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P.O. Box 1618 El Cerrito, California 94530 Linda Young, Editor CALENDAR MAY – JUNE 2009 May 29, 2009 11:30 AM

Richmond El Cerrito San Pablo Pinole Kensington El Sobrante Hercules

Tel: (510) 525-4962 Email:

Annual General Membership Meeting. LWVWCCC Budget and Election of Officers for 2009-2010. Speaker: Nancy Skinner, Assembly Member 14th District, on “The State Budget and the Impact of the May 19, 2009 Election.” Trevino’s Mexican Restaurant, 11795 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito. Reservations needed. See enclosed form or call 510-525-4982. LWVWCCC Board Meeting, 11780 San Pablo Avenue, Suite D, El Cerrito.

June 1, 2009 1:30 PM June 16, 2009 Sept. 2, 2009 1:15 PM

Tour, Blake Gardens, Kensington. Save the Date. Kensington Unit Meeting. Home of Patricia McLaughlin, 39 Stratford Rd., Kensington, 510-525-5187.

LWVWCCC BOARD MINUTES February 2, 2009 Present: Jean Lipton, Myrtle Braxton, Willa Sudduth, Betty Brown, Janet Abelson, Linda Young, Louise Vogelsberg, Bob MacDonald, Pat McLaughlin, Bonnie Hamlin, Maria Alegria Absent: Pat Player Minutes: The January 5, 2009 minutes were approved as corrected. Summary minutes will be printed in the Voter. Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of Dec. 31, 2008: $7,068.53; Income of period: $2,500.00; Expenses of period: $673.47 Balance as of Jan. 31, 2009: $8,895.06 Programs: 1) Upcoming Events a) Membership Meeting: February 17, 2009 – 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Bob MacDonald will check with Pat Player regarding the location for the event. Lunch will be provided courtesy of Jean Minutes of 2-2-09 Board Meeting – continued on page 2 1

Minutes of 2-2-09 Board Meeting - continued from page 1 Lipton. Deadline for reservations is February 13; RSVP to Jean Lipton at 525-8155. The speaker will be Earl Hamlin, who will discuss current economic situation. It was requested that we add a notation to the card announcing the meeting that members should “Bring a Friend”. Membership Meeting: March 1, 2009 – 1:00 pm. The movie “Thirst” will be presented at the El Cerrito Theater. Announcements will be placed in libraries, locations with voter registration boxes, community center, colleges, etc. Co-sponsors are LWVWCCC and the City of El Cerrito Environmental Quality Commission. A table will be set up in the theater lobby to display the LWVWCCC brochure and other materials. There was a general discussion concerning co-sponsoring events and activities with other organizations (i.e. AAUW, One Care Now). Motion made, seconded and passed that if we received information from any non-partisan group, the proposal will be brought to the LWVWCCC Board of Directors to consider on case-by-case basis prior to making a determination, the Board of Directors will need to know what the responsibility level will be for co-sponsoring events and activities. Membership meeting: Saturday, March 21, 2009 - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. we will have a discussion on the Popular Vote. It will be a brown bag lunch. Membership meeting: Popular Vote Issue. The date for this meeting is yet to be determined. The deadline to submit a consensus report to the National LWV is May 1, 2009. Willa Sudduth and Pat McLaughlin will lead the issue discussion. More information will be available in March.



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2) Website Discussion on whether officers should have their email included on the website to be contacted. The email can be added so that personal addresses cannot be seen. Pat McLaughlin and Bob MacDonald will work on the website logistics. 3) Annual Meeting The committee discussed the venue/date/agenda for the 2009 Annual Meeting. The Program Committee will review options and report at the next meeting. 4) Nominating Committee Janet Abelson provided a current list of the Board appointments and indicated that she will contact Jennifer Peck to set up a meeting of the Nominating Committee. The offices with expiring terms and elections to fill those positions will be one of the subjects of the Annual Meeting. Discussion Items: 1) Legislative Meeting with Ellen Tauscher's staff: Janet Abelson and Jean Lipton joined representatives from the Diablo Valley Chapter of the LWV to visit with Jennifer Barton. A request was called out to print the findings of the Legislative Meeting in the next issue of the Voter. This will require permission from Ellen Tauscher’s office. Janet Abelson will follow up on this issue. 2) SB840: Betty Brown informed the meeting that there will be a Health Care Training session on March 6-7. The film “Sick Around the World” will be shown. Betty Brown will contact Pat Schneider regarding promotional materials. Other Business: Newsletter – The Voter which will be produced in February will be the last for Pat McLaughlin. Janet Abelson will take care of mailing. The Board of Directors will be seeking a new editor of the Voter. The LWVWCCC Chapter sincerely appreciates Pat McLaughlin’s contributions. Articles and Minutes of 2-2-09 - continued on page 3. 2

Minutes of 2-2-09 Board Meeting – continued from page 2 points of interest which will be included in the Voter include: Summary of minutes from November to January, February 17th, March 1st and 21st Membership Meetings; SB840 Workshop; Reminder of the Upcoming National Popular Vote consensus discussion (date to be determined). Due date for articles – February 10th and the mailing on February 13. 2) Announcements March is Women’s History Month – a meeting will be put on by the United Methodists Women entitled “Living Simply”. Details of date, time and location will be provided by Willa Sudduth. 3) Adding to Mailing List – The Board discussed the issue of sending the Voter to Officials as such as WCCC City council members, Board of Supervisors, Federal, State and other Local contacts. Janet Abelson will look into this issue. It was suggested that an E-Newsletter – can be done at local level. 5) Pros and Cons will no longer be printed. Bonnie Hamlin mentioned that the State Voter Pamphlet covers the ballot measures quite well now (similar to LWV Pros and Cons). Easy Voter, In Depth will also be printed

LWVWCCC BOARD MINUTES March 2, 2009 Present: Jean Lipton, Myrtle Braxton, Willa Sudduth, Betty Brown, Janet Abelson, Linda Young, Louise Vogelsberg, Bob MacDonald, Pat McLaughlin, Pat Player Absent: Bonnie Hamlin, Maria Alegra Minutes: The minutes of the February 2, 2009 meeting were approved. Treasurer’s Report: (Pat McLaughlin) Balance as of Jan. 31, 2008: $8,895.05; Income: $1250; Expenses: $572.38 Treasurer will prove honorarium checks for speakers at the March 1, 2009 event. Note: Rental fee for the use of the hall at the El Cerrito United Methodist Church is now $30. Membership Report New Member: Julie Freestone, of Richmond Change of Address for Marie & Howard Mitchell Programs: Feb. 17 – Earl Hamlin provided an excellent discussion on “Effects of the economic malaise upon local government budgets”. Jean Lipton provided an excellent lunch for event attendees. March 1 – “Thirst” movie. There were 130 in attendance for this event at El Cerrito Theater. The movie was followed by discussion of water issues. The even provided the opportunity to display the WCCC Chapter LWV brochures and encourage membership March 21 - from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. a consensus presentation on the National Popular Vote will be held at the El Cerrito United Methodist Church. The group will meet for a brown bag lunch discussion period. The National LWV office has indicated that May 1st is the deadline to submit the Consensus Question response. Willa Sudduth and Pat McLaughlin will lead the discussion. Minutes from Board Meeting March 2, 2009 -continued on page 4. 3

Minutes from Board Meeting March 2, 2009 - continued from page 3 Annual Meeting: Meeting will be held at the end of May. Bob will check on Travinos in El Cerrito. Possible speakers: Caroline Linnard – Improving Committee Agencies or Nancy Skinner from the State Legislature. Website Pat McLaughlin is researching URL’s and other information for the LWV WCCC website. More details to follow. Discussion Items: LWVC Conference: May 13-17 in Long Beach. Discussion on the event noted that the attendee will have to spend four nights lodging in Long Beach and other expenses such as registration, airfare and meals will have to be considered. Motion made and seconded that the costs for the LWV Convention in Long Beach will be reimbursed to an amount not to exceed $1,500. Janet Abelson will be attending the event this year. Health Care: (Betty Brown) – The new health care bill is now SB810, sponsored by Senator Mark Leno.

League of Women Voters WCCC LWV Chapter Discussion Findings for the National Popular Vote Compact On Saturday, March 21, 2009 the WCCC LWV Chapter met to study and come to consensus on the National Popular Vote Compact. The background information for this topic may be found in the WCCC LWV February-March 2009 Voter. The following is an outline of the WCCC LWV findings which were presented to the LWV National Office. Amending the Constitution The discussion group conferred that: Action by states through a compact process is an acceptable way to alter the method for electing the President and Vice-President. The group further agreed that: Despite the novelty of the use of compact approach to address a fundamental constitutional issue such as voting, the League should support the NPV Compact as a way of achieving an important goal. Congressional Consent The discussion group conferred that: The possibility that the NPV Compact will require congressional consent is not of sufficient concern to block the implementation of the plan. Enforcement The discussion group conferred that: Although it is not possible to determine whether the enforcement provisions will be sufficient to assure smooth operation of the plan, the plan should be passed anyway. Uniformity The discussion group conferred that: The NPV Compact is more important than uniformity of voting systems because it would succeed in achieving the popular election of the President. Popular Election of the President The discussion group conferred that: It is more important to achieve the goal of national popular election of the President than it is to achieve the goal of abolition of the Electoral College. Achievability The discussion group was not able to reach consensus on the following issue: The NPV Compact will have problems being passed because of the need for congressional consideration and the need for action by so many states. However, the group did reach consensus on the following statement: A constitutional amendment to establish the direct popular election of the President and abolition of the Electoral College will continue to have problems being passed.  4

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