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									Ski & Snowboard Australia Limited (SSA) National Squad & Team Selection Policy Discipline: Snowboard Event: Half Pipe Snowboard Cross Parallel Giant Slalom (Alpine) Big Air National Team National Squad Development Squad Male/ Female



During each season the SSA Snowboard Committee will name the following Squads: 1. National Snowboard Squad

The National Snowboard Squad (‘Squad’) is comprised of athletes eligible for full World Cup selection according to the SSA Snowboard World Cup selection criteria*. The criteria can be found at: [insert link to criteria] The Squad will be updated upon the release of each FIS points list (6 throughout the season) with the first Squad being named in early May. The Squad will be posted and updated on the snowboard section of the SSA website. In the event of an athlete becoming ineligible for full World Cup selection, as defined in the SSA Snowboard World Cup Criteria, the athletes name will be removed from the Squad list until such time as they meet the criteria again. The National Snowboard Team is regarded as those athletes who are scholarship holders with the Olympic Winter Institute (OWI). 2. Development Squad

SSA will identify a pool of athletes (“pool”) from which a National Development Squad will be announced. The pool will be determined following the completion of the SSA Talent Identification camps (‘TID’), which are held during the southern winter season. Scholarship athletes from recognized institute development programs will be automatically included in this pool.

The National Snowboard Development Squad will be comprised of athletes from the pool that participate in sanctioned Development programs or individual training activities as determined and approved by the SSA Snowboard Committee. Individual athletes and coaches (on behalf of athletes) will be invited to submit application for inclusion to the pool. Applications will be made available via the website prior to the September deadline. The development squad will be selected by the Snowboard Committee and named in September each year. *Note: for Halfpipe the minimum FIS point level for National Snowboard Squad is 75 as per the other snowboard disciplines.

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