How to Write a Card for Retirement

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					How to Write a Card for Retirement
Retirement sentiments can be tricky. Oftentimes, the retiree has mixed
emotions about leaving the workforce and may take offense to a message
you meant with all the best intentions. How to write a card for
retirement will depend upon the person you are giving it to. You'll need
to put some thought into who he or she is, and how the retiree feels
about retiring. Armed with that knowledge, you can craft the perfect
message to fit the situation.
1Reflect on who you are writing a retirement message to, and use that as
the basis for your message. For example, a message to your retiring
father might be a lot different than a message to your next-door
neighbor's wife.<
2Choose a tone for the message which suits both your personality and that
of the receiver. If you're funny, and the retiree is happy about
retiring, be lighthearted and opt for a humorous quote or memory. If he
or she is sad about retiring, try a joke to lift his or her spirits.
Similarly, if the mood is somber, look for something inspirational or
heartfelt. Be sensitive to the recipient's feelings, no matter what they
are, and let that guide your choice.
3Purchase a retirement card that matches the message and tone. You can
find these at any card store or many drug or grocery stores.
4Begin your message with "congratulations." No matter what the sentiment,
congratulations should always be offered, as retirement is an achievement
that takes years of hard work, literally. You can opt to include how
happy you are for the recipient, how glad you are he or she is joining
you in retirement, or you can express that you're jealous. Choose
whatever best fits the situation.
5Recall personal memories from work that you have with the retiree.
Consider any lessons the person taught you, any guidance he or she
offered or meaningful advice, and include what the retiree meant to you
in the card. Similarly, if your message is humorous, include stories or
memories of how the person made you laugh or did something funny that you
will remember after his or her retirement.<

Writing retirement messages for someone you don't care for can be a
difficult task. If you don't like the person, avoid saying or sending
anything. If you still want to send a card, opt for a simple "happy
retirement" message. Being cruel to someone you likely won't see again
hurts the person and is not beneficial.
Consider including messages from coworkers, family, friends, or anyone
else who knows the retiree. Messages from a group are often well-
received, and your retiree may really appreciate hearing from a group of
people who care about him or her.

Whereas a lighthearted reference to being jealous is acceptable,
expressing anger, resentment, or any negative or cruel remarks are never
okay for any situation, including retirement.

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