How to Start Your Own Archery Club by lfsmj2010


									How to Start Your Own Archery Club
Archery is a great skill and sport. It can be immensely beneficial as it
improves focus, hand - eye coordination, and maturity. If you are
interested in Archery, and would like some people to practice and compete
with, starting an archery club or team, could be a great experience for
you and your friends, as well as the friends you will meet doing archery.
1Get a place for your club members to meet at and train, like on a field
or something like that. You can also do it at local schools, all you need
to do there is ask the headmaster or principal. They may be hard to
convince to allow you to shoot bows on campus, because most schools are
"weapon free zones" but if you show the principal that you are using
practice tips, and perhaps put up a hay bail or some kind of large
backstop behind your targets, they shouldn't mind too much. If they say
no, find somewhere else, like the park.<
2Get equipment such as, arrows, bows, targets and guards. These can be
very expensive. On your first meeting, have your Bow, arrows, a target,
and a guard with you, and after showing everyone how to use it, take
turns on your bow. Be careful as somebody could break your equipment, but
this allows people to know if archery is for them, and if they like it,
try to see if you can get some people to get their own equipment to
3Get some members into your club, by asking some of your mates or making
up some posters. If you are in school, and would like your club to be a
school club, ask them to make an announcement on the school announcements
or morning news, often times, they'll do it even if you're meeting
somewhere else.
4Don't charge people to join. You're lucky they're coming at all, bows
and arrows can be rather expensive, especially for a kid, so don't charge
them to be a part of the team too.
5Make sure everyone follows proper safety procedures, and that you are
always shooting towards a target, and know what is behind that target as
well as in front of it. Probably best for you to have taken a class on
bow safety before attempting starting a club. It's recommended to join
the Boy Scouts of America. Not only just to learn archery, but to
actually join, it's a great experience and helps you become a mature and
healthy adult.<

Only practice where you have been given permission to do so. Never
practice where you've been told not to.
Learn to aim the bow well so you don't hit anything behind the target.
Don't flinch when you shoot, the bow won't hurt you, you're on the safe

Follow all safety procedures.
Don't goof around, set an example for others and always conduct yourself
in a good nature, but serious manner.

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