
as many
have. The
main change
that we have
seen in the
marketing o f
bo o ks in the
last few years
is the
intro ductio n
o f the ebo o k.
This has
transfo rmed
the way that
peo ple read
and it is an
industry that
will no do ubt
co ntinue to
gro w o ver the
fo rthco ming

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