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									Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

Saturday, August 22, 2008 Meeting Opened @ 9:05 am with the Serenity Prayer Host DCM announcements: Clifford summary: Housekeeping items. Reading: Area Assembly Preamble: Ken (reads from the S&G) Reading: Budget Assembly: Mark - Food for Thought GSR Makawao (reads from GSR Handbook p.7-8) Area Chair Ken introduces Area Officers: Area Officers Reports Recording Secretary: Miranda: summary: Aloha everyone, glad to be here, good to see you all. If you did not bring your copy of the April Assembly minutes please come pick up a copy. Hopefully some of you have had a chance to review the minutes before you got here, it‟s only 22 pages, 241 paragraphs, 20,855 words…I‟ll give you a few minutes to review before I entertain a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept: Cheryl seconded: Ken. Motion passes, none apposed. Treasurer: Coleen: verbatim: Aloha Hawaii Area 17 A.A. members, We say the basket is where money and spirituality mix. This month, while getting our contributions ready to deposit, I cried a little. It is moving to see how many groups contribute and provide the needed connection to each other, and to A.A. as a whole. Group contributions are the reason Hawaii Area 17 trusted servants can serve. To date, 137 groups have contributed. Thank you for your support and trust. As of August 16, 2009 Hawaii Area funds are as follows: Operating Funds $19,757.12 Prudent Reserve $ 5,000.00 Reserve for Computer Equipment $ 500.00 Reserve for International Convention $ 1,000.00 Total cash in bank $26,257.12 As of August 22, 2009: Total Revenues/Contributions Total Expenditures Net Revenues

$12,639.38 $14,478.39 -$ 1,839.01

The beginning of A.A. is recorded in Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers. Dr. Bob and Bill sure did a lot of running around to find another drunk to “fix.” When Dr. Bob called Akron City Hospital asking for a “prospect” to try their new “cure” for alcoholism, the nurse wanted to know if he‟d tried it on himself yet. She let Dr. Bob and Bill visit someone described as “completely out of his mind when drinking,” but “a grand chap when sober.” (p.82). He became A.A. number three. Our humble beginnings include someone who accepted our program and someone who refused it. We never know what the result of our efforts will be, but we keep sharing anyway. Thank you again for the voluntary contributions that so many groups sent in. Coleen A., Area Treasurer, Panel 59 Motion to accept Treasurers Report: Livit, seconded: Nora, motion passed. Registrar: Sue: verbatim: I want to thank all of you for your cooperation and patience in learning the system we use to register to vote at our assemblies. And helping me to get you all into the Fellowship New Vision System at GSO so you can receive all the information they have to send you, and they can know all about us in Area 17! We had 91 voting members in attendance on Saturday, and 88 voting members on Sunday. All DCMs were present except for the DCM for District 13, the Tri-Island District, Amberly B. All Standing Committee Chairs were present except for the Hospitals Chair, Aike G. All Area Officers were present. Buzz F. (West Hawai„i) and Chris A. (East Hawai„i) represented Intergroup. John G. (Kaua„i), Steve K. (O„ahu), and Stephanie S. (Maui) were all absent. Just a reminder. When you sign in at the registrar‟s desk, if you are permanently replacing the existing GSR or DCM, or alternate, cross out their name, put your name in, and fill out a change form. If you are filling in on a one-time basis, just sign in and vote in their stead. No need to cross out or make any official changes! Thank you for helping me do my job better. In love and service, Sue Panel 59 Area 17 Registrar


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

Alt. Delegate: Linda: verbatim: Are there any new GSRs? Thanks to the No Ka OI District for hosting this assembly. In fulfillment of my duties and responsibilities as your Area 17 Alternate Delegate, I continue to attend the monthly Annual Hawaii Convention steering committee meetings. The 2009 convention will be October 29 th November 1st. I hope that each of you is planning to attend the convention along with your sober friends. In addition, I have met with the convention secretary to update Appendix C of our Structures and Guidelines taking care not to amend any policies or procedures. You will be hearing more about the edits this weekend. I also continue to attend Oahu Intergroup. On Oahu, I am informally working with the IG Treasurer to develop new ways to attract more people to IG and to area service. We are hoping that by increasing participation, members will take a more active interest in the 7th Tradition and that everyone will benefit, spiritually and financially. In closing, I would like to quote part of the G.S.R. Preamble: “We realize the ultimate authority in A.A. is a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. As trusted servants, our job is to bring information to our groups in order that they can reach an informed group conscience. In passing along the group conscience, we are helping to maintain the Unity and Strength so vital to the Fellowship.” (Reprinted from Box 459, v35, no 4 – Aug/Sept 1989.) In love & service, Linda McD Alternate Delegate Area 17, Panel 59 Alt. Chair: Colin: verbatim: Aloha Area 17, I would first like to thank the people from “No Ka Oi” District. The DCM, Clifford and his Alt. DCM, Ed. I would also like to thank all of you who have helped and those who will be helping host this Assembly. So much of our service commitment is about showing up. I still continue to attend the State Convention Steering Committee and am enjoying being part of. Patti will be giving her report later, I do want to say thank you to her for all of her hard work w/ the convention. This weekend offers us all an opportunity to work together as well as see old friends and I hope you all have the chance to make new friends. Thank You for allowing me to participate… Area Chair: Ken: thanks to all for participating, NO Ka Oi District for your hospitality, thanks to all we hope you have fun and fellowship 9:30-10:15 Delegate - Elizabeth: verbatim: I am so happy to be here with you all. I look forward to the work we will do here this weekend to support our primary purpose: to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. I know that I am so grateful for sobriety and the life I live today, no sacrifice is too great or too small to serve AA. I always hear how gratitude is an action word, and here we are in action for Alcoholics Anonymous! Thank you all for you love and dedication to AA, and for allowing me to serve you and AA as a whole. 2009 General Service Conference Since we were together as a full body back in April, I attended the 2009 GSC in New York City from April 26, through May 2. I had the most amazing time, a true spiritual experience! We spent 82 hours in session over a one week period of time, often working late into the night. On Friday, we were in general session until 2:00 am! I recently received a summary of the Workshops we held there, and I brought 50 hardcopies this weekend. I will email anyone who wants one and didn‟t receive. I hope that most of you had the chance to hear my Report Back at your District. Over the summer, I have visited all districts with the exception of Waianae, which is scheduled for next month. My full written report is available on the website at, and I also have a full report of every single agenda items and the results at the Conference. I have previously emailed them out to all DCMs, please see them if you would like a copy. I brought along my “show and tell” items which I have used at my Report Backs; please take a look at them during the break. It was earlier announced that the Final Conference Report would be shipped out in August; however I just received word that they will be mailed out the second week in September. I will have to devise a plan to get each member their copy. Pacific Regional Trustee Candidate Later this weekend, we will be holding a Third Legacy Election to elect our candidate for Pacific Region trustee. All 15 Areas in the region will be doing the same, and the all Delegates from the region will vote at the General Service Conference in April 2010. The incoming Trustee will begin serving at the end of the Conference. Our current trustee had this reminder “This is probably as good a place as any to talk about the responsibilities for those who are wishing to place their name in the hat for Pacific Region Trustee. I want to make sure everyone realizes the time commitment for this position. We talk a lot about how it doesn’t cost any money to serve AA but that really isn’t true. How can you spend 90 days away from home in one year and not have


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

it cost something? I work and I suspect many of you do as well. I also know my own limitations in trying to accommodate all requests from areas to visit. I have regrettably had to cancel some requests this year due to my employment responsibilities. I just ask that as you enter into elections, ask candidates to consider the commitments and also as areas, be mindful of the limitations of your regional trustees to accommodate all requests. We need to all work together to make service accessible to all who wish to serve.” Please see The AA Service Manual, pg S 63 for a description of qualifications of an effective trustee. Pacific Region Trustee Visit Unfortunately, Madeleine P., our Pacific Region Trustee, has regretfully canceled her trip to be with us at our Inventory Assembly. She has recently moved across the state and begun a new job. As a result, she has to limit her time off of work, and naturally gives precedence to the Board Weekends and Conference travel. I am sad that you all won‟t get the opportunity to meet her at our Assembly, but if you are attending PRAASA in 2010, she will be there. PRAASA 2010 What is PRAASA? The United States and Canada are divided into 8 regions. We are a part of the Pacific Region. The Pacific Region consists of Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. PRAASA is the Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly. The Assembly meets once a year at different locations within the Pacific Region. The PRAASA Preamble: “The Purpose of PRAASA is to develop greater unity among the members, groups, Areas of the Pacific Region, to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences: and to provide an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent aspects of A.A. The Assembly and the PRAASA committee should always foster the Recovery, Unity, and Service legacies of A.A.” The PRAASA agenda usually parallels largely with the Agenda items to be discussed on the General Service Conference in New York and is an excellent opportunity to be more informed on a personal, group, district, and Area level about A.A. and to learn about how other Areas do things, conduct business, and find solutions to of some of our common challenges. PRAASA 2010 will be held March 5 – 7, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel at LAX in Los Angeles, CA. I brought with me 50 informational fliers. I also have this available in email format, if you would like one emailed to you let me know. If you are planning to attend, please reserve your room now, as the host hotel always sells out. It does not cost money to make a reservation, and they have a liberal cancellation policy. I will have a signup sheet at the January Assembly for people who are going. As always, I will need a list of pre-registered attendees to put forth to the committee as possible presenters, readers, round table facilitators and timekeepers. As you all know, Hawaii Area will be hosting PRAASA in 2011, and many of us in this room right now will be serving on the host committee. Inform the Delegate for 2010 I‟ll am working in conjunction with the other officers on a plan to process the 2010 General Service Conference Agenda Items in a new an exciting manner. More shall be revealed! Look for email communications about this as we approach years end. International Convention 2010 Celebrating 75 years of Alcoholics Anonymous, the 2010 International Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas July 1-4, 2010. Registration Brochures have been mailed from the printer. They are being mailed to every registered GSR, Area Officer, DCM and Standing Committee Chair. They should be arriving to groups and other trusted servants by September 1 at the latest, although the bulk of them are expected to arrive the end of this week and early next. The Registration Brochure has also been posted on G.S.O.'s A.A. Web site at Registration will open on September 1. On the first, we will post a link from our site to the online registration site. As I mentioned earlier in the year, I am serving as the Coordinator for the Pacific Region‟s Hospitality Suite. We are selecting Coordinator‟s from each Area in the Region, who will then schedule the service position time slots. It currently looks like we will have 5 Areas covering each two hour time slot. At our January 2010 Assembly, I will have a list for people who are attending to sign up on. News from AA US / Canada The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. held its quarterly meeting the first weekend of August, 2009. The chairman gave a report regarding the board‟s executive session on Sunday, August 1, 2009 noting that in the spirit of dispelling an “aura” of secrecy that may adhere to this trustees meeting being called an “Executive Session”, and because the meeting has rarely been an actual executive session, it was decided to rename the gathering the “Trustees Sharing Session.” Ward expanded on this change, “Hearing the


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

history from our trustees’ emeriti, we recognized that this meeting was established to provide an opportunity for free and open discussion among trustees, particularly over issues where strong differences existed. Only rarely has it been a true “executive session” dealing with issues of personnel or misconduct. We agreed that we need a time for open and honest sharing when we can explore new ideas; hear strongly held differences of opinion, and at times deal with personal conflicts. In a public meeting, trustees will not feel free to participate fully in such a sharing and, without appropriate opportunity, these needed conversations will happen in small groups out of the public eye, fracturing the unity we need as a Fellowship. We also agreed because the trustees and staff work together as a team, it will be important to have the general manager present and occasionally invite other members of the staff as a resource for a particular topic. However, we also want to be clear that the right of participation and the need for transparency demand that the spirit of secrecy must disappear. We believe the principle of anonymity provides the key: What we discuss in the Trustees Sharing Session (principles) is open and will be reported; who said what (personalities) as well as truly exploratory ideas will not be appropriate to share as such reporting would damage the freedom of expression we feel is necessary.” As of Monday, August 10, 2009, Publication Director Chris C. and the General Service Office ended a relationship of more than six years in an amicable fashion. We acknowledge Chris‟s many work contributions during his tenure in Publications and wish him well in his future endeavors. Valerie O. has been appointed Publications Director effective Monday, August 17, 2009. Valerie has been with the G.S.O. since September 1990 working in a number of Staff assignment areas with her most recent, International. Following the GSC, the board had a conference call to address the issue of John S.‟s vacancy on the GSB and Jeanne W.‟s resignation from the board. As discussed at the GSC, the vacancy on the AAWS board should be the purview of the AAWS board and approved by the GSB. AAWS has made plans to replace that vacancy by the next GSC and have Jo-Anne L. Trustee-at-Large Canada serving as a director for the next year. As for the vacancy created by the resignation of Jeanne W., Ward E., new chair of the board, had suggested that Herb G., recently rotated Class A trustee, serve out the remainder of the term. The GSB was split on the decision so the position will remain vacant for the coming year. Results from recent announcement of an opening for a GSO staff member resulted in the submission of over 100 applications. An ad-hoc committee performed the initial screening which proved to be very challenging as the quality of candidates were excellent. The final candidates will be interviewed the first weeks of August with A.A. Staff participating in the process. On July 13, 2009 all staff members at G.S.O. rotated, as they do every two years. If you would like a list of which staff member holds which assignment, I would be happy to provide this information to you via email. AAWS The General Service Office welcomed 729 visitors the first six months of 2009. Work continues on developing the Online Contributions project. A.A.W.S. Directors were given a preliminary demonstration at their meting. As work progresses, they will have another demonstration at their September meeting with future demonstrations of the project planned for the full General Service Board and 2010 Conference. Publications Total distribution of all books through June 2009 was 1,495,764, up 37% from the same period in 2008. This dramatic jump in distribution is the result of customers purchasing large quantities prior to the July 1 price increase. Through June, total AA purchases amounted to 1,072,471 units; while non-AAs accounted for 423,293 units or 28% (this percentage is higher than normal due to a very large order from Hazel den). Big Book Sales Through the month of June 2009, we distributed 866,548 units, compared to 571,691 in the same period of 2008. Kindle Project General Manager, Phyllis H., presented a report on July 30, 2009 on the current status of the negotiations with Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (A.D.S.I.) regarding the Kindle project and explained that based on the 30 day termination clause in the contract, a request to withdraw the Big Book on Kindle from the Amazon website had been forwarded to the A.D.S.I. on July 10, 2009. It seems that none of the assurances made to us by Amazon were maintained, i.e. No suggestions for other books to show up with the Big Book, prices, rescinding the contract at any time. Financial For the first six months, ending 6/30/2009 42.52% of groups in Hawaii contributed to G.S.O., compared to 2008, in which 44.52% of groups in Hawaii contributed. Net sales of $8,410,300 during the first six months of 2009 were approximately $474,725 (6%) over budget and approximately $1,923,300 (30%) more than the same period last year. Gross profit from literature was $5,099,410, approximately $433,513 (9%) over budget and $1,416,427 (38%) more than the same period in 2008. Contributions received for the first six months of $2,883,440 were $221,050 (7%) less than budgeted and $203,264 (7%) less than the first six months of 2008. Resulting gross revenue (gross profit from literature sales, contributions, and interest earned on cash flow) was $7,983,534. Total revenue was $210,131 more than budgeted and $1,209,507 more than the same time period last year. Unaudited net profit for the first six months of $1,313,607 compares with a budgeted profit of $1,153,716 and was $1,280,151 greater than the $43,456 reported for the same period in 2008.


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

AA Grapevine AA Grapevine saw a slight increase in average monthly circulation of the Grapevine magazine this quarter, although circulation has not caught up to where it was last year before the downturn in the economy. Average monthly circulation of the magazine was 104,571 at the end of June 2009 (103,211 print; 1360 audio). Distribution of books, CDs and other items was up about 13.5% over last year, because of interest in two new titles, Beginners Book and Voices of Long-term Sobriety. The website drew and average of 43,000 visits a month. Year to date, AA Grapevine has distributed 62,039 books and other items and 646,616 copies of our meeting in print, including back issues. At 9,620, average bimonthly circulation of La Vina has held steady so far this year, but it is still 1,022 behind June 2008. Year to date we have distributed 2,833 La Vina books and CDs and 35,860 copies of the magazine, which includes back issues and current issues (March/April and May/June). Response to the redesign of the Grapevine has been largely positive. The chief concern, the placement of the Preamble, Steps and Traditions to the inside covers, beginning with the August issue. The size of the Alcoholism at Large disclaimer will be increased as of the September issue. Archives The committee discussed the Conference Committee on Archives‟ request to prepare a report on the feasibility of developing a self-guided tour of GSO‟s AA Archives and requested that the Acting Archivist prepare the report based on the committee‟s discussion for review at their next meeting on November 1, 2009. The committee discussed the Conference Committee‟s request to add a daily historical reference to the GSO‟s AA Web Site and forwarded the request to GSO‟s Intra-Office Web site committee for consideration. General Service Conference The first item up for discussion was the development of a policy regarding the use of “full-face videos” and was tabled until the Fall Quarterly Board meeting as this was the topic for the Sharing Session to be held later that day and it is an agenda item for the trustees‟ Committee on CPC/Treatment Facilities. This committee did recommend to the GSB and was subsequently approved that the use of an online dashboard for all conference members be continued for an additional 2 years beginning with the 2010 GSC. The topic of floor actions and commit to committee and recommit to committee was discussed at length and tabled until their 2009 Fall Quarterly Meeting for further discussion. This committee also approved the request for two observers from the General Service structure of Venezuela to attend the 2010 GSC. Treatment Facilities/CPC This committee recommended to the GSB and was subsequently approved, to rename this committee to “Trustees Committee on Cooperation With the Professional/Community/ Treatment Facilities/Special Needs-Accessibilities.” What a mouthful! The revised video Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous will be produced on a single DVD containing all three languages with a planned release date of late September 2009. The DVD will contain dubbing and subtitles as options. Permission was secured from the copyright holder to use the song “Happy Birthday” at the end of the video. The committee accepted responsibility for the proposed development of a recovery pamphlet for newcomers or prospective members with special needs to include stories solicited from AA members with a wide variety of challenges, such as autism, brain damage, learning disabilities, blindness, deafness or hearing impairment, confinement to wheel chairs, etc. An outline of the proposed pamphlet will be prepared by the Publications Director and brought to the November 1, 2009 meeting of the committee. CPC Staff provided an update from the Publications Director that in response to an additional committee consideration from the 2009 GSC Committee on CPC, that he is completing production of consistent voice over text regarding anonymity and singleness of purpose in the three CPC video segments. A DVD containing the three segments will be priced by AAWS and the DVD will be included in the contents of the CPC kit. This committee also had discussion regarding the use of full face videos and will discuss further at the November 2009 meeting. With regards to the service piece directed to drug court/alcohol court professionals, a revised draft service piece will be reviewed by this committee and if approved, will be forwarded to the Publications Department for final editing. When approved, staff will send the completed service piece in the next Activity Update to all CPC chairs for use in their CPC Service with drug court/alcohol court professionals. Corrections A subcommittee was appointed to bring a plan for proceeding with the project of revising the pamphlet “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell” and will report back to the October 31, 2009 meeting of this committee. The committee discussed the request from the 2009 Conference Committee on Corrections for gathering of shared Fellowship experience regarding the signing of “legally binding documents” and tabled further discussion until its


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

October 31, 2009 meeting. The chair appointed a subcommittee to begin to compile suggestions regarding signing legally binding documents that may be helpful to AA members involved in Corrections service and report back to the October 31, 2009. International Conventions/Regional Forums The committee agreed there would be no Fun Run because of declining interest and heat concerns. A local forum was approved for the Spanish speaking districts in Area 08 San Diego/Imperial California on August 22, 2010. It was recommended and approved that online hotel registration for Regional Forums will be available on GSO‟s AA Web site with “page break disclaimers.” Literature The committee asked the Publications Department to revise the draft pamphlet “The AA Member – Medications and Other Drugs” with attention to the suggestions provided during the GSC discussions and with additional review by AA members who are also physicians and bring the draft back to the fall meeting for review. The committee also discussed the 2009 Conference Advisory Action that the Literature Committee undertakes a thorough review of the pamphlet “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship.” A subcommittee will bring a progress report back to the next quarterly meeting. Public Information Hopefully, the Young People‟s Video PSA will be available this fall. Please continue to urge the fellowship to submit videos as there is a continued need for new submissions. Nominating There were multiple changes clarify language in the nominating committee procedures. The majority of the work for this committee this year will be choosing two new Class A trustee candidates to replace Bill C. and Jeanne W. We will also be choosing two new regional trustees, one for Eastern Canada that has been vacant for almost all of its term and one for the Pacific Region, replacing Madeleine.

I just gave you all a ton of information; you can see me with any questions, comments or concerns. This report is in the current Mynah Bird, and on our website at Thank you all so much for my life filled with love, light and laughter and for the honor and privilege to serve you all and AA as a whole. Elizabeth M. Hawaii Area 17 / Panel 59, Delegate Ken: typo on the agenda, budget 2008 should be 2010, reminder: PI Chair will be selected tomorrow, place your name in the hat to be considered. Asks all participants who celebrated A.A. anniversaries from May to present to come to the mic and be acknowledged. Introduction of new GSRs: Noel, Greg, Cozi, Delia, Kai, Hank, James, Selvy, Mark, Tim, Tammy, Bart, Alan Introduction of new DCM: Denise - Puna District Proposal : We, the Hawaii Area 17 Panel 59 Area Officers would like to make a motion to add the following line to the Alternate Delegate‟s duties in the Structures and Guidelines: “Maintain and update Structures and Guidelines” The Structures and Guidelines currently read as follows: 2.7 Alternate Delegate‟s Duties The alternate delegate should: A. Perform the delegate‟s duties in their absence. B. Maintain and update the G.S.R. Orientation Handbook. C. Conduct orientation sessions for G.S.R.s and D.C.Ms, as needed. D. Serve, either as a member or chairperson on ad-hoc committees, as deemed appropriate by the area chair. E. Serve as a voting member on the Hawaii Annual State Convention Steering Committee. F. Act on actions accepted by the area assembly, at the request of the area assembly.


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

G. Appoint the area‟s standing committee chairs in conjunction with other area officers. Our proposed addition: 2.7 Alternate Delegate‟s Duties The alternate delegate should: A. Perform the delegate‟s duties in their absence. B. Maintain and update Structures and Guidelines C. Maintain and update the G.S.R. Orientation Handbook. D. Conduct orientation sessions for G.S.R.s and D.C.Ms, as needed. E. Serve, either as a member or chairperson on ad-hoc committees, as deemed appropriate by the area chair. F. Serve as a voting member on the Hawaii Annual State Convention Steering Committee. G. Act on actions accepted by the area assembly, at the request of the area assembly. H. Appoint the area‟s standing committee chairs in conjunction with other area officers. Comments: The Alt Delegate updating the S&G, what is the history? Would think it would be the job of the secretary/ Appropriate that the person updating the S&G would also be updating the GSR Handbook. Tanya: I wrote the job description for Alt Delegate – they would serve as orientation person for GSRs so it would naturally fall to them to update GSR Handbook. (Sec. note: some confusion voiced by the body – the proposal submitted was based on the 2007 Structures and Guidelines) Elizabeth: can we update the proposal to reflect the current S&G? Bob will update the proposal on the website. proposal is a formality/last panel shows not everyone agrees it’s the Alt Delegate’s job/by Area conscience, this is just a formality/Alt Delegate Linda will updates appendixes/ Take this to your groups, we will vote on this proposal at the January Assembly. 11:15 am Lunch: New GSRs meet with Alt. Delegate during lunch for Orientation Reconvene at 12:15 (Change to the agenda) 2010 Draft Proposed Budget- Coleen: Draft Budget for 2010 (ask your DCM for a copy of the draft. Also available on the website, download at Aloha Hawaii Area 17 A.A. members, one of the contributions Area 17 receives always has the same memo: “Help some drunks.” That‟s what the service structure and all this area service is for. That‟s what any service in Alcoholics Anonymous is for, really. From a cup of coffee down to the General Service Conference, we do this work to “Help some drunks.” We know how to stay sober, and we‟re the ones responsible for sharing this information with anyone else who might want to recover from alcoholism. What a gift for us, and for alcoholics still stuck in misery. How do we pass this gift on? It used to be that 30 cents would cover our expenses: a dime for the phone call, a dime for the subway, and a dime for a cup of coffee. Dr. Bob and Bill took care of our problems. When Dr. Bob became ill, he and Bill came up with a service structure that would replace both of them. Next year A.A. will have accumulated 75 consecutive years of sharing our experience, strength, and hope. The service structure is working well for us. Thanks to their vision, we‟re all sober, we‟re all here. Now we have Groups, Districts, Intergroups, Areas, and A.A. as a whole. We are uniquely qualified to create, publish, and distribute our message of recovery. We are uniquely qualified to explain how we get and stay sober to those who don‟t know yet. We‟re responsible to take our own inventory, and take appropriate action. We don‟t need or want someone else doing any of this for us. We‟ve come of age. We are responsible for every aspect of Alcoholics Anonymous. Dr. Bob‟s prescription for us still applies today: “Trust God. Clean house. Help others.” Here‟s a draft of the 2010 Area 17 budget. It‟s not perfect, it‟s a best guess of what we could make use of as we try to fulfill the service obligations we have volunteered to do. Because contributions have decreased by 25%, many of the line items have been pared down. But, because new needs have been identified, such as Website Committee or the cost of storing our archives, the estimated cost of some line items has increased. Just as the price of a cup of coffee has increased, so has the price of unity, recovery, and service. Contributions made by groups to past panels (in past years) are helping us through these challenging financial times. If Area 17 needs to spend less, we have our “Priority of Spending” as a guide. We can eliminate projected expenses as needed. If we‟re fully funded, we‟ll be able to get all our work done, and leave the next panel financially solvent. “Money has never been a requirement for A.A. membership, and to keep it that way all of A.A.‟s trusted servants have an ongoing obligation to inform groups


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

and individuals about the value of self-support and the need for voluntary contributions throughout the Fellowship.” (Self Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix, pamphlet F-3, p.8.) Coleen A., Area Treasurer, Panel 59 Alan: what size space in sq ft are we renting for $500 for the archives? Archivist Heidi: Priced at $400 sq feet budget is $4800 a year plus the $200 we have in the budget. Priced 3 facilities, need air conditioning, not on a ground floor, flooding concerns, etc. Will try to get that condensed into a 150 sq ft . We have no computer equipment for digitizing. Patrick: with digitizing- is the objective to reduce the price or will we always have to pay for space? Livit: p. 2 Alt Chair $1500 for airfare, does it include more than airfare? Colin: part of my duties to go the Convention Steering Committee meeting once a month. Ken reads Guidelines for Discussion from the S&G, explains quorum, election, voting procedures. Motion made by: Paul Jim: seconded Discussion: Sue: 91 registered, quorum is 91. Discussion/Comments: Cozi: How do we get the info back after the Alt Chair goes to the meeting (Alt Chair Colin responds that reporting back is not the purpose, any reports are given by Patti, Convention Chair). Lisa: Am against the budget, this Budget does not reflect priority of spending. Why are optional trips kept intact? Kathy: We are down in contributions, where will the money come from? Nora: The majority of our groups want this to pass, this is the spiritual side of the program. Paul: we find ways to get the money we need bit we do need to be solvent Mark: we have financial responsibility, to spend money we don’t have is foolish. Delia: regarding archives – I trained as a historian, archives are expensive to store, this is a reasonable amount, AA has taught me to have faith Elizabeth: we are not starting out January 1 at zero, previous panels money is in reserve, there is money in the bank. Fellowship responds when we need money, priority of spending, if we cannot pay for one two, we don’t pay for three and four, we don’t spend money we don’t have Linda: budget not a hammer, this is only a guide, this is not cast in stone Crissy: A.A. born in time of depression, first step talks about the financial inventory Ermina: this budget is reasonable, we have a responsibility, we need to support the Area officers who need to participate in A.A. outside of Area Sue: we always have money for standing committee work, we can adjust the priority of spending Bob: Go to AA website for pamphlet, Where Money and Spirituality Mix Sharon: cookie cutter approach for archives, are we going to fund archives or not. 90 voters. 85 in favor. 3 apposed. Motion passes. (Area Chair explains minority opinion option to go to the mic) Minority speaks: Lisa: Expense of archives, and new committee is an extra $6000. Cut other expenses, Area Chair already went to PRAASA, Area Chair is also a stay at home delegate it can save us $2000, still appose because of principles and priority of spending Cozi: Thank you to Archives for your work, it is important. The opposed vote is from my homegroup. No one wishes to change their vote, motion passed.

1:20 pm Standing Committee Reports Archives: Shoshanna: verbatim: Aloha kakou and mahalo to the No Ka Oi District for hosting this assembly. Koloa Aloha is my home group on the island of Kaua`i, District 6. This past quarter finds the archives committee in support of our new archivist, Heidi G. As you know, she has been looking at options for storing and using our current archives. Archives is in a “limbo phase” as we, Area 17, look for an affordable location to house our current Archives. Now that we have an approved budget amount, we can rent an appropriate storage facility and begin to consolidate the present collection. We see the need to digitize the archives as a means to simplify the information and therefore making it easier to add to it and share it. We still need help from the Districts to continue to gather home group histories, long-timer‟s stories, and memorabilia current and past (photographs of meeting places, meeting schedules, flyers for conventions or events, any relevant information about the district) and pass this information to the Archivist. Take a look at the blue folder on the Archives display table for sample photos of meetings places on Kaua`i as well as from GSO. If each district has an archives representative, the task of information gathering would not be so monumental. Our Archives is only as complete as what you share with it. The Group history form from GSO is on our website and I am working with Bob to get our long-timers questionnaire on there as well. If you haven‟t seen the Archives standing committee website, check it out under Video History for AA on Oahu which was presented at the June 1955 Founders Day. Mahalo to Ted K for his support and suggestions. I am learning that one of my roles is to be the “herd-master”, especially if we are to have an Archives display for the hosting Districts. It is my job to task the archivist to write a district‟s history with plenty


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

of lead time to prepare it. The past few months have been challenging for me and I wish that I could have been well enough to “ride herd” to compile an archives display of the No Ka Oi District‟s history for this assembly. Please forgive me. Best practice would see an Archives history display at each district for each Assembly. This would save transportation costs to carry the display from island to island and be available for District events. I look forward to enjoying renewed enthusiasm for 2010. We hope to bring an Archives display for each Big Island District hosting the Assemblies next year. For me, it is inspiring to know the history of our collective past. Mahalo for your support and patience. In love and service, Shoshanah B, Archives chair Corrections: Lena: verbatim: The correction committee is still in need of volunteers in all areas. If there is anyone wanting to volunteer in the prisons, please see me or if you hear of anyone who would like to get into service please email me at Training for 21-23 of September is cancelled, the 24th is still open. Mahalo, Lena R. Convention Steering Committee: Patti: summary Aloha All, It appears that everything is falling into place for our 48th Annual Hawaii Convention. All committees have been filled, however there‟s always room for those that would like to participate by being in service. Everyone is being reminded that in order to attend the convention after Thursday, you have to be wearing a badge, which, means you need to be registered. As of yesterday, we have 353 people that registered. We had a little more last year, which was to be expected due to the economy. The entertainment committee is using our members from AA to entertain us on Friday evening. They fundraised to help cut cost for their outfits. Other committees are being very mindful of how they use their budget. Just a reminder that Saturday night will be Halloween and all is asked to dress up in customs. Our Convention Chair – Kunane D; Facility Coordinators, and Program Chair met with the convention staff and had a walk thru in the area we will be utilizing this year. We will be using less electronic equipment so the cost will be less than the previous years. If you know of anyone that has done convention service in several different committees and would like to be the chair of next year‟s convention to please send in a resume to A date will than be set for all candidates to meet with the steering committee. We are still waiting for word to see if we are approved for credit with Hilton Hawaiian Village. We received a couple of letters from the Director and Assistant Director of Catering, Meetings, and Conventions to work with us on next years function; dated November 4-7, 2010. The S&G has been updated by Linda McD. and Heidi G. No editing to policy to structure; just punctuations and grammar. The list of computer equipment has been updated to reflect current. Mahalo, Patti Ludlow, Steering Committee Chair Mynah Bird- Cheryl: verbatim: Aloha everyone, I‟m Cheryl and I‟m an alcoholic. I‟m honored to be serving as your Mynah Bird chair. This issue we focused on our AA history and archives. Thanks to Shoshanah for providing me with the photos of the handwritten steps and early version of “How It Works.” And thanks to everyone else who submitted articles. We have a new section called “Heard in a Meeting.” The biggest challenge of my position is getting submission from you guys. We‟ll be brainstorming in our Mynah Bird roundtable and hope to come up with some suggestions. I‟ll also be hoping to extract a commitment from a few of you to submit something for the next Mynah Bird which will come out in time for the October Committee meeting. The deadline for submission for that issue is October 5, the Monday before. Thanks for letting me serve. Cheryl N., Mynah Bird Chair, Area 17, Panel 59 Treatment: Erin: verbatim: Hi my name is Erin and I am an alcoholic. It has been slow the last few months. This has given me time to work on a list of all the treatment centers in the state, which turned out to be a bigger project than I thought it would be, but progress is being made. I still need help updating this list, so if you know of a group or a people that are taking a meeting into a treatment center please let me know, also if there are people that are filling up racks with pamphlets or need pamphlets let me know that also. I have started a new idea that I learned from PRAASA, they are hanging on the treatment board over there. If you or your group is willing to be of service please fill this out with your name and what you or your group is willing to help with. For example, taking a person to their first meeting, taking a meeting into a center, filling racks with pamphlets. I get the most phone calls from people that are getting out of treatment and are looking for someone to take them to their first meeting; I cannot be there for all of them and need your help. A few more updates since the last assembly, thank you to Greg from the west side that helped by putting in a new rack in Hoo‟maukeola, and ATS, is now being stocked. We have a contact from the Tripler Social work department and I continue to keep them stocked with pamphlets and schedules. At the last committee meeting it was asked who or what committee should take care of the homeless shelter on Oahu, and I don‟t know the answer to that, but I was taught that if I am asked that I don‟t drop the ball, I start it rolling and go


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

from there. So I will continue to make sure that they are able to get what they need. I know that there is a lot more work going on, on the other Islands but I need more information as to who and what is being done. If you are doing treatment or bridging the gap work please come see me and let me know. I did also just get to talk with Larry from Maui this weekend. Thank you for the work that continues to be done with the Aloha house. In love and service, Erin R., Treatment Chair CEC: Ermina: verbatim: Thank You Clifford and No Ka Oi District for putting on this Budget Assembly. June I attended a Health Fair with the the PI Chair for Puna district. Currently I am working on Story Boards for each Island, but have run into a glitch, the operating System I save the information on cannot be read…so back to the drawing board and retyping. The information on a more current program. I spoke with two of the GSR‟s that are working on CEC and they are doing some fantastic work here. Connie is visiting retirement centers. Also spoke with the Intergroup Rep Chair for Maui County he had expressed to me that there were a couple of seniors who had a hard time with the Meetings , I felt it was age difference, so I suggested that we get all the meeting information to them to Start their own meeting. The webmaster posted a new look to CEC Page and current CEC GSR‟s can go there to get information. The current report will be there and new Idea‟s for their island can be found there. In love and service, Ermina C. CPC: Juddee: verbatim: Aloha Everyone, Mahalo to the No Ka Oi‟ District, for hosting our Budget Assembly. It is great to have an assembly right here in my own backyard on Maui. Our CPC work is moving slow and steady. This committee is a real exercise for my patience muscle. Here is an updated summary of our project progress. 1.) Queen‟s Hospital‟s family treatment unit has been primed and is ready for a possible in staff. We have been taking a meeting into the residents for nearly two years and the staff is now open to a staff presentation in the next few months, We will be talking with our contact to make the arrangements. 2.) Ken, our Area chair, is continuing to talk with the Micronesians Community Network. There is the possibility in the future of having a DUI panel in the chuukese language. Also a list of AA meetings that would be more culturally specific for this population. 3.) DUI panels on Maui have continued without a snag thanks to a Karen N. from Kihei District who has chaired one panel for the last two months until we are able to get a permanent chair. We have had several new members as part of the panels, which is really great! Matt continues to chair the panel in the second half of each month. I am in discussions with AA‟s who may be willing to serve as the chair for one panel per month. 4.) I have been given the names of two new District chairs for CPC and will be in contact with in the next week or so. 5.) Please have people in your Districts that are interested in CPC contact me at With the Spirit of Gratitude & Service, Juddee K. CPC Chair, Panel 59 Grapevine: Hugh: verbatim: Thank you No Ka Oi District for putting together a fine Assembly Meeting. So what has been going on with the GRAPEVINE??? I just recently am returning from a trip to Japan, flew into Maui last night after flying all morning and afternoon from Japan. I have no idea what day it is, but I think it is Sunday.. Mahalo to the Diamond Head District for allowing me to be of service at your recent Delegate Report Back. Grapevine materials were handed out and sold…I have on hand with me at this Assembly some of the Grapevine Literature. Some of the newest literature recently released is Voices of Long Term Sobriety. Please stop by the Grapevine Display and see what Literature I have for sale. I also have the set of CD‟s for Emotional Sobriety and Attitude Adjustment. Last but not least for you all that need to make plans for 2010, Inventory Assembly dates, or when is that International Conference next year?… stop by and check out the 2010 Grapevine Calendars and Pocket Planner. Updated submission guidelines are now available for photographers, artists and illustrators at The Grapevine is interested in unpublished work from artists who can create images from assigned story lines. It is a great way to do service. If interested, send a sample sheet of your links to Art Editor, AA Grapevine, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115 or email The Grapevine welcomes our articles on every aspect of recovery. To submit your story on any of the able topics or your experience, strength and hope on one or more of the Steps, visit for writer‟s guidelines If your group doesn‟t have a Grapevine or La Vina representative, you can become one yourself by volunteering or getting elected to the position by your home group. GvRs and RLVs may register online at http://www. Grapevine Digital Achieves and the Audio Grapevine are available at for $4.00 a month or $27.00 a year each. Send your digital images to gveditorial Please note that digital files must be attached as high-resolution jpegs (300 dpi) Thank you for allowing me to serve. Hugh Grapevine Committee Chair Hawaii Area 17


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

Website: Bob: verbatim: Area 17 Phone! (575) SERVE17. The big news is that Hawaii Area 17 now has the ability to use a phone number that can be forwarded to any other phone. This service is offered through Google and is called Google Voice. As you know we are doing our best to avoid publishing personal phone numbers (and any other anonymity “breakers”) on our web site. I performed a simple test and it took me about 30 seconds to identify not only the identity of a member by their phone number, but their home address as well. Besides the anonymity issue which GSO mentions in their MG-18 Internet Guidelines document, this may be a safety problem. Therefore I worked on getting a number that cannot be traced back to an individual. It was possible to do this at a price in the past, but now we can do it for free without violating our Seventh Tradition as this available to everyone. Our number is (575) 737-8317. Unfortunately the Hawaii area code, 808, is not available for use so I had to choose another area code. As it turns out, 737-8317 works out to the mnemonic SERVE17; thus we are 575-SERVE17. This number will be forwarded to a designated member of the host committee for our upcoming assemblies and committee meetings so that we can publish a phone number on the web when we put up fliers for these events. We only have one number so we cannot use it for every event, but used sequentially, this should give us some added flexibility if providing service to our members. The Future In the coming months I will be looking into moving our email system to large nationally known system (Gmail) that will allow us to provide spam protection at no financial cost. Though it will, of course, require some effort on the part of each use to “train” the system to recognize what is and what is not spam. Statistics Here are some statistics about web usage from April 6, 2009 through August 17, 2009; the day after our last assembly through the day this report was compiled. We have had an average 23.76 visits per day by and average of 10.48 unique visitors per day. Most visits during this period originated in the U.S. Given the fact that the cost for maintaining a web presence is under $100 a year (at the rates we are currently paying) this continues to be a very cost effective method of communication. Conclusion: Thank you for the opportunity you have given me of serving as your webmaster. It is very fulfilling to research and implement new technologies in the service of Hawaii Area 17. Aloha! Bob H. (Sec. note: please go to the area website for graphs) Hospitals: Aike: Aloha Hawaii area committee and assembly. I‟m sadden I am unable to attend this weekend assembly. Because I require surgery on my shoulder that I must have done next week, and a project that I must finish. I regret that I am unable to attend, because they say the recovery time is four to six months I am forced to skip this assembly on account of the time table, and must finish this job that I am on. It leaves me no option but to work through this week end to do so. I am continuing to recruit groups to adopt a hospital or clinic in their respected areas I believe the model of adoption of facilities is a good one. My call to all and GSRs, and there groups continues. “Please adopt a facility in your district or neighborhood”. I have received several hits from Oahu central office to do hospital visits and a request to do meetings for members while at the hospital. Also have been asked to assist half way centers to set up meetings or Groups at their facility. Also other districts have asked me to do visits while members were here on Oahu. Vernon our past delegate requested a visit for a member who had a liver transplant, but unfortunately I was down with the flu and was unable to answer that call and to do a visit. Please if any request for visits for members while here on Oahu. Please contact me at 551-3939. I would like to thank the assembly for understanding my situation and would like to wish you all a productive and successful week end. In love and service, Aike G Colin: use the website for up to date information and email addresses for area officers, DCMs and Standing Committee Chairs Ken: Public Information Committee Chair Update – basket at table for those interested, drop your name for consideration Michael: No Ka Oi District transportation chair announcements 2:00 – 2:15 break DCM Reports Waikiki District 10: Patrick: Aloha family. Thank you for letting me serve the area as the DCM for District 10 (the Waikiki district). First, I would like to thank Cliff and the No Ka 'Oi for hosting this budget assembly. The lox and bagels were a delightful start. It almost topped the omelet bar we had at the last assembly... Almost. I only mention the omelet to keep the first time GSR's to keep coming back. Ok, down to business: I would like to


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

recognize those GSR's and Alt GSR's from our district who are with us at the assembly. Allan: "daily reflections". Jerry: "12 coconuts". Clever: "Solutions group "Kevin: "Bad Brains Alt"/CPC The Waikiki district is alive and well. Our district still maintains anywhere from 10 to 14 attendees per month. Our meeting is magically still drama free. We are still receiving regular monthly contributions from 8 of the 12 registered groups with in our district. I promise that before the next assembly I will have gone to the non contributing meetings with a crow bar to collect!!! Other than a few camp outs and picnics our district has been quite. Some of us did help with the delegate report back in July. I am slowing trying to recruit people to join our district to help with different standing committees. I haven't had very much luck with that. Progress rather than perfection I guess. The next few months should be busy for us as the holidays approach. We always hold Alkathons for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Much of our budget is dedicated to carrying the message through the Alkathons. We also have set aside funds to assure meeting schedules in all hotels in Waikiki. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve. Patrick West Hawaii District 8: Paul: verbatim: I want to thank all who participated in supporting me and carrying out our District meetings. Donna G. our secretary, continues to keep the correspondence flowing and our contact list current. I continue to encourage all of our GSRs and Committee Chairs to visit the website weekly to keep up with the Hawaii Area 17 and West Hawaii Intergroup news. Since my last report our Public Information Committee (PI) Chair and Cooperation with the Elder Community (CEC) remain open. The Treasurer‟s Report of 821-09 states that our current Balance is $2,53.00, less prudent reserve of $1,200.00 = Working Capital of $1,330.00. Our Group contribution are down, however, we are prosperous. Thank you, Jim McM. On July 31st, eight District members from Kailua-Kona caravanned down South to the Friday Night Barbeque Meeting of AA at Tap Root Farm in Nahalehu. Great fellowship and excellent food! Although not affiliated, West Hawaii Intergroup‟s new office is next door to the new Kona Alano Club. Check out the new address by visiting the and click on West Hawaii…or When visiting Kailua-Kona, drop by for fellowship and a snack. Our planning committee for the Inform the Delegate Assembly in Kailua-Kona March 27-28, 2010 has been formed. A site has been rented in downtown Kailua. Two motels are with a block of the site. More will be revealed… GSRs are encouraging their Groups to attend the 48th Annual Hawaii Convention, October 29-November 1st 2009 in Honolulu. The AA Guidelines for use of the Internet has been passed out and it will be discussed at the next District meeting September 18, 2009. The 2010 West Hawaii District Budget will begin to be formulated and the schedule of activities and meeting as well. 3rd Annual Aloha Mana Round Up September 18, 19 2009 at Spencer Beach Park. East Hawaii AA meets West Hawaii AA in Kailua-Kona September 26th for a Softball game. The West Hawaii Intergroup is sponsoring this event. Check out the Coconut Wireless at for the details. Cheryl N produced another great Mynah Bird! Mahalo! Get your AA approved books at the old, 2008 prices. The West Hawaii Intergroup may be able to supply you now…open, often. So, just buy them now while the price is right…Mahalo and Aloha, Paul K Windward District 4: Susanne: verbatim: Aloha Family, My name is Susanne. I serve you as Alt. DCM Windward, District #4. TYG is my loving home group. Thank you to Maui‟s No Ka Oi, for providing us with this venue. I‟d like to acknowledge Windward‟s GSRs who have come to participate in this assembly. Noe, at Hang loose, Ellie and Sue from Phoenix, Phillip, Kaaawa Step Study, Cozy, Kahaluu Show up, Sharon, Kailua Woman‟s, Crissy, treasurer, at Kahaluu Show up and Megan, Na Wahine O Wahine.. A big Mahalo to Elizabeth for coming to our district to give her Delegate report. Our DCM, Curtis H., was unable to join us today. He hasn‟t given me a report to share with you. I‟ll do my best to report to you what has been going on with us. We have a confirmation that the October 10th committee meeting will be held at St. Christopher‟s Church in Kailua, Oahu. A flyer will be generated and sent to our Webmaster, who will post the event. I‟ll be proposing the idea of a having a District Inventory Workshop that will be held before the closing of 2009. Scott C and our registrar, Sue, have offered their services to help with the project. We‟ll put the show on and they‟ll come and share their experience at the workshop. We will be sponsoring a Christmas Eve & New Year‟s Eve Alkathon at the Waimanalo Health Center. A flyer is being developed and will be forwarded to the Webmaster for posting. Our GSR‟s, those that attend, have filled all standing committees. I believe that as we mature in our service positions, those GSRs will become more active in those areas. Thanks for the opportunity to be of service. Aloha, Susanne Z. Alt. DCM Windward #4 Central North Shore District 9: Sheri: summary: Thank you District 5 for hosting this assembly. Since my last report, District 9 hosted our Unity Day/Delegate report back on June 28 th at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park. We had a wonderful day, it was well attended, and Elizabeth did a wonderful job. As I was listening to her report back, after


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

she had just flown back from an exhausting weekend on Maui, I felt blessed that our Area has a delegate with such passion and love for this program and service. Since the Committee meeting, our “Second Week-Meet and Greet” went to the following locations: July 11thth-Bonfire Meeting August 10th-Mililani Women‟s Steps and Traditions. We plan on going to Schofield Brown Baggers in September. We have gained contacts and spread district information by reaching out to these groups without GSR representation. We discussed the 2010 Proposed Budget at our District Meeting on July 16th. There was quite a bit of interest about the Area‟s plan for the Archives. On the subject of the Budget, as a member of the Finance Committee, it was a wonderful experience visiting the monthly meetings of other districts, observing how their meetings were run, and seeing all those in service. A few of us from district plan to attend the education classes for Corrections soon. Bobby Benson, a treatment facility in our district, has asked an individual on the North Shore if we could bring meetings into their facility. I‟ve talked briefly to Erin about this and she offered us help. We have begun discussing our Structures and Guidelines for District 9, and will have it complete soon and we are also asking for ideas for a District workshop in November or December. Thank you for allowing me to serve. Sheri B. Tri- Island District 13: Amberly: not present; no report submitted East Hawaii District 7: Sean: verbatim: (Sean had to leave the Assembly due to illness - report read by Miranda-Area Secretary) My name is Sean, I am a grateful alcoholic. Thank you No Ka Oi District for hosting this Budget Assembly. It‟s great to see all of you. Our District attendance has been down the past two months. We still have a core group of 5 District officers, I have been asked by one of our groups in our District to present a letter to Area 17 during my report. Here it is: This letter is to share a topic discussed and voted upon at our group business meeting, AA by the Bay held on the second Sunday of each month at 9:30am, in Hilo, Hawaii. It has always been important for AA by the Bay to contribute to District, Area, GSO and Inter-group. With 7th tradition contributions decreasing due to these challenging economic times, our group conscience is to not send our GSR or Alt GSR to the Budget Assembly. We will pay close attention to the reports brought back to us by our DCM and the minutes from the assemblies. We will look at the agenda of each assembly to estimate the necessity of using seventh tradition funds to travel our GSR. If we find that we can in the future and contributions are up, we will put travel back in our budget. Our report, a hard copy, will be given to our DCM and sent via email to the area secretary. We are providing basic needs to our home group, plus our need to support AA as a whole, District, Area, GSO and Inter-group is taking priority. Our conscience is to use the money we save on airfare to be used to help buy Big Books (which we give to all newcomers), other literature and the balance to be distributed to District, Area, GSO, & Inter-group. Please help us to find technical based tools to remain active participants in assemblies. We know that a lot of what we do can be done with the technology that is available, can we please try? We will miss all of you but with times tough financially we hope you will understand. Sincerely, Jeff M., GSR & David W. Thank you for allowing me to be in service. Mahalo! Sean, DCM District 7, East Hawaii No Ka Oi District 5: Clifford: summary: We want to welcome all of you to this year‟s Budget Assembly. Hope you enjoy your stay on Maui. I would like to thank all in service that made this assembly possible. Ed J. No Ka Oi District‟s Alternate DCM. He is the person behind all this work. John, our Food Chair Mark, our Transportation Chair Michael, our Home stay Chair Cathy for Registration And all those who volunteered to serve. I also would like to introduce our Committee Chairs and District‟s Officers. Paul – Literature, Brother Larry – Treatment , JimCEC, Joseph-Remote Community (Hana Caravan Man), Ed J. – Alt DCM, Michael – Recording Secretary, Cathy – Treasurer. We have added a campout prior to the Hana Caravan Meeting. Our first outing was in July and it was a lot of fun. Personally, I do not want to “rough it” so our camping trip was a notch below “vacation rental camping”. We have planned another campout in September. I just need to work on the hot shower. Again, thanks for coming and thanks for all in service. In Service, Clifford S. DCM5 Kauai District 6: Jim: verbatim: Thank you, No Ka Oi, for hosting our assembly today. I am happy to report that Alcoholic Anonymous on Kauai has been moving forward. We are committed to participating in our community this coming weekend with an informational booth at the Kauai County Fair. This decision has caused some angst in certain quarters, but we are moving on nonetheless. At our most recent District meeting, another milestone was reached as three GSR‟s agreed to accept responsibility for Public Information Work. This addition to our CPC Chair, Grapevine Chair and the work being done in the jail gives us an almost full compliment of trusted servants,


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

and we will hopefully find someone to fill Special Needs in the near future. We have also made a huge order for pamphlets from GSO and should be arriving within the next two weeks. Discussions on the budget have been limited although there is significant interest in the fate of the Archives. We are looking forward to our inventory and the responsibilities it will bring us. Thank you all for the opportunity to grow in service. Jim D. Diamond Head District 1: Adina: summary (group reports not included): Aloha all, we have had three district meetings since we last met in April at the Inform the Delegate assembly and several important things have happened in the Diamond Head District: We lost our Alternate DCM as had to relocate to Texas, that position remains unfilled currently. We have filled all but three Standing Committee positions. Diamond Head hosted a Delegate Report Back on Saturday, July 18th, 2009. We worked very hard to include several other districts and received verbal confirmation from Waikiki, Honolulu, Leeward Districts. All who attended expressed gratitude for the event and we appreciate our Delegate taking the time to share her experience with us. Our groups contributions continue to come in at a slow but steady pace. We asked the district secretary to contact all participants and remind them about the upcoming meeting. This appears to have paid off as we continue to have at least 6 GSR‟s at every business meeting along with all the officers present. We are developing the CARAVAN list and it looks like it will begin next Wednesday, August 26th, 2009. We have agreed to provide the dark groups with our District meeting and several pamphlets to help keep them informed. Over all the district appears to be coming together as a whole to help the next suffering alcoholic. Thank you for allowing me to be of service. Mahalo, Adina M. DCM Diamond Head District. Leeward District 3: De’Lori: summary: Aloha, my name is De‟Lori and I am an alcoholic. Privileged to serve as DCM 3 Leeward Oahu. I don‟t have much to report due to lack of participation in our district. GSR attendance in the last few months has been very poor. My attendance is questionable as well. I did team up with the diamond head district for the delegate report back and got to listen about what goes in New York. The PPE happened July 5 th 2009 with awesome participation, a good ole slip and slide and lots of hard work from the Friday night intergalactic space cadets. Finally I would like to add my service as DCM might come to an early end as my teaching schedule keeps me working nights and I am not able to attend district meetings. I‟m having much conversation with my sponsor about what‟s on my plate right now, and there is a great need for getting back to basics in my recovery. I know she supports me no matter what choice I make, I can only ask for the same support from Area 17. The program of action only works if I work it DeLori M. DCM 3 Leeward Oahu Puna District 12: Denise: verbatim: Aloha All, My name is Denise from Rule 62 on the Big Island. There have been a lot of changes in (the remote jungles of) Puna. Develyn moved and I am now the current DCM for District 12. We will be voting on a new Alternate at our next District meeting. We will be meeting on September 5, 2009 at the warm ponds after the Bounce Back AA meeting at 11:30am. We are in need of a new meeting time and we may need a new treasurer as well. There has been a lot to learn and I continue to learn more about this service position. Today we have 4 GSRs present from Puna. Tim our newest GSR from the Fourth Dimension, Linda from Bounce Back, Robyn from Ho‟omaikai, and Corrine from Rule 62 thank you all and welcome Tim. We have been busy in Puna since we last met and our fellowship is expanding. We are happy to report that we have a new meeting in our district and more GSR‟s are getting involved. The new meeting is a women‟s meditation meeting. And one of our new GSRs wants to know why there are so many women‟s meetings in our district. This is a good question for us to answer. We currently have 4 women‟s groups in our district. We have some upcoming events happening. Puna is teaming up with East Hawaii and will be participating in a Unity Day event on Labor Day. Other anonymous 12 step fellowships will be at this event. Corrine, our GSR for Rule 62 and our public information person is the chairperson for Puna‟s time slot for a service workshop during this Unity Day. It should be an action-packed day. Thank you for Love and Service, Denise, DCM 12 Puna District Kihei District 11: Nora: verbatim: Hi, my name is Nora and I‟m an alcoholic. I am DCM for District 11, Kihei Maui. My home group is Friday Night Young People. I‟d like to welcome you all to Maui. It was wonderful to see so many of you at my home group last night. I‟d also like to thank the No Ka Oi District for hosting us this weekend. Today in attendance we have Erik, (Alt) Mike, Livit, Walter, Connie, Greg and District Treasurer Karen. Our district is currently made up of nine GSRs, our district officers, and we now have four committee chairs: Archives, CEC, PI and Corrections. I am grateful to Kathryn R launching into service as our new Corrections chair. I am very excited that each time I write this report, I am able to add on a new committee chair. I look forward to our


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

continued efforts in this area, as I believe it to be the heart of reaching out to the still sick and suffering alcoholic. Our last two district meetings have been devoted mostly to the Area Budget, and most specifically, the addition of the archives storage. I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds this weekend. One of our Maui corrections liaisons presented us with a proposal to unify the committees on Maui - most specifically, those dealing with Hospitals, Corrections and Treatment. I hope to learn more from all of you in Area 17, on your experience, strength and hope on our unique situation as a remote area, with specific committee needs, that I may then better inform my district on this topic. As I come up on an anniversary next month, I have been reflecting on the past decade and am so eternally grateful for all of you sitting here in this room. Mahalo, for letting me be of service. Nora T. DCM 11, Area 17, Panel 59 Waianae District 17: Clyde verbatim: Aloha, I am an alcoholic and my name is Clyde. I am proud and honored to serve as the DCM for Waianae District 17 .Mahalo to the NoKa oi District for hosting this assembly. Home group activity at the district level is encouraging. 9 out of 14 groups are participating Courage to Change. Meetings are well attended and is looking into sending contributions to the various entities in AA. There seems to be a shortage of outside speakers that are willing to attend the Sat. Morning speakers meeting If you are interested in carrying the message to the suffering Alcoholic please see me after the meeting so I can get your info and pass it on to the GSR of that home group. Makakilo Hill Climbers Group is having a resurgence in attendance it is a 1 ½ hour meeting and has a meeting before the meeting at Starbucks Kapolei at 630. They have a new GSR and His name is Barton and is in attendance this weekend. Any Lengths group has a daily attendance of aprox 50 people on a daily basis. They have 25 homegroup members and 5 people in service. Mosquito Junction Group has its head above water and keeping the doors open for the newcomers. Sobriety 101‟s attendance is increasing to 20-30 people a nite. There 7th tradition is helping to purchase Big Books and handing them out to the newcomers. The Point Group has a weekly attendance in the 40 + range. We have recently lost our meeting place, We are holding our meetings across the parking lot in the open field. We have 31 home group members. We have 16 service positions filled, Greg P. GSR is here, Friday Night Ohana. Is well attended with 15 home group members. They have recently rotated service positions. GSR Marie is in attendance. Seeking the Truth is doing well, their GSR Leah is in attendance. Waianae Coast Womens this is a group that has recently started attending our District meetings .They have a new GSR and her name is Joanne. You women that are in need of a Wed womens meeting and are tired of the same old scene in town take a drive out to the west side enjoy a dinner on the beach watch the sunset and have a great meeting afterwards. They could use your help. Waianae Mens Stag. Currently has their service positions filled and is attended by newcomers and outside /off island visitors. Our District Committees are now filled .We have a new CPC/PI chair and her name is Justine. Our Hospitals/Treatment chair has the racks filled at the facilities we service in our district. Any help from other districts with excess literature or area as whole to continue our service will be greatly appreciated January Inventory Assembly service positions have been filled. We apologize for not having the fliers ready at this time. Bear with us we will get them out ASAP . Delori from the Finance Committee came out to our July District meeting and Explained the proposed Budget to those who are new to this level of service. Our District has voted to approve the proposed budget. Our Delegate report back is Sept 2 at 530. Mahalo for letting me serve Windward District 4: Alternate DCM Susanne: Aloha Family, my name is Susanne. I serve you as Alt. DCM Windward, District #4. TYG is my loving home group. Thank you to Maui‟s No Ka Oi, for providing us with this venue. I‟d like to acknowledge Windward‟s GSRs who have come to participate in this assembly. Noe, at Hang loose, Ellie and Sue from Phoenix, Phillip, Kaaawa Step Study, Cozy, Kahaluu Show up, Sharon, Kailua Woman‟s, Crissy, treasurer, at Kahaluu Show up and Megan, Na Wahine O Wahine.. A big Mahalo to Elizabeth for coming to our district to give her Delegate report. Our DCM, Curtis H., was unable to join us today. He hasn‟t given me a report to share with you. I‟ll do my best to report to you what has been going on with us. We have a confirmation that the October 10th committee meeting will be held at St. Christopher‟s Church in Kailua, Oahu. A flyer will be generated and sent to our Webmaster, who will post the event. I‟ll be proposing the idea of a having a District Inventory Workshop that will be held before the closing of 2009. Scott C and our registrar, Sue, have offered their services to help with the project. We‟ll put the show on and they‟ll come and share their experience at the workshop. We will be sponsoring a Christmas Eve & New Year‟s Eve Alkathon at the Waimanalo Health Center. A flyer is being developed and will be forwarded to the Webmaster for posting. Our GSR‟s, those that attend, have filled all standing committees. I believe that as we mature in our service positions, those GSRs will become more active in those areas. Thanks for the opportunity to be of service. Aloha, Susanne Z. Alt. DCM Windward #4


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

Central North Shore District 9: Sheri: summary: Thank you District 5 for hosting this assembly. Since my last report, District 9 hosted our Unity Day/Delegate report back on June 28th at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park. We had a wonderful day, it was well attended, and Elizabeth did a wonderful job. As I was listening to her report back, after she had just flown back from an exhausting weekend on Maui, I felt blessed that our Area has a delegate with such passion and love for this program and service. Since the Committee meeting, our “Second Week-Meet and Greet” went to the following locations: July 11thth-Bonfire Meeting, August 10th-Mililani Women‟s Steps and Traditions We plan on going to Schofield Brown Baggers in September. We have gained contacts and spread district information by reaching out to these groups without GSR representation. We discussed the 2010 Proposed Budget at our District Meeting on July 16 th. There was quite a bit of interest about the Area‟s plan for the Archives. On the subject of the Budget, as a member of the Finance Committee, it was a wonderful experience visiting the monthly meetings of other districts, observing how their meetings were run, and seeing all those in service. A few of us from district plan to attend the education classes for Corrections soon. Bobby Benson, a treatment facility in our district, has asked an individual on the North Shore if we could bring meetings into their facility. I‟ve talked briefly to Erin about this and she offered us help. We have begun discussing our Structures and Guidelines for District 9, and will have it complete soon and we are also asking for ideas for a District workshop in November or December. Thank you for allowing me to serve. Sheri B. Kevin: WACYPAA BID report. We of the committee are trying to be a large scale AA event to Hawaii. The way we are doing it is by hosting of events, some of them are: COSMIC BOWLING in March 2009. FUN FILLED DAY OF VOLLEYBALL AND HORSESHOES TOURNEMENTS in April 2009. Hike up Diamond Head & BBQ with a volleyball torment in August 2009. Chili cookout and kickball tournament in Sept 2009. We are also doing is having an AA meeting on every second Saturday of each month. We also hosted a bowling event for Founders‟ Day June 2009. We also have some people on other island Maui, Big Island, Kauai to helping out to spend the new about bring wacypaa to Hawaii. Chris: East HI Intergroup: Our Founder‟s Day Celebration at CarlsSmith Beach Park with the Delegates report back, was a smashing success. It is considered a Family Day where members can bring their children and other family members to enjoy the sun, swim and celebrate the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. We have coverage in our Central Office every week day morning and volunteers that staff the telephones also sell literature. Our AA literature is stored in a cabinet at Central as the Literature Chair stepped down due to personal problems. It is a high possibility that we have someone to stand for the position of Literature Chair at our September Intergroup Meeting. But in the meantime fellows are volunteering to sell literature during the morning week day hours at Central Office. We had a training session/sign up for Tele Service positions, where our Central Office telephone number can be transferred to member‟s home and cell telephones, which was well attended. Currently, we have approximately three quarters of the phone slots covered by members. Our goal is to obtain full coverage to be able to let go of the answering service and to have a real “live” alcoholic in recovery to answer the phones when needed. Lastly, a member stood for the position of Web Master and will be developing the site in accordance with the AA Guidelines for the Internet and bringing back a rough draft of what she has to Intergroup for review. This is it for East Hawaii Intergroup this go round and thank you for letting me be of service! In Love and Service, Chris Buzz: West Hawaii Intergroup: West Hawaii Intergroup has moved! In the face of the current financial crisis, we put Tradition 5 ahead of fear of failure and proceeded to open an office more accessible to or sober community. Our visitor count is out the roof and growing. We are situated not affiliated with next to the new Alano Club with many weekly meetings. So sobriety is alive and well in Kailua-Kona Big Island. Upcoming activities: Blessing of our new office following a soft ball game at Old Airport Park September 26 th. Halloween Party – Oct 31st Kona Alano Club. Check our website at What’s on your mind? Patrick: On topic of the budget who remembers last year? No discussion! What happened, we went over $1000.00? We trusted our trusted servants, it allows me to trust the process, it is okay to ask your groups for more money. My home group Bad Brains, we have someone discuss and read one long Tradition per month, I read 7th tradition, it’s okay to lovingly ask for more money. Coleen: not rubber stamping the budget, two days of line item discussion, took two days, now we have a budget committee to better serve you Ellie: I love the assemblies, moving out of district so will step down, I’ll miss it. Mark: amends for using the word delusionary, in looking through the line item budget, big expenses for airfare, suggestion: online meetings Jacquie: Downtown Lunch group has moved, 1123 Bethel Street, went from 32 meetings to 11. Group conscience we are not signing


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

attendance papers at noon meeting, it’s a small meeting now. We’re looking for a better place for us Bob: Regarding Web conferencing, would like to see one Committee meeting next year David E: Congratulate everyone here, you are the real winners are here, members that participate in three sides of the triangle, I want everything that AA has to offer me so I am involved in AA service. Tomorrow we will elect a candidate to serve as our Pacific Regional Trustee, our delegates from HI are the best that can be sent to GSC in NY, tomorrow is important, thing to do; pray, think about it who will be the best candidate this person will help influence policy for all of AA world wide. It’s a big responsibility, congratulations to everyone here, you’re the real winners of Alcoholics Anonymous Linda: addressing concerns – we are regionally challenged, we have to travel between islands nothing can replace the fellowship where we get to see each other, engage in discourse. If I had been at home looking at my computer screen I don’t know if I would be as involved. Think about that when proposing web conferencing Vernon: PRAASA planning is happening now in Waikiki, so please plan to attend in 2011, PRAASA is preparation for the delegate to go the GSC, it is empowering, we become better trusted servants having attended Heidi: thanks for approving the budget, a huge line item. People are volunteering to help with the archives, a huge undertaking, thank you for offering to help. Don’t want archives to sit in a room, want it to be available to all who wants to see it Bob: if you received an email from Keith H. regarding PRAASA – ignore it. 3:30 Ken: reminders to those interested in the open position for Public Information Chair - talk to Sue for more information, she is the past PI Chair. Put your name in the hat for consideration, we will choose a Chair tomorrow. Motion to adjourn: Cheryl, De‟Lori second . Adjourned with Responsibility Declaration


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

Sunday: August 23 2008 Opened @ 9:02 with Serenity Prayer Host DCM Announcements: Clifford, housekeeping, transportation, limited water GSR Preamble: Read by Selvy T. Chair Announcements: Public Information open basket for candidate names will be closed before lunch, we will select a new Public Information Standing Committee Chair today. October Committee meeting is on, Windward side, October 10, flier will be up soon on the website. Introduces Area Officers. Attendance: All Area Officers and 88 voting members Absent: Aike G. Hospitals Standing Committee Chair (absent due to illness), DCM #4 Curtis (District 4 represented by Susanne Z./Alt. DCM), DCM #13 Amberly Tri Island, Sean District #7 (absent due to illness), Kaua„i, O„ahu, and Maui Intergroup Chairs not present. 9:15 am Elizabeth: Elections for Hawaii Area 17 candidate for Pacific Regional Trustee (Third Legacy procedure) out of 15 regions, we will be electing a Pacific Region Trustee who will serve 4 years; reads the description of duties from the Service Manual, Alt Delegate Linda reads Third Legacy Procedure. Candidates who stand are Scott C. (Past Delegate) and Vernon G. (immediate Past Delegate). Vernon and Scott go to the mic. Elizabeth explains who gets to vote, asks those not signed in to do so with the Registrar. Voting members: 81. 1st vote: Vernon: 48, Scott 33, one blank vote. 84 ballots. 2/3 - 52 votes needed. Voting numbers not consistent, 81 voters, 84 votes due to late registration. Voting members: 81 2nd ballot 2/3 = 56 ballots. Vernon: 51 Scott: 33. Voting numbers not consistent again, more ballots then original count due to late registration. Voting members: 85 3rd ballot 2/3 = 57 ballots. Vernon: 49 Scott: 37. 86 ballots, again due to late registration… Voting members: 85 4th ballot 2/3 = 57 ballots. Vernon; 49 Scott: 36, one blank vote does not count Elizabeth: we still do not have a 2/3, Chairperson asks for a motion to conduct a 5 th vote. Connie: motion to go to 5th ballot. Lisa: second. 3 in favor. Elizabeth explains what happens when we pull from the hat. Simple majority voted in favor of going to the hat (Scott‟s name pulled from the hat). Congratulations Scott. Area Chair recognizes and thanks the volunteers, Rosie, Diane, Jim and Nick. Reads the job description for the PI Chair asks those considering to speak with Sue PI Chair for Panel 57 10:15 Break 10:30 GSR, DCM, Standing Committee, Area Officer Roundtables 11:25 Wrap Up GSR Roundtables Summaries: Ron: Questions 1. What are the sobriety requirements for GSR reps? 2. How can Home group determine what “sobriety” means? What if group conscience says that smoking pot is okay, does it affect AA as a whole? 3. Leadership in the District? If the leaders are weak how do we facilitate change? 4. What does “a burning desire” mean? 5. How do we encourage the spirit of rotation? 6. Is the recital of The Lord‟s Prayer endorsing Christianity? Answers 1. (a) The service manual states “usually, prospective GSR‟s have at least two years of continuous sobriety”. (b) Informed group conscience used to select the candidate. (c) One woman with six months of sobriety was selected by her group, she now has over six years, and it helped her to stay sober. (d) Several leaders started in service with less than a year.


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

2. (a) Free of all intoxicants- Big Book pg xxx, 5th pp, last sentence. (The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence) total abstinence from all chemicals (pot, pills) (b) Could request those intoxicated refrain from speaking (c) Bill W. said “no drinking” reference to the Third Tradition (d) Sober in service position – representative of AA (e) Taking prescription medication as prescribed is okay- we are not Doctors (f) AA‟s singleness of purpose (g) If you are using other substances, in reality it is like switching seats on the Titanic. (h) Leaders should be entirely abstinent, lead by example keep the process pure and strong. (i) To Thine Own Self be True. Trust God, Clean House, Trust the Process. 3. (a) We need to take a vote of confidence to determine how the groups feel about the individual‟s performance. (b) Someone needs to step up at the next election. Give the fellowship a choice. (c) Have an inventory taken of the District, preferably by someone from outside of the District. A past delegate is a good choice. (d) Group conscience needs to be taken, address the issue (e) God is in Charge. Weak links either leave or grow into effective trusted servants. (f) If the leader is inactive- can be asked to resign if unable to serve and uphold the responsibilities according to the General Service Manual, (Chap.4, s35) (g) If person is willing to do the job, our responsibility is to help and support them any way we can. 4. (a) Burning Desire? Misused by some individuals to hear themselves talk, suggest changing the format to something like “ last opportunity to share if you feel that your sobriety is in jeopardy “ (b) please talk to someone after the meeting 5. Spirit of Rotation: (a) Obtain a list of guidelines that outline the spirit of rotation (b) Encourage others to step up and be of service (c) Leave a vacuum, if the position is open someone will fill in (d) Set up a timetable to chart the start and end date for the position (e) If the group is okay with the status quo, it will continue (f) Take a group conscience, talk to individuals outside of the meetings to rally support to vote out incumbent (g) Have a traditions meeting on the spirit of rotation (h) How many newcomers? Plenty. How many in home group? 10. Have an election. 6. Lord‟s Prayer: Group uses it but she‟s uncomfortable; it‟s not roomy and inclusive. (a) You have a choice to say it or not. Go to another group. (b) Format states for those who wish to join us (c) Take what you need and leave the rest; look at why I am uncomfortable (d) Bill W. said “the way we have always done it” We should be willing to change. We have changed. (someone read a quote from an online source about multiple religions in AA) (e) Group conscience taken to say the Serenity prayer, one group sings “Zippity Do Dah” (f) All Twelve Steps are represented in the Lord‟s Prayer (g) 9th Supreme Court ruled that AA is “a religion” because of the Christian things that we do. State cannot force inmates to attend AA as the Lord‟s Prayer may alienate them. (based on the suicide of someone forced to attend AA by the Penal system ) (h) Did some research – found explanation, but not in AA literature (i) Had question as to whether the Lord‟s Prayer is still mandatory? Was unaware that anything is mandatory in AA (j) Use the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer. Kawika: Welcomed new GSR's asked if they were registered with GSO and if so did they receive their GSR packet. Suggested for those who have not registered with GSO to Register with Area registrar Sue. Vernon shared the conference structure for all to understand the process. Used visual aides the upside down triangle. Vernon asked for questions. Q. When do GSR's make their announcements? A. at home group business meeting. A. at the end of meetings during announcements. Can a person represent more than one group? A. suggested that one person to a group. A. voting at area assemblies each member has only one vote. Discussion: Time schedule between PRAASA and Inform the Delegate too short of a span. How do we handle groups soliciting money from other groups? A. talk it up at business meeting A. take an informed group conscience A. Tradition 4


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

Adina DCM Roundtable (12 present) Aloha All, DCM Round table consisted of the following participants: Nora DCM #11, Clifford DCM #5, Lisa DCM #2, Susanne Alt DCM #4, Sherri DCM #9, Denise DCM#12, Delori DCM #3, Jim DCM #6, Clyde DCM #17, Paul DCM #8, Adina DCM #1 and Patrick DCM #10. We addressed the following questions: How do we get members to become Standing Committed Representatives with enthusiasm in our districts? Area assigned GSR‟s to SC. It seems difficult for GSR‟s to take on more responsibility. In our district I directly asked long time members to stand for these positions. They are being filled one position at a time based on what our district needs the most. Some District are more focused on obtaining active GSR‟s and getting them to the assemblies so their voice and vote will count. It seems to have been an issue for the last three panels in our district. It is the responsibility of the DCM to get Standing Committee representatives. We have begun to meet the needs of the community by attending community activities and as a result the positions are being filled to fulfill the need with in the community. It appears to fluctuate based on who is currently filling the position, as some people are very enthusiastic and others are not. I am just grateful that we have people who are willing to be of service which sparks the enthusiasm in our district. Originally we had 3 GSR‟s and now we have 7 GSR‟s, I „m asking them to share the spirit of service caravanning to all the meetings in our district sharing about the business meeting and encouraging service. What should DCM’s bring to their business meetings each month? We have a format and structure our meeting for one hour. Create an agenda and stick to it. I am grateful for sponsorship and that my home group has 16 service positions fill and three past DCMS and they make my job easy. I think sponsorship is the key. What should DCM’s bring to their business meetings each month? Continued: Go to different districts to see how they do it. On our agenda we have listed all groups and a place for their GSR‟s, Standing Committee reports for each position, Past Meeting Minutes, Treasurers report, elections for open standing Committee, new business. I also make sure to add the information given at the committee meeting in the Standing Committee section. This is all spelled out so a GSR could effectively take the agenda and give their report and update their group on all relevant issues with in the District and area both. Several DCM‟s requested a copy of this agenda. It will be forwarded early next month. When and how, should we speak with someone who is not fulfilling their service commitment with in the District? On page S34 of the AA Service Manual it states: Inactive Service Workers: How does the area deal with GSR's and area committee members who have been absent from two (or more) assemblies? While the area assembly needs to establish its own ground rules, it is generally suggested that a service worker be asked to resign if time does not permit hem or her to carry out the responsibilities of the poison. Such a situation could also be handled at the district level, particularly if the D.C.M. is the one involved It is our responsibility to support our District Officers, and trust God. It was suggested that we read Concept X11 and review the warranties as we are all volunteers. Speak with the individual directly and ask how you can be of support. It is the DCM‟s job to write and provide reports, unless they are absent then the Alternate is responsible for the DCM‟s responsibilities. It is important to use the same terminology in District as is used in the Area: Consider the following...How do we spread the message of increasing the 7th tradition? Working with individual meetings directly to encourage knowledge and participation. Power of example, I put one dollar for unity, one for service and one for recovery. I also put time on our agenda and make announcements. Give information about what is happening at District during the announcement portion of meetings. Cheryl: Standing Committee Roundtables: Each Standing Committee chair checked with the status of how things were going with their committee. Here are the items that sparked interest at the roundtable. Brainstormed ways to keep the GSR enthusiasm going for committee work between Assemblies, in our Districts where the work is being done. Follow up after roundtables by phone and or email. 1.) “Service Fair ” in the host District, hosted and facilitated by the Standing Committee chairs. Best time when we are all together for Committee Meetings or Assemblies, perhaps on Sunday, or Friday evening. Will be effective way to save on inter island travel. 2.) Updating what is going on with our Standing Committee‟s on our committee webpage on the Area website is an effective tool. We need to utilize this tool more effectively. 3.) Traveling with only the materials to put on story or display boards to Assemblies and purchasing the actual board for display in District hosting the Assembly and leaving the board for future committee work is a great solution to how to travel inter island with our committee display boards. 4.) Updating list of GSR‟s assigned to each Standing Committee roundtable would assist us in knowing who is being asked to carry the information back to their District. 5.) Committee‟s agreed to share tables at the convention to save on cost of tables. Convention Committee needs total number of tables that will be used for displays. Names of people who are registered for the convention willing to volunteer at the tables during the specified times are also needed. 6.) Lots of bumps in the road for several committee‟s however, outreach is happening to AA‟s who may be interested in committee work. There is a place and job for everyone!


Hawaii Area 17- Budget Assembly Minutes August 22 and 23, 2009 No Ka Oi District, Maui

11:45 – 1:00 Lunch Area Chair Ken: announces the new PI Standing Committee Chair is Mel Q. from Honolulu, name was pulled from the hat, thanks all for your interest who put your name in the hat, for those who participated. Changed the agenda due to sound system will be taken down at 3 pm 12:45 Standing Committee Work Sessions (Area Officers and DCMs to support) 1:05 Presentation of Final Conference Report – Resource of Information by Elizabeth M. (Delegate) and Jim D. (DCM District 6) Q and A. Elizabeth: Usually I would have the final Conference report to pass out but as reported, it will be available in mid September. DCMS; be prepared to bring them back to your districts, I will hand them out at the October Committee meeting. Presentations, reports, financial, Trustee reports will be included in the final report. Please read it and become familiar with it, a valuable resource for us in General Service. Jim: suggestion to bring this up born from April Assembly. At the Inform the Delegate, some thought we didn‟t have the time to prepare for presentations but we had that information in August. Language of the Heart, one article written in 1951 introducing the fellowship to Class A board members. Reports are in the final Conference report from Class A Trustees. The information is there for us. Important to mention that the financials are in the book. Elizabeth: Regarding timeline concerns and issues at the last February Committee meeting, not enough time for the April Assembly. Some agenda items from 2009 will be forwarded to the 2010 agenda, read the Committee reports, a great time to share these items with your GSRs/groups so you are prepared for the Inform the Delegate Assembly. Look for Advisory actions, you will each have a copy, GSRs your DCM will have them in October and pass them on to you. Advisory actions are motions that passed, additional consideration is not a motion but a strong suggestion, is this feasible, is this a good idea, does it benefit A.A. as a whole, can we implement this. We‟ll discuss all this at the Board weekend immediately preceding the GSC, 13 delegates get to go, as a Committee Chair I get to go, I will be able to share what I learned at the next February Committee meeting Reflections of 1st year panel: Open Mic (one minute) Colin, Ron, Cheryl, Patti, Linda, Clifford, Leah, Lisa, Linda, Selvy, Lena, Delia, Ellie, Elizabeth, Walter, Cozi, Susanne share. Area Chair Ken thanks all for participating. 2:00 Ken: Feb committee meeting changed from Tri Island to Diamond Head. 2:15 Standing committees - work sessions 3:15 Ask it Basket/ What‟s on your mind? 4:15 Adjourn – Declaration of Unity


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