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									How to Remove a Stuck Breech Plug Muzzleloader
An old muzzleloaderMany outdoorsman enjoy the challenge of muzzle
loading, or the use of black powder rifles. With this passtime/passion
comes several responsibilities regarding firearm maintenance and safety.
If a muzzleloader is not cleaned after each use it becomes increasingly
harder to clean thoroughly; a task that must be performed to ensure great
precision and accuracy and to maintain the ethics that are associated
with shooting wild game. The most common problem with black powder rifles
with regards to performance is a seized breech plug. In more modern black
powder rifles the breech plug is designed to be removed for easy cleaning
and enhanced performance over older more primitive rifles. If stuck
tight, sub-par performance of the rifle will no doubt be experienced and
can lead to wounded game (an absolute failure of the outdoorsman to
follow ethical guidelines of wildlife management).

1Make sure the weapon is unloaded, and safe for handling, when
maintaining any firearm.<
2Disassemble your firearm. It is important that the proper instructions
are followed when you disassemble the weapon (provided by the
manufacturer). The weapon should be disassembled as far as possible with
the exception of the breech plug which is the source of the problem.To
remove the breech plug, water with a bleach alternative and non-chloride
soap (see warnings) should be used. The cleaning medium must be in
contact with the breech plug for about an hour to ensure proper
dissolution of the fouling from the breech. Soaking in a bathtub or any
other type of basin works particularly well. To ease the removal process
the water should be HOT. The breech should soak for an hour or until the
barrel and receiver feel hot to the touch.

3Torque the breech plug from the receiver, which may be accomplished with
hand pressure and the proper wrench for the breech plug. If the breech
plug still will not budge, the use of a vice (with proper padding to
protect the weapon) may be needed to aid the removal. Once again, heat
and the basic solution of soap and water are the keys to loosening the
seized breech plug.<

For the best results complete submersion of the barrel/receiver/breech
assembly is recommended, but this also may be accomplished by simply
filling the barrel with hot water solution when it is in an upward
pointing orientation.
To prevent this from happening again, temperature resistant lubricant or
grease must be liberally applied to the threads of the breech plug after
each use and cleaning.

It is imperative that the weapon is unloaded and safe for maintenance. If
it is not there is the possibility that it can go off andinjure or kill
Torsion of the gun, especially with the use of a vice, may cause damage
so proper padding must be used to prevent scratches or the loss of finish
(most commonly bluing).
NO CHLORIDES or BLEACH as these chemicals will wear away and damage the
bluing of your rifle!

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