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en Since th thletes. we have ith four a ile pw ever, wh ing cam eas train ression orld. How in the w all overs and prog camps arning as a sm ed oard s – le SC) start d snowb ary focu WE mps (AW d ski an our prim aRE ports Ca renowne sight of S Western WHO go Australian Winter t well respected and ars, we have not lost ocated in needs. L s mo our e ye le and years a to suit y s freesty ne of the n over th Sixteen program n to be o as well a and grow ms ing, grow ave a e ski rac el, we h ur progra we have bility lev ng, alpin anded o siastic ogul skii itely exp at your a nd m defin er wh ng enthu nt! eestyle a y selecti ; no matt vironme en full ‘living’ ons ding fr in a fun and opti is by care l they are es, inclu ts to fee flexibility chieve th s and ag t ea ipan line all abou ur partic grams. W all discip AWSC is t allow o ll our pro aters for sorts tha AWSC c here in a re osp titors Canada, orking in ing. r compe iable atm all of ou on and w owboard and soc ing, fun mmodati rt of it! alia than alpine sn a tr om acco to be a p sent Aus te a welc fortable it for you n to repre rough. e to crea ing com can’t wa g gone o We striv ff, choos assing th p sta avin , and g tourists thletes h erienced mmunity ply bein AWSC a and exp board co ith more ski and r than sim nw the the ell prove there, ra ution to ess is w r contrib for succ ud of ou ula pro Our form xtremely We are e mbined! co


Silver Star Resort

villages. fantastic ow and sn . ounts of al Airport ssive am owfalls ternation their ma nnual sn ned for lowna In renow om Ke d with a fr s (that’s Blesse o sorts are r’s drive 0+ acre anuary. k we g a, both of our host re lumbia, only an hou uge 300 er and J ble-blac emb do nd a h ad Co and dou s of Dec owder a heRe e best terrain in Can re located in British e month nd black acked p Star. w ntr ns a for th ver th ! Deep, u rts a s, tree ru ide of Sil rograms some of ite Reso f your life y front s d 18+ p en gullie Offering d Big Wh the hidd hools an t snow o the sunn n on bes s to tersc er Star a e of the cruisers unior, In ntry area as trip! ive Both Silv e many see som Youth, J ack cou r overse s expans you will one of th e to our ’ on you ns and b t that wn for it ‘home der ru is hom asy on confiden well kno es a e to call ver Star take it e pen pow Sil st lac eo clud st as can be a great p from wid area or ju n offer in ort almo 3ft, you plete r Star is ranging Attridge ry, a res ite has o of over 2 lore the od, Silve park com t Big Wh d terrain d Februa e’. Exp f varie our mo ary an terrain ain tha until ‘backsid r even y rivalled ng Janu heaps) o epic terr us he er o duri n un rning e infamo e weath village. T e Resort es and a from mo ability, th /ski-out Big Whit runs of th can ride h two pip erge on tic ski-in hat your lift, you des. Wit s la onv er w own s, and g r its fanta grams c ns! No matt its very ep chute as it is fo pectatio hools pro hts with ildest ex blues, ste d Intersc der snow night lig under 18+ an ne pow cruising d your w ted ede Our hampag including , all loca ing exce nd dry c abilities, sort hav d system terrain a ns for all ing soun ve this re mp lea riety of ru you will and a pu huge va ubt that s course is no do der cros here with a ri some. T nd then night…a




12-17 YEARS


kier and -round s better all rk with you a making in the pa ski is about ing time in m e by comb ki progra styl reeride S mountain re AWSC F fRee e whole n offer! as o kle th ils, the oaches a DE er Star h ou to tac AWSC c s and ra EERI that Silv nting and the halfpipe enable y a e ain es tes, FR those w and terr slopes. W s and siz ir, to chu ideal for ck bowls e on the all shape nd big a Air site is tastic ba tables a tures of ’s trick. day you’r a fan on he Big From its every ere are fe last seas all of the roups. T your lim ilities. Th grab on video utilising for our g pushing of all ab wed by tation or hile also set-ups rail skiers new ro site, w en revie mps and suited to d and th row in a r Big Air th tly ou ew ju vere want to is perfec evelop n all be co ced who well. Star park rew to d – it will on experien e Silver e park c from as t terrain Th ill work e bes hoose e more with th s. They w skiing th mps to c g to thos working ence. lways r athlete jumpin ing and ty of co a ou rid len s of onfid ps, pipe irectly to ol and c ere are p the basic nslates d g for com worry, th ore contr e skills to learn ? Don’t ssion tra , preppin xactly th s with m ping trick you e mpete this pa rails, jum time and to teach do, and ant to co y w air ed Riding aps you what the ustomis ximising . Or perh that is c te about le, to ma around. analysis passiona coaching rogram e and sty balanc ount on are very de Ski p c s ith eri you can r coache to spin w ssive Fre All of ou as how i program st progre eride Sk tals such f the mo n Fre art o fundame an AWSC ’ll be a p come to ured you hen you . Be ass W learn want to that you







for the ur place SC is yo in deep ell AW ce shots wder? W getting fa more po e advice ome r just e you th maybe s e park o OaRD e and giv ain and rail in th m B terr hest ettable ti ing and the toug tyle an unforg at coach , hitting not Rees you have ig air, gre ew trick f sure gan ipe, b need to stompin ill make ing you f r, park, p g and w t powde umber o ether it’s s everyth an ge n till ha ut ridin ce. Wh Do you w has a hu rts, but s nate abo s experien ark ay reso assio training and alw of. The p goals. massive are all p ultimate ed your amazing dreamed e of the coaches you exce variety is e always ros and like som our pro ’v n help The cal p powder, mps you too full-o want to nd hips. nty of lo n, is not ills and ju nsfers a with ple ance you those sk le locatio ine this -ups, tra and guid tice esty step omb rfect fre t to prac s try and c bles and r, the pe ding, bu lso take ck coun t rails, ta Canada. plus it a in your ri Silver Sta k and ba ch stree can’t fidence uper te Western nd pipe, ble-blac of sa you con to s dou r boxes mps, rail den gem f black, ram then only gain beginne heaps o ses on ju is the hid tyle prog res from pic, with is place ram focu nd frees g u featu hy th rrain is e Board pro for a varied all-ro n see w g. The te g Freestyle d you ca changin re lookin ced, our snow an van you a ads of most ad er. So if bucket-lo rs to the in on off park ride ral terra tu t time ce of na SC. From firs abundan with AW ge of the program Board advanta style the Free go past
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Team! lopment ed nal Deve surpass Natio have un e to the uring we and hom on ens destinati amps by ul skiing mogul c e are all ULS verseas eas mog ig Air sit overs best o MOG l ber one onster B iding the ent. t and wil prov and m ’s num environm as been rovemen on tank, Australia AWSC h training absorpti ique imp r Star is l), dly chn Silve en years ne natura and frien cus on te ast sixte . de and o in a safe es will fo d For the p go home hine-ma d coach ilities all advance ence nd fac ne mac me you n to more ur experi r Star (o aching a by the ti co pping y positio in Silve letes. O ath bod you ri ourses of AWSC to have ique and mogul c the use s. in order on techn Our two ir site, ined for p choice absorpti mileage kiing mainta ing Big A te jum orrect e your s uperbly ppropria as the c er, includ s off ch ximis the a ntals su rt has to ur to ma making fundame the reso endeavo line and ach you d terrain petition ill te owboard ies an t com oaches w Ski & Sn at facilit e correc AWSC c ther gre oned by osing th ho ncti the o luding c camp sa es all of skills inc the only ompass ram enc way and g. g ath skiin nced pro l skiing p powder The bala al mogu ipe and e nation rk and p a of th terrain p is a part at AWSC onder th It’s no w iss out! . Don’t m Australia
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. rograms g race p operatin ing lly ach continua lity of co longest and qua ustralia’s intensity fA G ing is one o the train aCIN ing year and provides SKI R and refin its eighth mp that E learning g into lly ing ca LPIN is movin me time specifica e ski rac a gram been the sa rmanc will Race pro p, it has while at ed perfo g bas ents cam C Alpine ce trainin d of the chievem uropean The AWS rough ra s the en ains. e, non-E ement. A lysis skiing th hnical g G toward a genuin ideo ana e improv ith S ng tec p their hniqu ll as v It offers Slalom w ieve stro s, as we to develo rk on tec ue nt wo and to ach who wa them to n techniq es of GS required rder for mpetitio at racers disciplin the cers in o g and co is aimed g on the for ra usin off from trainin gram onment tals. Foc e latest y fenced This pro ndamen ing envir ditions, rmanentl ctising th n pe pra learn ing fu snow co that are w drills, positive their rac g and firm f on-sno s of runs create a groomin ination o ted serie igned to a htly des a comb homolog ming, nig through d tre’, a FIS cludes ti be made tured an ace Cen e area in hing. ated ‘R ns. Th g a struc rt coac r’s dedic mpetitio providin nd expe a to Sta nd co s Silver ontribute aining a m utilise . ities all c r race tr he progra ki racing ates. sively fo lass facil T c eg ine s exclu and first rough th ance alp nd used planning speed th perform public a ase your rfect for l program cre ut pe arefu nt and in just abo g with c proveme ing alon e your im ty coach uali ximis AWSC q nt to ma vironme used en foc






stralian to the Au ain ore riders d will ag nt m R grow an d has se amps an tinuing to SOVE gc con gram is rd trainin CROS snowboa ar the pro lusion s alpine NE B venth ye h the inc its se versea aLPI year wit viding o . Now in ed er this er in pro racers. s combin ed furth the lead er camp owboard as evolv AWSC is junior sn an all oth S, and h lia’s le riding nd PG Team th of Austra e freesty GS, SL a National r uild som nd for all lines of lso b iscip ting you st-atte es will a alpine d onsolida be a mu e coach s on the around c skills. l p, th focu sed technica over cam ill be ba ram will nent. the more ue cross ) compo aching w The prog work on ring a tr ross (BX rse. pete. Co to cou ensu com rderc u’re able unity to ible and n the BX of a boa ce so yo e opport dule flex ates or o boarding are in pla g you th the sche gh the g ing ine snow throu s givin onents By keep t your alp whether as well a all comp , ng abou rd – program d ensuri serious your boa into the ntals an if you’re sible on fundame alia and t as pos e s ustr techniqu you as fa type in A to make m of its ur goal is st progra O be is is the nfident th We’re co AWSC. ast ’t look p then don




g of trainin t variety hatever e larges ,w of th ing area has one ace Train t it also ions, bu private R nd ndit Course a snow co NING to g Mogul aranteed TRaI eive up , amazin tually gu T nd vir in Park ou’ll rec ge Terra aching a tay. ried and aBOU grams. Y co , va pro e, hu our s T the best llenging training ig Air sit tion of y WHa some of kept cha icated B effective the dura gram is SC offer afe and ities for ith a ded d, s facil w pro d. W does AW organise training the worl r on-sno Not only ing well camp in rld class sure you in provid have wo s will en s of any ’ll he ers facilitie our coac oose you stry lead e you ch are indu SC and y disciplin with AW coaches nal stay rofessio ng your nd our p hing duri AWSC a ow coac sn rs of on150 hou n! rtantly fu po most im

rld, spects o F d the wo portant a STaF ng aroun most im competi at too)! n. e of the THE on hes ve th assio aRE aches is nal coac h we ha is their p rofessio ff and co (althoug d riding WHO ed g snow they’re p camp sta kiing an er of ,s azin r combin fy eas ex our overs n u ix ! Wheth t the am e kitche u! With o e right m the snow than jus re for yo torm in th Having th they love g abroad d about. rs is the g up a s – in mbe yche headin common hef cook ’ll be ps staff me more to bulous c e thing in that you rienced have on , or our fa erience per-expe exp staff bsite d su e you an daily we lified an All AWSC ting the e will giv fully qua rus upda h of our w that w eac kno IT gu ing, we ous, and g and rid is infecti ompetin usiasm c Enth aching, ce in co experien


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Big Air Site



g We know be stron r you to to be rder fo u’ve got ery that in o camp yo has our v all ring h! AWSC getic du r c lus and ene a day, p py stoma ve a hap y meals always and ha e health ices are well fed gry! Cho s up thre k d meats un who coo ver go h , lean re wn chef getables nings are huge at you ne o and ve sure th tal it. Mor ks, to en f salads fresh fru oked to continen the snac variety o de a lenty of o p er nd inclu m fully c ups and start! Aft varied a made so anges daily – fro ay off to a great e e made ltry, hom hich ch hot hom et your d and pou eakfast w teaming ices to g those s ffet br of cho allenge fuel with with a bu there are plenty h and ch p and re fter u kes, r rolls hig the munchies a ill, warm pile you or panca e n on the h d t av ies are o rning ou buffet an burger. If you h hat good ck, or hard mo ndwich a sty e sa k out w n on a ta en hit th ght sna nd chec soup. Th sts or chow dow lounge a ake yourself a li way athlete rti a ,m the The only Subway head to esh fruit want it! t e of fr er you tart the then jus b a piec whenev meal. S training day. Gra all there credible , or ’s the ith an in ll the trimmings bles – it offer for pes is w a ome nib slo ns t with anese, munch o r e a t d a y o n t h e day roas meals like Jap uge Sun t dag h for to en with a h ething eme-nig off right f the th ely som ies, ne o week definit allerg wn on o ere is for food chow do r Mexican. Th en cater o ments. e can ev Greek, l require e and w everyon nd specia ns a ! vegetaria us know Just let

at they O part is th tO D the best and FF e ctivities StU g (definit -snow a nd curlin g, rts of off tHER o hockey a h all so aintballin g, ice re is p usy wit ’re all

b s the skatin nd eeps you gle day! e gym a venturou from ice AWSC k every sin wn to th more ad nd range for you head do . For the nging a d ha up, bing organise pump it always c snow tu want to ities are ies and ing activ Or, if you ing, mov n imm for retail r tag. The eve s), to sw and lase the mall re’s n classic limbing head to ps, ck c , that the Canadia the tram indoor ro ch to do obiling, tricks on s so mu ram. e g ay snowm land pro ctice som tion. There’s alw your dry lways pra eti work on is comp ou can a y nn enough, r table te at’s not oseball o And if th art in a fo or take p bored! therapy ou’ll be hance y c never a

day. ry single ing ated eve e upd bout call e’ will b ag you a ps_onlin ave to n am n’t h ebsite ‘c um does at night! ractive w , your m guru E we did th that day 8 the inte our web camp activity SIT 26 200 uary ies that on the r what WEB until Jan and mov dinner o appened h tos for 15 2007 hat has your pho you had cember exactly w with all ee what From De outlining updated site to s eb ntly aily blog out the w ome! e consta With a d at will b s back h st check site: ut can ju ds jealou b page th st year’s n we r frien home, b ake you visiting la r very ow by to m e you t a way this year also hav day. Wha er break You will ur summ nd every yo ch a doing on takes ea could be hat you ut w Check o


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9-11 YEARS


rogram! AWSC p e on an om for kids wait to c have to ecifically rt ou don’t igned sp the airpo ow y r. Des M ill be at ? Well n ing bette p mum w tar. ’re older” OGRa eps gett ke ver S n you r cam H PR ram just ive at Sil ybe whe nish. You d uth prog tart to fi told “Ma e you arr YOUt shing an AWSC Yo s from s you get tion onc hen g one moda your wa ear, the hate it w sk y accom the youn w to do s third y u os er st a in it ke ho Don’t yo to your c oking aft iling? Ju nd now ome – li e settled in quest, a nowmob lises in lo t back h you get get off th o mini-s opular re ed abou m specia rogra to help en you t nagg ant to g Due to p da, and rs, this p t you ge o too! W r you wh a tha to d g fo 11 yea el to Can d waitin life skills ool stuff aged 9your trav ll those ready an aps of c you with ! It’s all u learn a ere is he gram – th lp yo ign up to help igned pro ne to he ? Just s bad stuff ossible! cally des be the o se flicks h of the also noug specifi t-relea rience p She will an. But e , so this e newes est expe th cle e in eb ur room nt to see specialis g you th keep yo ised! Wa out givin u want to be organ It’s all ab g. ipline yo n c in t to. and it ca what dis ay’s train you wan a hard d not know t, when you wan you may now from s at ge ipline th young a any disc that at a to train in We know ance u the ch gives yo

ain in eas to tr ad overs oing an to he ine! o th ’re not g imag Ram onth or s then you l uld ever PROG . You wil ts for a m ving fun n you co R ot ha n tha paren gle day you’re n UNIO – from the very sin g more fu J ay ge vin ple, if like them tertainin while ha to get aw . It’s sim ith others n and en to see – or scary tter way er likely nment fu difficult nd ride w What be ra viro re ev ’t be t togethe snow en shouldn ns you a and offger to ge conditio rst time SC p the on really ea for the fi as in an AW just e kee g overse who are included er. ensure w Travellin thing is abilities ride bett why we erything ery d s ev and tually ev ve. That’ to ski an all ages ities, and to impro s why vir t to learn eople of ow activ and that’ and wan ded by p g, off-sn un sible do it! achin snow be surro y as pos to all co want to to be on g as eas snacks, hen you ho love als and o and w eople w as trainin e p me t to d ur overs ts, to all you wan make yo lift ticke is what e want to ive. From y about W arr orr ave to w once you all you h program hat way en! T in betwe

the be some of

st snow

12-17 YEARS





12-17 YEARS


tly r onvenien unio dge is c camp h J ide-out lo e hub of t it’s th de-in/r AWSC ri : You lopes as om! s the N r ro in off the because ck in you aTIO ou come ach day t kick ba MOD t when y untain e h, or jus M mo grab oac g ou own the you can h your c e to han aCCO g ect plac iews wit up and d n where

a perf drive i kitche ideo rev ur gamin no long entre. It’s on, do v m for yo lus a min There is village c PS2 roo sofas. P re going e have a mfy ies a x and right in th , we also s and co at activit an X-Bo located n check t enough There’s TVs, DVD d out wh 'll fin o you ca an’t ge d with thirsty. here you e lines s ho just c equippe ever go n –w ew phon ut rooms so you’ll For thos dicated o hang-o l find de internet. r fountain ed! You’l ere are tw h speed d a wate Th an n room h hig cks. tertain any time so we ca clean so uters wit p you en lane snack at n out of to tell us s to kee ral comp a et ble ou ru seve off the p don’t forg oseball ta ns, plus r when y you get me, then is and fo maratho undry fo the time y feti d la tenn good! ip of a li is year, b equippe le, table camp th on this tr o a fully s – life is pool tab join you e and als our mate eading to hy hom ing to else h snow wit in back o are go anyone and offates wh ’t know g out on some m you don gin ve y if nds. Han If you ha on’t worr f new frie er. But d heaps o u togeth yo ill have a you w in Canad



best care iving the 7 and rece ms (9-1 afe always s ior progra FF kids are and Jun eir uth tU re that th or our Yo Nt S t to ensu e case. F ave the nts wan PaRE lways th is is a e, pare ut also h om hom suring th quired, b nts. n en far fr icipa during ills re rselves o r all part Being so h the sk perience pride ou nly matc rable ex rvision fo o e ot o . We 24/7 sup and mem possible at they n provides , positive nsure th ith a fun rs) AWSC cted to e s there is yea sele ids w it ensure e your k carefully ho to provid ortant as staff are imp utes erones w All AWSC nd attrib le elieve it’s nd chap onality a ling a litt but we b mums’ a high, ouse one fee right pers icated ‘h us. s! h is very of some kid hic ded are e with ns: for your is 1:4, w taking c We have their tim in reaso icipants a hand. vities to ays there two ma ff to part and acti e’re alw and lend to to food of sta p–w it’s due d to talk leaning, the cam Our ratio ne aroun … and . From c ning on s someo w needs s happe p? Easy at’ ct! alway off-sno ool cam bout wh in respe of all the gossip a ke a sch t they ga take care having a g respec ’t feel li n win doesn r, or eve . By sho off-colou at AWSC they are sitive g sure th t for who akin tastic po rticipan while m e get fan idual pa it st don’t indiv ear w o we do ct each r after y hhh… ju o how d ey respe ions. Yea gram. Sh S is th pro own dec mps and n AWSC for their at the ca ing on a sponsible while be ant to be Staff ced ly w be re genuine experien ake and hild has Our staff nts to m th their c participa ge grow encoura erment ersonal Empow – but we by the p e know amazed ! ,w are the snow Big word nts who st about om pare ink it’s ju dback fr fee they th ids that, tell the k


es to WSC differenc oR a few key t with a ld f , bu . oo rograms E to u’re Junior p s but yo ou R outh and y with Y nterpart HINK it. ut every nger cou aneously do T ult you be o as your ou may d s run sim u want to cilities five an want. Y + program when yo t class fa k as you y to train u want, Adult 18 laid bac g and firs what yo pportunit eo chin or as to do l have th pert coa s full-on flexibility ice! You’l same ex king it a s to the your cho y by ma es ’s nsit have acc head – it l its inte ding. On Snow ou’ll still d contro g a sore ng and ri slopes y gram an ay nursin your skii On the prove own pro couch d ur to im ke a ecide yo n snow ide to ta able to d m time o y or dec maximu and earl ve ht day brig you’ll ha week so lf days a ha

N! aGaI d HINK T edom an u the fre THEN allow yo


DVD and ding TV, me inclu or whip of ho od cons cable TV h some all the m atc with ge and w t house the loun de-in/ou Relax in n 18+ ri w d tub. s your o and Foo is! oor hoter odation a day, plu wn outd er than th ter to old d meals uch bett ur very o Accomm and yo e also ca prepare lly get m freshly nection n’t rea s, but w adian n m an does Three ternet co be the C er progra chen. It ystem, in it could cked kit of our oth sound s tour? Or for each r fully sto wery nise ck in you ? on a bre we orga up a sna ining up Can I Do ies that e activit – What ossibly jo all th Or p ctivities rogram! se from t to try? rogram Après A e 18+ p t to choo r Star p you wan t skiing ffer for th ur Silve ourse ge iing/ on o e yo ’s ca You of c your sk combin – it’s all Maybe it advance as well. why not nd beers a nce, way to wishes n wings experie a great – chicke nue the ition is favourite to conti his add .T nt ig White , and wa OMBO ram at B gh snow SUPA C et enou ive prog g ns st can’t +Pipe inte new resort. If you ju ek Park loring a two we exp with the er while en furth ding ev ri



training freestyle e skills. o week ark+Pip sive tw g your P an inten e is g every rovin explorin y on imp Park+Pip ur coach e AWSC pecificall yo Th ses s ups with rrain. that focu small gro enging te program ll day in nd chall rk a e/ski a some pa You’ll rid ite’s awe f Big Wh inch o ? k+PiPe inimum Se PAr with a m y ChOO Wh oaching rogram ow c of on sn g nalised p full days Coachin , a perso es elve group siz ceive tw . You’ll re ith small coaches er day w iing pro and sk hours p of 6 d riding dedicate ormous with our ith an en nd mecca w , sizes a style ll shapes ly a free ipe g and mps of a Park+P ark is tru d ju ridin in P boxes an e’s Terra for night e being Big Whit ith rails, ft, lights icated li super pip atures w . pipes, ty of fe wn ded two its o varie 2ft walls g with 1 park has There are course. ety. The 400ft lon e, vari BX/SX dard pip orld cup and stan even a w 7ft walls g with1 s variety 500ft lon enormou ks, with an res ble-blac 3500 ac g and dou Terrain massive to black somethin vers a ere’s ruisers resort co e runs, th g blue c The d tre re. Lon to glade to explo country of terrain nd back bowls a powder one. ckets are for every our lift ti orning, y ding to a ach m ets in line e ut upgra Lift Tick waiting k us abo t . As rry abou program Don’t wo rk+Pipe in the Pa included Pass. Season


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Designed and staffed for Interschools by Interschools





In-Resort Hosts
Australian Interschools staff will be your very own Resort Hosts on the ground in both Silver Star and Big White. From the time you arrive at your resort until it’s time to leave, an Interschools Canada Host will be on hand to answer any questions and to take care of all the little things that really make an unforgettable holiday. Whether it’s coordinating on-snow training or assisting with off-snow activities, an Interschools Canada Host will be there for you.

Interschools Canada
Now kids can train for their Interschools programs in an overseas environment, all while having the comfort and reassurance of having their family with them as well! A new initiative for 2007/08, AWSC joins forces with Snowsports Development Foundation (SSDF) the organisers of the Interschools competitions throughout Australia, to offer value for money holiday and training packages for Interschools families. The aim of these specifically designed packages is to provide excellent value overseas family snow holidays. In addition they provide children with a customised high quality training program that has been structured to meet the needs of Interschools skiers and snowboarders.

Family Holiday
Travel Agent Your Interschools Canada family holiday will be booked through the official program travel agent. They will take care of all the arrangements including flights, accommodation, lift tickets and transfers. For more information on the official travel agent and special holiday deals go to Resorts Silver Star and Big White are perfect for families with picturesque pedestrian only villages, wide open and non crowded runs and plenty of activities to keep both the kids and parents entertained during their entire stay. Parents While the kids are training the parents can be too! With some of the best instructors in North America, there is no better place for parents to hone their skills than at either Silver Star or Big White Resorts.

Interschools Training
These programs have been designed to specifically meet the needs of Australian Interschools athletes. With qualified and experienced coaches who understand Interschools requirements combined with training facilities that replicate Australian Interschools courses, you’ll be sure to have the edge at the 2008 Australian Interschools events. Dates Session One On-snow dates: Jan 7-11 2008 Session Two On-snow dates: Jan 14-18 2008 Session Three On-snow dates: Jan 21-25 2008
(Minimum group numbers required for all sessions).

Exclusive Interschools Canada Bonus
This bonus package is exclusively available for Interschools Canada families and includes all the extras to make your family holiday special. To start your holiday off, you are invited to attend an exclusive Interschools Canada Welcome Reception. Complete with canapés and refreshments, this reception is a great opportunity to learn more about what’s on offer at your resort, discuss the programs, as well as to meet the coaches and fellow participants. You can’t come to Canada and not see an ice hockey match, and your bonus pack includes tickets for the whole family as well as bus transfers to the game. In addition, you will receive an ice skating and snow tubing evening – a perfect way to unwind after a hard days training. And what snow holiday would be complete without a family sleigh ride? This Canadian favourite is also included in your bonus. But the inclusions don’t just include activities! You’ll also receive a VIP Card offering a variety of resort discounts including equipment and clothing. To conclude the week you’ll attend a wonderful two course group farewell dinner on the final night.

Includes 5 Days training, 5 ½ hours on-snow each day with qualified and experienced coaches, use of all training equipment and facilities, video review, tuning and equipment evaluation session, weekly races with awards and prizes, dryland and flexibility training, certificate of achievement and coaches report.

Training Prices ($AUD)

One Week $


Two Weeks $


Three Weeks $


Adult Instruction $


Contact us to discuss the best options and program for you

Contact us To discuss your specific holiday and training requirements or to obtain further information please contact the Interschools Canada office on 1300 794 972 or or
Contact Australian Winter Sports Camps: Office Phone: +61 (0)3 9318 0933 / 1300 794 972 Fax: +61 (0)3 9318 0944 Email: Web: Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Mailing Address PO Box 12 Yarraville, VIC, 3013 Australia Stuart Aldred National Programs Manager Mobile: +61 (0)417 388 018 Email: Peter ‘Toppa’ Topalovic NSW Representative Mobile: +61 (0)414 287 463 Email:

AWSC Representative:

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Official Overseas Training Program



Photo credits: AWSC, Silver Star & Big White Resorts,, Don Weixl, Gavin Crawford

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