How to Customize a Spinnerbait

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					How to Customize a Spinnerbait
Anglers may not want another store-brand spinnerbait. To relieve this
problem, they may take a store bought spinnerbait and customize it to
make it their own.
1Purchase a plain spinerbait of your color choice.<
2Purchase an extra skirt to take strands out of.
3Purchase mylar or any reflective material.
4Remove the skirt off your spinnerbait.
5Add any strands from the other skirt into yours, then add the reflective
mylar, it will add flash to your bait.
6With a permanent marker, add bloodlines or a black dot to either side of
your bait.
7Put the skirt back on the bait.
8Catch some fish!<

Don't overdo the mylar, it'll make your bait look like he's wearing a
space suit.
Open the skirt with a thin and long pair of pliers.
Add black dots to head of bait, if its big enough.
Mylar works best with dark baits, not light ones.
Don't overdo the red bloodlines.
Sharpen the hook for better hooksets.

Spinnerbaits contain lead in the weighted head.
Hooks are very sharp, keep away from yound children.

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