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									  Response on the Occurrence of an Accident                                                     Automobile Insurance "Total Assist" Providing
                                                                                                "Safety and Security" Both before and after an Accident

   Response to an Accident Occurring Anytime and Anywhere
Tokio Marine & Nichido and Nisshin Fire have constructed claims service                      Tokio Marine & Nichido offers an automobile insurance product, "Total
structures which enable them to provide swift caring services no matter                      Assist," that fuses traditional "insurance" with "assistance services." In
where in Japan an accident occurs, by assigning claims staff, lawyers,                       hopes that customers may enjoy their lives with cars of their own with
consulting doctors and other specialists throughout Japan. In addition, in                   greater safety and security, we have incorporated in the "Total Assist" 6
order to respond quickly to accidents occurring anytime and anywhere, the                    additional services including "Assistance You Can Choose When
companies have installed toll-free dial systems which enable them to                         Hospitalized," on top of the traditional coverage of automobile insurance. By

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Social Performance
respond to accident notices and consultation on accidents from customers                     doing so, it provides customers with economic and mental support from the
24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Even when an accident notice is                          phase of accident prevention through follow-up care after an accident.
received on holidays or during the night on week days, the company is                            This new concept of automobile insurance has earned the support of a
ready to make an initial-stage response such as making contact with the                      great number of customers, with its innovative combination of high-quality
other party to the accident or arranging a replacement vehicle, as                           assistance services such as support in emergencies like an automobile
requested by the customer.                                                                   accident or breakdown (Road Assist), supply of information on loss

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Environmental Performance
   Further, in cooperation with the International Assistance (INTAC) of its                  prevention (Loss Prevention Assist), various kinds of support when
Group member company, Tokio Marine & Nichido provides emergency                              hospitalized in an accident (Assistance You Can Choose When Hospitalized),
assistance services at the "International Helpdesk" located in Tokyo. The                    and medical consultation in everyday life (Medical Assist).
International Helpdesk can receive calls on overseas accidents and
                                                                                                  6 types of assistance " Total Assist " only can provide
illnesses from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and 365 days a
                                                                                                              Loss Prevention Assist                             Medical Assist
year. Also, Tokio Marine & Nichido also accepts accident notices in
English and various inquiries from customers through its website.
   Receiving Accident Reports by Fax from Customers with
                                                                                                                                                                                  You Can Choose
  Hearing or Speech Disabilities                                                                                                                                                  When Hospitalized
                                                                                                                                                                                    (Patent pending)
For customers with hearing or speech disabilities, who have difficulty                                                       Only Total Assist provides 6 benefits for
                                                                                           Passive Accident                 safety, in compensation for policyholders
reporting accidents by telephone, Tokio Marine & Nichido's Accident                             Assist                         and the other parties involved in an
                                                                                                                                    accident as well as vehicle
                                                                                                                             compensation and fuses a full range of
Report Center (the Tokio Marine & Nichido safety hotline) started in                                                             compensation with high-quality
April 2008 the service of receiving notices by fax to an exclusive
number for the purpose, by using a special form which can be
                                                                                                              Road Assist                                                On-site Accident Assist
downloaded from the company's homepage.

                                                                                                Medical Assist Provides Peace of Mind at All Times
    Claims service system (as of July 2008)                                                  In partnership with Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service, Tokio Marine
                                 Tokio Marine & Nichido             Nisshin Fire
                                                                                             & Nichido provides free medical consultation services as assistance
  Service locations                          246 locations                 109 locations
                                                                                             targeted at certain policyholders. By telephone, this service provides
  Staff                             approx. 8,900 people*         approx. 1,093 people
  Lawyers                              approx. 520 people              approx. 38 people     emergency medical consultation, consultation with specialized doctors by
  Advisory doctors                     approx. 140 people              approx. 12 people     appointment, information on medical facilities, and specialized
  Tax accountants, accountants          approx. 70 people                             –      consultation on cancer, and arrangements for the transportation of a
  Number of automobile
                                 approx. 2,400,000 accidents   approx. 210,000 accidents     patient or the transfer of a patient to another hospital.
  accidents handled
* The number of staff for Tokio Marine & Nichido is as of July 2007.
                                                                                                  Service overview
                                                                                                                            "Emergency specialists" and highly experienced nurses
    Number of reports of accidents handled (FY2007)                                             Emergency medical            active on the front lines of emergency medicine provide
                                                                                                consultation                 emergency medical consultation 24 hours/day, 365
                                 Tokio Marine & Nichido             Nisshin Fire                                             days/year
  Accident reports handled                      943,022*                    129,717             Consultation with           Specialists in a wide range of medical fields handle
                                                                                                specialized doctors by      medical and health consultation on the phone by
  Other (e.g., Road Assist,                                                                                                 appointment
                                                402,643                      12,536             appointment
  insurance consultation)                                                                                                   Provision of information on facilities such as emergency
                                                                                                Information on              medical facilities open at night and on weekends and the
  Total                                       1,345,665                     142,253             medical facilities          nearest medical facilities for customers who are on their
* Claims received by the Tokio Marine & Nichido safety hotline                                                              travels

                                                                                                                                          Tokio Marine Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008   25

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